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    AccuNut got a reaction from Castanietzsche in What Should DU Citizens Be Called   
    People in Russia are called Russians, those in France are French, and people from America are Americans; but what should people in Dual Universe be called?
    "Dual Universians" is kind of immersion-breaking, since it is nothing other than the title of the game itself.
    So, what do you think?
    If you have any suggestions other than what is on the poll, please feel free to suggest them!
    I will try to keep up with this and post any other REASONABLE options on the poll. I will not be putting up anything I think is offensive, or if it is just pointless. (like: "name-of-my-organization"-ites, or "I-like-space"-ers.)
    Other than that, let's hear your thoughts!
    (By the way, you can select more than one option in the poll. )
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    AccuNut got a reaction from GunDeva in Multi Language Game ?   
    What Ithink would be cool (if they haven't thought of it already) is some kind of built-in translator so that people from multiple languages can still communicate in the game.
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    AccuNut got a reaction from Kytheum in In-game voice.   
    Not a bad idea, except that your space suit would have ranged communication if it were real life, so I doubt they won't include that. (Assuming they implement in-game chat at all, of course.)
    However, I like the thought behind what you suggested. The range of your character should be limited without a network or other equipment to boost the signal.
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    AccuNut got a reaction from jmorrison51 in Terraforming Discussion   
    A similar topic was covered in another thread: "consequences of non-regenerating resources" if memory serves me correctly, but I will try to find it.
    Edit: here it is: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/7815-consequences-of-non-regenerating-planets-and-ressources/?hl=consequences
    I don't know how I feel about terraforming. On the one hand, it could be a useful tool to enhance the landscape, but it could just as easily be utilized to create grotesque or dysfunctional terrain.
    I completely understand the type of creativity that it could unlock, and yet it seems that it would almost remove as much as it adds.
    Without being constrained to the lay of the land as it sits, there would be little reason to go find other planets other than a need for resources, lack of room, or just curiosity.
    Plus, if you have to build with (or into) a landscape, you are forced to be more creative with how you do it.
    At this point, the only really viable reason that I would like to see it is to repair the damage done by mining operations.
    Best case scenario: the area was topographically scanned before mining occurred, and replacing the landscape is limited to restoring its original appearance.
    Worst case: no scan, but a topography algorithm determines what kind of terrain may have existed based on the surrounding material and topographical scans of the area. You could then choose from one of its calculated suggestions, and are limited to that for terrain restoration.
    I know this sounds like a somewhat immersion-killing concept, I mean, since when is it logical that you could only place a certain number of voxels in a given area, in a particular configuration? I just can't think of any other way to limit terraforming other than simply not having it. Whatever gets destroyed is gone for good.
    It would give rise to some form of an in-game EPA, although hopefully a bit more realistic than the real one. (I know, an oxymoron, but true nonetheless. )
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    AccuNut reacted to Lachenlaud in What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2   
    Oh I get what it's aiming for... I read the original material too   Personally I voted for 'Colonist' in your poll... I was just exercising my right to be a skootch.
    There's going to be all kinds of 'names' applied to people once the universe is available to us... (prolly some not so nice...LOL!)
    I think your poll is admirable, and a great way to pass the time while we wait for things to unfold.
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    AccuNut got a reaction from Lachenlaud in What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2   
    Anyone living on Alioth will probably be referred to this way, but what about those who venture into the vast emptiness of space and settle on a planet called Xandar? I would assume that they will prefer the term "Xandarians" since that is their planet's name.
    Nobody is saying that planetary-based names shouldn't be used, but that isn't necessarily what this thread is meant to establish.
    This was discussed a bit in the original thread, follow the link in my first post and it will bring you straight there! Part 1 was very interesting indeed as a lot of good names were suggested that didn't make it into this "Final Showdown". If nothing else, it will give you a pretty solid idea of what this poll is aiming for.
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    AccuNut got a reaction from ShinyMagnemite in What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2   
    Well, if someone is cheating they would have to be using an alternate account. I have the poll set up to accept only one vote per account, though I may have private voting on. That just means you don't see the names of who voted for which option.
    However, if you decide to change your vote you can always do so, just press "delete my vote" in the poll box and select the other option.
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    AccuNut reacted to BliitzTheFox in A Partnership   
    I'm sorry, we want this game to actually come out.
