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    Deacon got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard   
    I see in this thread, people selected for alpha. I also see that alpha keys for certain level donations/support perks.
    Question ...  do the alpha keys from perks also get in first wave of alpha ?
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    Deacon got a reaction from BliitzTheFox in The road to Alpha!   
    Don't make me pull this Ark over!!!
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    Deacon got a reaction from Ghoster in How hard (or easy) will it be to earn DAC?   
    This basically one person arguing against the many. Maybe time to end the thread? Twerker keeps making same point over and over.... How about some new perspectives from others? What makes having DAC lootable so much more emergent than looting regular items. Then why stop at DAC? Why not game money...master blueprints....literally everything? Turn this game into the disasters like DayZ and the like where the few hardcore players remain and the rest move on to "Carebear" games where they don't feel like they're being robbed by Gankers and hackers. Because we know, it's proven time and time again,these are the same mentality that do anything to win.
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    Deacon got a reaction from Natalia in The road to Alpha!   
    Don't make me pull this Ark over!!!
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    Deacon got a reaction from Vyz Ejstu in The road to Alpha!   
    Don't make me pull this Ark over!!!
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    Deacon reacted to Haunty in The road to Alpha!   
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    Deacon reacted to Wilks Checkov in The road to Alpha!   
    Should sum up everything quite well - we all can not wait for the alpha. . .
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    Deacon got a reaction from Gojo_Ryu in The big log on / log off question   
    also, what if you log off in a multiplayer ship that is moving ?  
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    Deacon reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
    A wonderful day to everyone on the Forums. 
    In the light of certain revelations, the Aether will suspend the writing of its backstories past Part 10: Founding an Economical Religion. 
    However, plans for the Community Lore Project will likely be pushed back to keep the lore flowing.  
    In all honesty, we do not have a solid plan for the Community Lore, yet. I would prefer it stayed flexible, but if the Community has other thoughts, our ears are open. 
    Once again, all organisations are at liberty to join in and if you are feeling quite shy, send me a message and we will talk about your requests and wants. 
    Have a wonderful day.
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    Deacon reacted to Lord_Void in Animal Hunting & Taming   
    I really hope they add in "savage" planets later on. Planets where they environment is toxic, the weather harsh and the wildlife is lethal. Not every planet, but a planet or two in every system. They could have valuable resources that make them worth the risk.
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    Deacon reacted to ShinyMagnemite in If you could prioritize DU features...   
    I wouldn't be surprised if CaptainTwerkmotor erects a giant statute of himself as close as possible to the arkship and force new players to walk beneath him...
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    Deacon reacted to wizardoftrash in If you could prioritize DU features...   
    There will be a process by which players can "report" a construct that violates the rules (boob-structures, etc). If it is found to be obscene, it will get deleted. If a player continues making obscene constructs, they can be banned. (This is something that was already discussed in an interview). 
    So it is true we can't stop people from building flying penises, but they can be deleted if a moderator finds it in violation of the rules, and the player will get banned if it continues. pretty decent solution
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    Deacon reacted to Dhara in If you could prioritize DU features...   
    CVC MUST happen!  I think this is a critical element of the game and am actually surprised it is a stretch goal.


    1. Third person viewpoint
    2. Survival elements (Farming, hunting, cooking - food for buffs, etc.)
    3. Character customization (outfits, hair, skin tones, etc.)
    4. Ability to customize signage, logos/names for our ships, etc.
    5. Moving parts: joints, rotors and pistons
    6. Decorative props - preferably individual pieces that allow us to build our own props in game would be best (for instance, don't give us an entire lamp post.  Give us the individual pieces of a lamp post so we can build many different props out of those parts).
    7. Weather
    Not sure these are in the exact order of importance because the first few are pretty much of equal importance to me.
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    Deacon reacted to wizardoftrash in If you could prioritize DU features...   
    1 - CvC (yes this is a point of contention, but it feels like a high priority).
    2 - Robust Contracts, scripts that can generate contracts
    3 - Cosmetics shop (more income = more features)
    4 - Space TU's
    5 - map function that includes TU's and territory groups
    6 - saddle-mount cockpits (for jet bikes)
    7 - flashy doodads, decals, and other construct swag
    8 - easter-egg content
    9 - non-weapon combat systems (tractor beams, target scramblers, missile countermeasures, etc.)
    10 - non-character items in cosmetic shop (alt skin/coloration for ship shields, thruster vapor trails, decals, etc)
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    Deacon reacted to Kael in If you could prioritize DU features...   
    I think as a must there needs to be:
    1. Replenishable resources: Tree growing/Farming
    2. Moving parts: joints, rotors and pistons
    3. CvC
    InGame voice chat would be nice and all but it will be just as easy to use Discord/etc to do it for now. It's not something that's needed straight away, if at all.
