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  1. Let's hope so. Just sharing my view on this subject because i actually lost interest when JC said the NDA will not go away. Probably it's the same for a lot of other people. And i know there are always projects being developed, but MMOs have been stagnated for quite some time to a point people even give a chance to asian free to play MMOs in hopes for it to be the next big thing, which obviously will not happen when such horrible business model is implemented. 2020 tho, it seems we will get a decent list of choices with actual some potential to be good unlike the last 5 years. Edit: @ShioriStein, you can see it at 1:25 in the roadmap video
  2. I have to disagree with that tho, especially regarding Ashes of Creation. Not that i consider it as an "MMO killer", but it definitely has interesting mechanics and a different approach being implemented. Just like DU. But my point is that there are a lot of projects being developed right now. Even if you don't consider them to be promising, they will still get more attention since their alphas will not be under NDA while DU will be dormant for almost 2 years. When chosing the next big non free to play MMO to play, that can be a deciding factor. Unless it's like Bless where people notice its not worth to invest their time after a few days playing it, because it's a total mess or BDO with it's pay to win model..lol
  3. Ashes of Creation, Pantheon, Project TL, just to name a few. If those are not fully released around 2020, the Beta versions will probably be available to play. Not sure about space MMOs tho, since besides Dual, i'm not really interested in anything else xD
  4. Indeed. If this was a triple A game by a multi billion dollar publisher i wouldn't care about this issue at all. A lot of games, without necessary being known/famous titles, only give gameplay footage in the beta phase or close to the release. But it's not the case here and i really doubt NQ will be able to create such massive marketing campaign. And since 2020 will have a surge of new MMOs, it will be tough to grab people's attention in such late period when we already have games now constantly showing footage and live streams of their alpha versions to maintain their momentum. Dual Universe does have something in favor to it tho. The first month after launch will be a free trial accordingly to what i read, so maybe it will be able to lure players that way and if the game is working as intended, people will definitely stay.
  5. I have to say that i'm very disappointed about the NDA not being removed for the alphas. The entire year of 2019 aswell the rest of 2018 without getting any news, updates and gameplay content will probably hurt this project since this is an indie MMO initiative and those desperately need the constant public attention to build a stable playerbase and not lose it's momentum. Even i that contributed a little bit to the crowdfunding lost my interest after this forum went desert and the game footage became rare because of the NDA. This is an MMO and as such it's not usually the type of a game you can share with other projects from the same genre since it demands a lot of our time to be invested to achieve something and actually have some fun. The fear of players getting the "wrong impression" of the game from the alphas would probably be a better risk than going dark for one year and half and having players moving on to the next MMO in development, where we can actually see stuff happening. Unless the server still lags constantly and the PvP combat is completely underwhelming i don't see a reason to put the alphas inside a secure vault. Bad move in my opinion. But that's it, just my opinion. I hope i'm wrong.
  6. That would be extremelly disappointing xD. I was hoping to see Alpha around mid summer. I'm starving for new video content and the upcoming alpha players' streams. But then again, it's just my selfishness speaking for itself because it's indeed preferable to wait a bit longer and having a decent alpha build then rushing things up and ending with chaos everywhere...lol
  7. That is actually very interesting. Dynamic events like that could suddenly turn a known low value zone into an hotspot, bringing new conflicts and interests into play.
  8. I would like to try all the options except being leader or having a special position within an organization . But i believe that exploring and searching for rare resources to mine them and later building something cool with the people from my organization will be my favorite part of the game. PvP might also be one of my interests but it will depend on how it's implemented. So far we have seen nothing about it.
  9. Just my opinion on the subject xD
  10. The only PvE content one can find in this game is just the building/mining/economy aspect of it. No bosses or NPC missions whatsoever. One of the aspects that trully makes the game interesting is that unknown risk factor that you might be attacked, that can only be provided by human interaction. Having entire planets full of rich resources where such possibility is forbidden just makes no sense in my eyes... and it's incredibly boring. You have Minecraft servers for that, but ultimately, the buildings in that game do not matter since they are used for nothing but making an youtube video about it. In DU, however, our constructions matter because of all the possible interactions we will have with everyone in the Single Shard server. That would not be possible in planets where PvP is forbidden. I think safe zones are already enough as it is. I never understood players that want everything handed to them... then, what's the point of playing a game to begin with? Like in Guild Wars 2, you had people spending real-life money to buy the materials for their legenday skins (yep, no special stats associated to it) when the whole point of a MMO is to play and work with your guild mates for said materials..lol. Plus, Novaquark will definitely provide the tools so the miner can defend himself. For example, you can put points on defense in order to tank the first shots and then escape in a tunnel you previously dug close to the resource rich vein. You can contract player mercenaries to protect you in exchange of part of the resources you get. Join an organisation and do stuff together and protect each other... you know, fun MMO stuff. Risk vs reward and emergent gameplay at it's finest. But what about trolls and players that only have fun stalking people and ruining their stuff? Well, let's not forget this is not a free to play game. Tons of potential griefers are already excluded just by that. As for the small minority that still remains, i'm sure there will be in game tools like the bounty hunt system to take care of them. Hell, fighting these guys might actually be fun..lol. Btw, finally this pre-alpha quiet NDA phase is ending. I'm looking forward to all the upcoming videos you guys will make in Alpha 1 and more news from Novaquark
  11. And DU is in a NDA Pre-alpha phase, with people discussing stuff in a private section of this forum that most of us have no access to. When alpha 1 starts, this will definitely be way more active.
  12. But will Silver Founders still be able to get in Beta with the Alpha 2 being a bonus or it's just Alpha 2 now?
  13. Amazing number indeed. It will probably grow even bigger after the alpha. Nice job NQ! Thank you to all who pledged and the ones supporting the game!
  14. Oh, ok. Thanks. For some reason i thought it was some technical term regarding the game's technology...
  15. Sorry about my ignorance but what "TCU" means? I searched in google but was unable to find a proper explanation xD
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