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    AccuNut reacted to elDunco in What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2   
    The first war of Dual Universe looks to be between the Arkers and the Colonists with a small band of Dualists playing turncoat.
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    AccuNut reacted to Shynras in Cosmetic Armour Poll   
    I personally don't care/want "skins". I'd like the armour to reflect the gear you're wearing, so that you know who you're facing when fighting, instead of praying RNG.
    But anyway, keep in mind that 3d models and textures take away a lot of time from the artists, so I'd like better more elements, fauna, flora ,... than cosmetic stuff that add nothing to the gameplay.
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    AccuNut reacted to Lethys in Cosmetic Armour Poll   
    Armors (ONLY CRAFTED ONES) should have a bonus on something. But BOUGHT armor (for rl money, DACs or w/e) should ALWAYS be only cosmetic
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    AccuNut reacted to ATMLVE in Cosmetic Armour Poll   
    This really doesn't make much sense. NQ has stated repeatedly that there will not be aliens in the game. Why? Because it's immersion breaking. If most people wanted to play as alien characters, NQ still wouldn't add in aliens because that goes against the lore of the game and what they have said since the beginning. And I doubt that there will ever be more people wanting Hello Kitty (goodness, is this a meme now) cosmetics more than they want aliens... There are a lot of different features that people will want and desire that really don't fit the core of what NQ wants for the game. I feel that armor resembling tron or "scavenger Rey" is one thing, but suits of knight armor, unicorn helmets, and rainbow capes are just a little too far.
    NovaQuark DOES care what they throw in the game, they want the game to be serious as they have stated before; they don't want a bunch of ridiculous looking people running around everywhere a player goes. They want to take screenshots of populated to show their world what their game is made of; and when people are running around dressed in Hello Kitty outfits, that will have a negative effect on what they hope to convey to potential customers. NQ wants people to look at the game as a real-world simulator sort of thing, and to take it seriously as such. NQ isn't Ubisoft or EA; they care about their game, they want to make a good quality game for us that will last for many many years. And they're smart, they won't throw stuff in willy-nilly that might have a negative effect later. 
    So, yes, NQ might just "give the finger" to 95% of the community at times, if that 95% happens to be people who are begging for a cosmetic of some stupid meme that will be dead in a month and which will leave a permanent and ridiculous mark on the game forever. Are people really going to cancel their subscriptions because their favorite cosmetic isn't added?
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    AccuNut got a reaction from Atmosph3rik in A polite request that all members of these forums please be more conscious about what they quote in their messages   
    In addition, I would say that if you are quoting another post, shorten the length of what you are quoting down to the information that you are directly replying to.
    For example:
    See? A lot easier to understand exactly what I am referring to in the quoted post than if I simply re-posted the whole thing!
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    AccuNut reacted to KurockNotabi in A polite request that all members of these forums please be more conscious about what they quote in their messages   
    Maybe we can also ask nicely to have the default background color for quotes to be made slightly more different to the current background. Just so that it is obvious what is quoted text and what isn't.
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    AccuNut reacted to Kuritho in ADVANCED DIALOGUE SYSTEM   
    Decibel limit perhaps?
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    AccuNut got a reaction from ATMLVE in A polite request that all members of these forums please be more conscious about what they quote in their messages   
    In addition, I would say that if you are quoting another post, shorten the length of what you are quoting down to the information that you are directly replying to.
    For example:
    See? A lot easier to understand exactly what I am referring to in the quoted post than if I simply re-posted the whole thing!
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    AccuNut reacted to Volkier in A polite request that all members of these forums please be more conscious about what they quote in their messages   
    You, sir, have no idea how hard it was to resist the troll to quote your entire OP with a one liner reply.....
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    AccuNut reacted to ATMLVE in A polite request that all members of these forums please be more conscious about what they quote in their messages   
    Frequently there are new topics which contain large amounts of text, i.e. people who type up a lot of what may be on their mind about the game, and then post it. People who reply to this topic then quote the entire original post in their reply even though they are the first one replying, and then they themselves may only respond with a sentence or two of their own. In situations like this, I think we can all figure out what you are responding to, without the need of a quote... If there are zero replies, it is quite unnecessary indeed to put the entire original post into your reply as a quote.