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    Deacon reacted to Dinkledash in If you could prioritize DU features...   
    1) CvC
    2) Survival - colonization without a survival element seems rather less of a desperate situation than it should be
    3) Alien/hostile biomes which require life support/terraforming
    4) Animals - livestock, alien and bioengineering
    5) Weather - very difficult but would greatly enhance immersion
    6) Moving parts in elements
    7) Player customization
    8) In game voice
    9) Emotes and gestures
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    Deacon reacted to Kurock in If you could prioritize DU features...   
    If you could prioritize the next few features in DU, what would you choose? Let's assume the features listed in the Kickstarter starting goal are already in, what would you like after that? (in order of preference)

    Please make a single post with your list; the idea box is for discussing the different features. also feel free to come back and edit your list as your priorities change.
    CvC In game voice (chat to others within 20m, hail other ships) tracks/tracked element for elevators/trains Salvage constructs Star-maps Stargates Replenishable resources: Tree growing/Farming Some Cosmetic elements (e.g. cat ears for player models) Moving parts: joints, rotors and pistons Edit: Feel free to add your own, it is not limited to just this list
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    Deacon reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
    "Here is a little image we made for the Aether. Thanks to all the members who contributed their ideas."
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    Deacon reacted to Roninmizu in New Colonist   
    Hello everyone!
    Can't believe I missed the Kickstarter.
    Well I've been waiting for a game like this for a very long time. From back in 2007 when I first got wind of Infinity:TQFE. I have since lost all hope in that game when they scaled back to just doing the Battlescape.  I can get that from many other space sims that are more fleshed out so to speak.
    So now I'm here with my hopes up again as I greatly enjoy Minecraft and Space Engineers. 
    See you around!
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    Deacon reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
    To fight or run. To fight or run? I could hardly care.
    So long it means I stay alive, run! Goodbye to a heir!
    Fields on fire, gold's missing, pirates a-laughing, I hear. 
    My skin's worth more than all of those! Cheers, I flee, my dear! 
    But, wait. It's wailing I hear from the family home!  
    I may be small... Quit laughing; I'm a terrible gnome!
    Leopard's in my name, sharp are my claws and you are brome! 
    Fight or run? Fight, I say! Out of my family home! 
    The  Aether welcomes Ravenskysong. To the rest of you, out of this family's home!
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    Deacon reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
    Watch and learn, little ones. Watch and learn. 
    Calm study will put you far ahead. 
    Life's a dance; give and take in return. 
    To befriend your prey, give him your own bread. 
    Observe and know you will be observed. 
    Seek and take note of the watching eyes. 
    Like the wolf, watch and remain unnerved, 
    Truth has both a reward and a price. 
    The Aether welcomes Almanac to the Family. Thirst for knowledge and you will be truly free.
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    Deacon reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
     We wish all the members of the Dual Universe Forums a splendid day. 
    The Aether recognises Crafting Corporation as an ally. Preliminary agreements have been made as well.  
    It is most wonderful that an organisation that is also focused on construction and innovation would decide to ally itself with the Aether Family. We are honoured and encouraged by that step. 
    It stands as a proof to the good that the Dual Universe Forums and its members have within them. 
    Cheers to CaptainKingz and the rest of his organisation. We look forward to a bright future with you.
    A splendid day to all of you, once again.
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    Deacon reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Heimera Trade Xchange   
    Watching, waiting and forever alert, 
    The Sentinel stands tall, keeping his oath. 
    Expert, dangerous, hands on his halbert, 
    Want of death, or gasp for life, he knows both. 
    Loyal and brave, his oath is his life. 
    His conviction is pure and white as snow. 
    Red is his sword, his halbert, his knife. 
    He will guard us, even past the morrow. 
    The Aether Family welcomes Vertirium to the Keep. May he guard us from all sorrow.
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    Deacon reacted to Ripper in Counterfeiting, fraud and fun for all the family   
    Do you think the Gucci counterfeiters call up Gucci and ask for the patterns to their latest handbag?
    They buy a bag and attempt to reverse engineer everything.
    That's exactly what you'll be able to do in Dual Universe.
    So counterfeit away.
    It's already been confirmed that there will be safeguards in place to protect the original designer. And there should be.
    If you're not creative enough to come up with your own idea, then you should be at a disadvantage.
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    Deacon got a reaction from Kael in Please ... Say it isn't so ....   
    nice...thanks    NQ-Daleith       ....   hopefully  we can modify the colors of the various parts 
    I can envision my sidearm attached to those leg straps  O.O
    And I like that the outfit isn't bulky
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