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  1. wait .... let me get this right ...the Sept 30 pre alpha will only last hours? then how long until we can actually spend time in it? are we supposed to get an email or anything with a code or something? any links to info would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  2. ok, so I'm a gold package founder, when exactly is it I'm allowed to play/test ? I was under the impression when I first pledged, months ago, it should have started by now? It would seem that after reading few more posts, the alpha, which is where I'll be allowed in, isn't even scheduled to start until September
  3. I like it, but why did you you make it? Is it part of a larger project?
  4. I'm truly at a loss for words. I would have thought the Twerkmeister would have listed capes as his number one wish.
  5. I voted yes, even though I don't use paypal. I feel that any backing is good backing.
  6. I think JC said structures will have the builder's name on it when answering about folks who build boogie and phallic buildings. My guess is it will apply to all structures, moving and fixed. So while you may be able to copy an original "Deacon" design, it won't have "Deacon" name on it.
  7. nice...thanks NQ-Daleith .... hopefully we can modify the colors of the various parts I can envision my sidearm attached to those leg straps O.O And I like that the outfit isn't bulky
  8. good, I did gold pack, so get the alpha suit as well. whew @Twerk LOL, capes
  9. For the love of god, please tell me that we wont have to wear those droopy wraps around our right forearms, and left boot as seen in the character creation video from kickstarter update # 18. That just looks stupid on a space uniform ... it's something some fashion nut has put on it ...please let us remove it. These are "Space Uniforms" , not some new fall fashion review. Thanks Oh, and no, I'm not gonna threaten to pull my kickstarter pledge if I don't get my way LOL
  10. I actually just bought "Space Engineers", to get an idea of voxel and element type ship construction ... but haven't tried creative side yet, still having blast with survival lol
  11. Thanks people for the informative posts. I feel I've been to an economics class. And thanks for link to economics thread. I can see the possibility of barter being used as well. DAC being one item bartered possibly, but also and probably more likely, rare resources. @Twerker ... as far as making DAC bootable increasing their value, l think it's the opposite. I am going to start calling it "fools gold" , as only a fool will trade them out of the safety of the Arkship. Everyone will buy them at the Ark , and keep on their banker, also at the Ark. But it is what it is.
  12. What's to keep one or more organizations from power grinding to get as much as possible, therefore bringing that set point closer to being reached, and having an unfair amount of currency compared to other organizations? Twerker, your signature is a prime example of what I speak of. I guess I need to ask, is there any currency sinks, where game takes currency out? I'm going to guess no at this time.
  13. So once that certain threshold is reached, no more currency will be generated by the game? Won't that be ruff on an expanding player base ? Can't an organization decide to start hoarding currency, making it harder and harder for others to sell items/obtain currency? Is this another "Emergent" gameplay option, or am I just not seeing the big picture?
  14. I'm curious, where will the very first game money come from? Do we start with a certain amount? If not, how is the economy going to be jumpstarted? How will more be produced, so everyone is just recirculating the same money over and over, just shifting who currently has it? Thanks
  15. Couldn't you make a small square and program it to move up or down with LUA ? Make a box structure with square as floor. Have set of doors at top range to open, with doors at lower range as well. Have call buttons outside door edges and up/down buttons on inside of box?
  16. This basically one person arguing against the many. Maybe time to end the thread? Twerker keeps making same point over and over.... How about some new perspectives from others? What makes having DAC lootable so much more emergent than looting regular items. Then why stop at DAC? Why not game money...master blueprints....literally everything? Turn this game into the disasters like DayZ and the like where the few hardcore players remain and the rest move on to "Carebear" games where they don't feel like they're being robbed by Gankers and hackers. Because we know, it's proven time and time again,these are the same mentality that do anything to win.
  17. yep, I'm an "Old Git" , but hey, this old git has the time and resources to play now but that's beside the point, doesn't matter if its for old gits, the more this (DU) gets seen, the better chance that it gets funded. Some old git may post it else where and get seen by young whipper snappers, who then look into the game further. and if they like it, do the social networking stuff for it as well... which was the reason for my post.
  18. well, I'm concerned about it as well. I not sure it'll even reach it's goal, let alone stretch goals. the two stretch goals I've seen should be part of the initial game. Might help if some folks go to the MMORPG.com site and up the hype meter on this game. Go to game list, find dual universe, and click it, then click the hype tab
  19. Perhaps this could be a cash shop item ? With possibly 3 sizes available for different prices. Then submit it to cash shop. When NQs people review it, they accept charge, and place in your inventory the blueprint for making it, so you can make them and place them anywhere on items you have ingame permissions for, or trade/sell if it's a popular design. on a side note. Archeage has personal images in game. You make a pic and replace a game file with it. You can then craft it with right items and place it on capes, sails, signs etc.
  20. Deacon


    I totally expect there will be an organization of bounty hunters formed, with a message to them I'm sure would be sufficient .
  21. possibly a minimum size in voxels as well...to prevent a guy from riding a motor with a control unit on it ?
  22. Never mind,I have nothing more to add ..... so removed this comment
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