    The same goes for all of the first few messages in a topic. If you are responding to the original post, even if you are the third or even fifth reply, you do not usually need to quote the whole thing; a topic can be read like a conversation. A quote is for longer discussions where you are replying to specific other posts; or, if the topic is something like multiple pages, then it is of course much more appropriate to quote the original post. If you believe that if you do not quote the original post people may be confused with which post you are responding to, then in that particular situation it is more appropriate to put the quote in. Of course, if you are responding to a post that isn't the original, then by all means quote who you're responding to!
    The thing about these forums is that quotes are black with white text, and regular posts are a different shade of black with a different shade of white text. It is not always easy to immediately identify where a quote ends and where the post begins; and when I go into a new topic and see a three paragraph original post, then scroll down to find the first three replies are all quoting the entire original post and responding with a just few sentences of their own, it just makes everything a pain to read, especially on mobile (the desktop mode of mobile that is).
    I point at no one in particular, and take no hostile action against or have an ill feelings towards anyone that does what I'm advocating against. It's just something I've noticed a lot and feel the forums would be cleaner if people just put a little more thought into whether or not they actually need a quote in their post.
    That's the point of this whole topic; please just put a little bit more thought into what you are quoting when you reply. Ask yourself if it is really necessary.
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    AccuNut got a reaction from gyurka66 in ADVANCED DIALOGUE SYSTEM   
    A couple things I would like to see would be:
    -Ranked Communication
    -Attempted Communication Alerts
    What are those? Honestly just terms I made up, but they do describe the concepts pretty well, as you will see in a minute.
    Ranked Communication: when you join a group chat, the group leader can assign a Communication Rank to your transmissions. This would be determined by how important the Group Leader (Captain) feels your comms will be based on the position you are filling. Higher-ranked comms will override lower-ranked ones. So instead of hearing:
    Captain: "Pilot, bring the bow twenty degr..."
    Engineer: "Sir! We've lost armor on the..."
    Captain: "I KNOW!! Pilot, twenty degrees left bank, full reverse thrust!"
    You would hear:
    Captain: "Pilot, bring the bow twenty degrees left, full reverse thrust!"
    Engineer: "...wer cargo bays exposed."
    Captain: "Engineer, repeat transmission."
    Engineer: "We lost armor on the left side, lower cargo bays exposed."
    Captain: "10-4 Engineer, we've got it covered."
    Yes, I realize a crew should stop talking/not interrupt the Captain anyway, but in the heat of the moment, it might happen. It would also allow for more important messages to be relayed over less pressing ones, and not just from the Captain. The Engineer might override the Weapons crew, who override the Cargo Specialist, etc.
    This goes hand-in-hand with the other concept: Attempted Communication Alerts.
    Attempted Communication Alerts are signals. They could be audible, visual, or both.
    Basically, the Captain could assign alert tones/visual alerts to each position on the ship. Whenever a position attempts to talk while a higher-ranked position is transmitting, the transmitting position receives the alert, and knows someone else needs to speak too.
    I realize this was a long post, but hopefully it wasn't too boring.
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    AccuNut reacted to Falstaf in What Should DU Citizens Be Called   
    Its true that arkers is less generic.
    I do see what Warden says as a good point.
    Though its just a fact of life that what ever gets picked there will always be critics. Even if NQ came out tomorrow with something really cool.
    Accunut, how about you make a new thread but this time only 2 choices.
    Arkers or Colonists, like a final round.
    Just an idea.
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    AccuNut reacted to Begogian in Non-Static Cargo Containers   
    JC mentioned at GDC how to build these types of things. You will need to build small constructs that hover and have mounted containers. You can make a ship that hovers and carries 50 containers if you have the time and resources to build it.
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    AccuNut got a reaction from Kuritho in Periodic Table of the Elements   
    I think it would be pretty neat if they add an interactive table of elements into the game. Something in your HUD perhaps? You know, the kind that lists all the elements that exist, along with data (specific gravity, melting temperature, natural hardness, etc.) and production stats, (alloys, uses, wear resistance, etc.) and their data (as above.)
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    AccuNut reacted to ATMLVE in Stargate Fees   
    That was my first thought anyway.   What you're suggesting is a logical way of going about it. A little one-man craft shouldn't pay the same as a 5 km long supercarrier, that's just dumb. You can fit thousands of one-man crafts on a supercarrier. However, I think there would be different aspects to take into consideration besides mass, and that is the number of players. You could have two ships that look identical and one has three players on it and a mass of 10 million kg (mostly ore), while the other ship has 200 players on it and a mass of 0.5 kg (lots of players, not much cargo). Should the ship with all the players getting a jump across the galaxy pay a tiny fraction of the cost that the other ship has to pay? I have a feeling there will be a lot of situations where an organization will worry more about the number of people coming through their gate rather than the amount of goods.
