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  1. "Once the game reaches a true Alpha stage the NDA will be lifted as we originally stated." Took a little digging to find it ^^
  2. Thanks for the confirmation, I've been out of the loop for a bit and didn't want to shove my foot in my mouth.
  3. You would have to create a new separate account if you wanted to buy a Support pack. Currently you can't upgrade from the Kickstarter/Founder into a Support pack.
  4. No, apparently others have though. Edit: The following is quoted from: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/new-supporter-packs-are-here/ A Token of Gratitude for the Veterans Already a backer and looking to obtain the awesome items seen in the new Supporter Packs? Unfortunately, upgrading from Founder to Supporter isn’t possible.
  5. Welcome! Hopefully we don't have to wait to long for the NDA to be lifted. From the information NQ has given us in the past they want to lift it sometime during the Alpha 1 or 2 stage (pending any changes during development of course). -Ez
  6. Yes, you would have to create another account if you wanted to purchase a supporter pack.
  7. Thank you very much for the clarification, I appreciate it. I don't see the Arkship Cryogenic Tube listed in the news for Sapphire +. Is this not included because it's an element?
  8. I noticed another difference between the two pages... Any ideas on the Arkship Cryogenic Tube (decorative)? Are these the same as the Legacy Resurrection Nodes? @NQ-Nyzaltar
  9. @NQ-Nyzaltar is https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/supporter-rewards-for-founder-backers/ accurate for the Sapphire +? Do Sapphire+ founders really have to pay 180$ if they want the Black Patron skins or was this a copy/paste error? The image above leads me to think there was a typo... (Crosses fingers) Thanks in advance -Ez
  10. @yamamushi sorry, I'm not sure if you answered this in discord the other day, but will things like Micro/Anti Voxels be possible? Thanks in advance! -Ez
  11. @CyberCrunch thanks for the feedback. I could see taking a design into a VR pod for test flights and for tutorial reasons, that makes sense. In my opinion I think designing should be kept in the world though. Stats/skills should be tied to it some how and there should be a sense of accomplishment when walking into your workspace. It should be easy to tell a new designer from Master designer just from seeing where he builds (imho). This is going to play a major role on the economy and shouldn't be cost free (skill or resource free, although my suggestion is it should be a lot cheaper resource wise then building a prototype). Edit: I don't think test flights & design should be implemented as a single system. I could be wrong but it would probably be easier to maintain and expand if they were separated into two different things. Thanks again for your time and feedback!
  12. One way they may be getting around this is instead of using the global axis, they could be using the ships core to parent and locally lock the axis. I'm not sure if I have explained that correctly but I am basing that comment off how local/global (parent/child) positions work in 3D programs. I also wonder if anti voxels, null etc etc are possible since they are using some of the same technology that Landmark used (although their tech looks more refined).
  13. Thank you for finding this. I appreciate you taking the time @RightBigToe.
  14. So.. tomorrow is Sept 7th right? What, a month early?... doesn't feel like it. Yep I'm pretty sure tomorrow is Sept 7th.
  15. Thanks! Yea I'll probably be going with Emerald. I did a compatibility scan last night and I would have to upgrade my comp (even though I'm currently able to play any games at 4k ultra settings)... I guess VR doesn't like Ivy Bridge lol
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