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  1. This would be top notch. I have a feeling that there are way too many calculations and cross communications to make this happen :./
  2. Then what data do you propose? I see maybe an application for determining personal player info. Like skills, money, maybe ship status. I see nothing wrong with an API like that. As long as you can only view localized data and it provides no info on others would I find it fair.
  3. I'm against API and developed game statistics. Part of this game that I really like is that everything is player run. I firmly believe that if a org wants a statistic they need to do the research themselves. This makes in-game data WAY more valuable. It also adds a whole new dynamic to the game: media, and data collection orgs. If you want to know something like, a ship count on another org, the value of a company, or what areas are highly active, you should have to do the research yourself. Like the real world. The reason for this, secrecy. If my org builds some crazy secret weapon, it's not fair that someone could look at statistics and data to determine a correlation. Immersion includes secrecy. I know that it is really convenient to have that data on hand via websites and programs. So, my counter which includes an API of sorts. - It Should be player built - It needs to be able to communicate effectively So, my solution is a really expensive item, Quantum Computer (QP), that runs LUA, non destructive, scripts, server side not client side with an instruction governor. It should be only available to organizations, and it should be able to communicate to the constructs run by that organization, and be able to send, not receive, to the web.
  4. How about beds/cryopods? Go to your pod when you are finished kind of deal. That way you add more things like, hotels making crew quarters becomes important to large ships and stations. It also gives large ships crew capacities. It does raise the issue of the actual task of going to your bed. What if it's an emergency... and you have to go. Maybe add like "home scrolls" that you have to craft. Which when are consumed, it logs you off right then and there, then teleports your character back to the last pod you slept in. Then give you a small penalty for using it to prevent it from being abused. There would have to be private and public beds. For instance, if you sleep at a hotel, and leave. You shouldn't be able to use the "Home Scroll" to go back to that hotel bed. Instead it would teleport you to your own private cryopod/bed.
  5. "I believe that, if managed well, the Fourth Industrial Revolution can bring a new cultural renaissance, which will make us feel part of something much larger than ourselves: a true global civilization. I believe the changes that will sweep through society can provide a more inclusive, sustainable and harmonious society. But it will not come easily." Klaus Schwab
  6. That would make a lot of sense. They are doing load tests. Maybe to better figure out what should be loaded client side or server side
  7. Prepare a system for return and follow a SpaceX philosophy, I want to see Massive freighters designed to send huge loads of ships to people. It forces people to build for carriers, small and easy to transport. Maybe factions will send their blueprints off to factories to build. Maybe there will be massive dealerships with huge depots. with a Capitol Landing pad so that we can easily load them. Who knows. Possibilities are endless.
  8. I think they are following an agile method. Meaning they detail it after its been developed. Support it, then fix it. Personally I think it is excellent. Perfect one thing at a time.
  9. Has anything been confirmed about ship to ship communication? Will Players be able to tell have a carrier and they can flip a switch that will tell the little ships to run a script that unlocks the fighters? I know there is the permission system. But I was hoping that this might be a thing we can do with scripting. I know players have a instruction frequency, but it would be cool if we could add an extra layer to security or QOL to moving a bunch of fighters. Just load a script to your new ship and it sets itself to a specific location, based on where your ship says it's free. That's what I am hoping we can do.
  10. I'm all about assembling pieces, as long I can avoid most of the meticulousness of crafting all of the little parts
  11. All I can think about is that following drone. It wants me to make automated cargo bots.
  12. Well, I thought the detail was in, the I'm pretty passive. I was thinking hoping on my favorite stream provider and watching some poor dude piloting my work into his demise. Personally I avoid conflict, but, I love watching my systems work together. For instance, I created a semi-interpreter in survival mincreaft, using mincarts, named paper, item filters, and a whole lot of determination. It is the most satisfying thing to watch. Essentially I want to modify that dream to this game and automate logistics. Help be the Amazon of Dual Universe.
  13. I'm actually looking at logistics now with that update. goods need to be transported. Actually pretty much anything. I'm particularly passive, so I'm looking at watching my stuff explode. not being in it.
  14. Looking for a programmer? I've got all of your programming needs. Hopefully figuring out a specialization when i get more in-depth in the game. This game seems like I will sink lots of hours into it. Want a devoted player? You've got it. If you have the spot for me, I'll take it.
  15. Awesome! I looked for something but couldn't find it
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