    Along with that, I imagine organizations will work out their own systems as they see fit. They'll give people and other factions that they like discounts, or perhaps offer anyone the chance to have an up-front discount per use; a season pass sort of thing (pay 1000 quanta to use the gate once, pay 9000 quanta to be able to use the gate ten times).
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    AccuNut reacted to Lord_Void in Stargate Fees   
    As I currently understand it, Stargates will be usable based on having the proper permissions or something along the lines of a key. The Stargate owner can collect fees when people use the gate. This is a nice system; it's simple, but I think it can be easily expanded. I think a system that can be based on the mass of the ship will allow for more emergent gameplay around stargates. People could of course choose to just have a flat rate, if that is what they prefer.
    I propose three additions: 
    The ability to charge a fee for using the stargate based on the mass of the ship. The ability to set different tiers of mass that have different tax rates. The ability to crate different "keys" or permission levels that have different tax settings.  
    I will now go into more detail why I think this is good system and why it should be very easy to implement.
    First, taxes based on mass: why? Well, it's more fair. Why should someone who is flying a tiny shuttle pay the same fees as a space trucker who is hauling millions of kilograms of goods? How do you balance the two if you can only charge a flat tax? A mass tax helps solve that. If you charge one Quanta per 10 kilos and the shuttle is 1000kg, then that person pays 100 Quanta whereas the massive freighter of, say, 10,000,000kg pays a million Quanta. The freighter can easily afford a larger sum because it will make money off of the cargo it is carrying and it is just a cost of doing business. The pilot of the smaller ship will be happy because their fees will be low, since they don't have to pay some middle ground, one size fits all rate. The stargate owner is happy because it let's them collect more taxes overall while still remaining competitive. How difficult would this be to implement? It shouldn't be too hard based on what we know. NQ have indicated that ship and cargo mass will be taken into consideration by the physics engine, so they data already exists and all that has to be done is some basic multiplication. The plus side of this is that since cargo is also already accounted for, an empty cargo ship pays less fees than one that is fully loaded
    Mass tiers, this is where it really starts to get interesting. Users should be able to set "tiers" of mass that have different rates between them. For example, perhaps the rate for ships between 0kg - 10,000kg is 0.1 Quanta per kg, 10,001kg - 50,000kg is 0.5 Quanta per kg, and 50,001kg and up is 1 Quanta per kg. In this way, the large ships get the more they have to pay. Consider three ships:
    Ship 1 is 5,000kg and pays 500 Quanta.
    Ship 2 is 30,000kg and pays 15,000 Quanta.
    Ship 3 is 120,000kg and pays 120,000 Quanta.
    Why would you want to do this? To dissuade larger ships either for market reasons or military reasons. Or perhaps there is the theory that the bigger the ship, the more money the owner has to burn. That's up to the gate owner, but the true power of the mass tiers comes out with the third point.
    Different keys. The tax settings should be tied to each key and not to the gate itself, allowing for different keys with different settings for different people. There are many reasons that people travel and this would allow the fee system to be better suited for each person. I will give an example. Perhaps someone is coming to tour an empire, or apply for a job or whatever, and they need to get around but don't want to spend a ton on fees. Naturally, the people who live in the region don't want somebody who may not be fully trusted dumping a ton of goods on the market to compete with local businesses or bringing in a large battleship and causing trouble, so the tourist is given a key designed to meet these needs. The key could be set so each use under 2,000kg is only 20 Quanta but over 2,000kg it's 20 Quanta per kg. So if that tourist tries to bring in a 20,000kg freighter they are going to be smacked with a 400,000 Quanta fee. More taxes for the gate owner and it strongly discourages that tourist from bringing in larger ships or a lot of cargo. It's emergent and not set in stone. You could also raise the price even further to really discourage large ships. Maybe over 10,000kg it's 500 Quanta per kg! That's 10,000,000 Quanta for that same 20,000kg freighter! Good luck turning a profit on that. So long as that tourist follows the guidelines of their key, they can avoid paying much in fees, but if they try to do stuff that they are not supposed to they will pay the price, literally. 
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