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  1. Greetings fellow forum dwellers, just to put a question out there since I'm completely new to the pay2play format of games. (Did try out Eve once, for 2 hours tho... 7 years ago) the only reason why I'm asking is because I couldn't find any other threads that asked or clarified this issue. Question: what would happen to my account if, let's say for one or more months, I didn't pay for subscription and also didn't use the token for a months playtime. I know I wouldn't be able to play, but what would happen to my account. Would it be deleted? Or am I able to, after the period of time, pay for a subscription and start playing as if I never stopped.
  2. Man... I cried after seeing the price of the Ruby pledge (needed to save for college). Shouldn't have spent my money unwisely before.... what a shame, anyone else feel the same? But anyway, the game is just took awesome to pass up, definitely will be paying as I go. Anyone know the possible in-game price of the subscription tokens? Along with if the game will regenerate resources on planets and moons via astroid collisions? Side note: anyone motivated to earn more money to play this game?
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