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  1. All has been restored thankyou, is it possible to get rid of the other ghost account and the posts that I was making on it....I don't want it out there confusing people with two different Xsarec's
  2. I have been Restored, the Novaquark Gods have spoken
  3. Nexodus is looking for new players that want to experience all that Dual Universe has to offer. Organization Background Nexodus is an MMO gaming community that began decades ago, playing D&D pen and paper. Our members are mature, like-minded individuals who share similar playstyles and interests. Mission Statement Our focus is building a strong community with good relationships through sound recruiting and teamwork. We are currently looking for members who wish to positively contribute to our organization and have fun. Nexodus Information: -North America -Discord Voice -Weekly Events -Casual Playstyle -Age Requirement- 18+ -PVX (non-hardcore) -SMS activity feeds -Fun and exciting environment Primary Play Times CST | PST | EST time zone. (North America) Application Process Our recruitment process is to ensure that we are a fit for you. Please apply at – https://www.nexodus.org Discord Channel We play for fun. We play to achieve our goals. We play with respect of others.
  4. Ok, I see the issue the email address I used when I signed up awhile ago is no longer valid so I cannot get any emails. I remember that you cannot change your email address so I will have to rely on the forums.
  5. I purchased the pre-alpha supporters pack and was wondering if there is a specific time the server goes up?
  6. Are we able to upgrade the package we buy? If I buy the $60 package and decide later I want the $120 can I upgrade it?
  7. Awesome thanks for info...
  8. Hey all, I have been thinking about pledging, but not sure which one to buy. I know this is a hard to answer question but if you were to guess, how long until it goes into Alpha from pre Alpha? I ask this because I do not know how long it has been in pre- Alpha already.
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