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  1. Yeah, no thanks. In a game like du it's always a bad idea to share info (no Matter how small) with others/a bot/a program
  2. GL enforcing that when the cubes outperform any other ship xD I don't think it's that big of a deal rly. There will be ugly ships that are bad and those that are really good. Same goes for pretty ships. But ppl (other than me) tend more to fly pretty ships, so I don't think it's an issue at all for the game
  3. Again, That's totally fine and ppl will try it ofc. All I ever said was: if I have the choice between a ugly ship which performs 1% better than some well crafted construct (all other stats equal), then I'll buy that one. Who knows how pvp will play out in du, but I certainly never want some inferior construct in my hangar just because it looks nice. Ymmv and thats fine
  4. If the box performs way better than a sleek and well Designed ship then I rly don't see the point in using it at all. Only in safezones - but then again why buy it for only that purpose. And I'm not saying it will be like that in any way. If pretty ships perform better then I buy those, I don't rly care much. Performance is what counts. There's no threat on sanct moons nor is there any destruction because pvp is forbidden there by mechanics. Otherwise, I agree.
  5. In a pvp game functionality always trumps design. There's not a single instance where I would choose otherwise. If it has the same functionality then I don't really care and would take the cheaper one ^^
  6. Well that depends what you want to do and achieve. If you find an org which accepts you (and yes, there are plenty who take casuals) and you play with them on a casual basis then you can take part in building some huge ass thing. But if you want to build that same thing ALONE then you will need months and years as stated. It's a mmo after all - teamwork is rewarded. You simply can't ask for casual solo players to be treated the same as huge orgs. That doesn't mean you can't do nothing - you just have to stay with smaller sized things. That doesn't mean such constructs are useless, not useable or any less than a bigger construct.
  7. Probably not. You need a lot of material for that so you need to mine it all by yourself. Then you need to craft all the elements you need which takes time too. Then you need to have the appropriate skills to even build or place said elements and cores. That said, it may be possible for you to do this on your own but I would expect you would need months to years to accomplish that. And yes, there are safezones where noone can attack you
  8. Look at their YT videos about shipbuilding, the ship contest and the outpost contest. Also, they have quite some pics on twitter of player built ships. That should give you an idea of what ppl do
  9. Lethys

    Block Count System

    Not used though in combination with concrete....it's common to use cubic meters not liters
  10. Deadzones. I can have an alt create an org with only me in it. That alt rarely logs on, just for skills. If you have assets you want to protect (or enemy territory?) And you want to lock for everyone else via rdms then such orgs come in handy
  11. One man orgs - pretty useful if used in the right way
  12. Ah yeah, haven't looked there, thanks. Oh I think everyone gets that and yes it sucks that you can't play. But I rly think NQ will do their best to satisfy you. Contact support.dualthegame.com - they can surely help you there.
  13. Can't find anything there sorry, just looked. A Link maybe to the AVX vs non AVX users? Well as you've seen from the answer you got from NQ themselves: yes it's a nonissue because it's needed. There's nothing they can do about it. A solution? There is none. Have AVX or don't play/get a refund. Harsh? Yeah, sure. But they can't do anything about it. You can write essay after essay about it but it won't change anything - you still won't be able to play and AVX will still stay ingame (and yeah, I have no clue what it does and no, idc either xD) I honestly think that they didn't think of that as a problem at that time - as stated by NQ all CPUs after 2013 have it. And as blaze said: no need to downgrade to "old tech"
  14. 15%? You're the 3rd or 4th on this forum out of hundred or thousands of testers to not be able to play due to AVX and that sucks. So how come you talk about 15%?
  15. Then I don't see the problem. Requirements change over time. DU needed AVX to progress so they implemented it (as said by NQ too)..... I honestly fail to see what problem you have with changing requirements in a crowdfunded game. It happens. It's needed. So.....? Ninjaedit: yes, NQ could've announced that earlier / made it more clear. But then again all never CPUs have it already, so probably they didn't think of it being an issue
  16. ? NQ gave you an explanation. It's not "forced upon" customers. It's simply needed to run the game. "Forcing" smth would be if they only support AMD ryzen CPUs. Other games are demanding on GPU - and they aren't "forcing" anyone either. Those games simply require a certain minimun standard. Just like du needs AVX
  17. Exaclty my thoughts and words.
  18. You mean the contents of the container is unuseable by anyone? So the guy transporting it can't run with it? That might work - but it'll then only work for the public markets on alioth and ppl won't really use it anywhere else. So why not do this on a universal scale and implement a mechanic which will work for everyrhing, anywhere, to all destinations. Because you need a courier system everywhere. Can you be scammed? Sure, such is life. Ppl always scream "protect me from scam" when all they have to do is think on their own. With that they avoid 99% of scams - it still might happen but then ppl will make orgs such as red/black frog just like in eve who are trustworthy.....That's the sandbox approach
  19. Lethys

    Block Count System

    This Wall consists of 125l of concrete Yes, that totally works xD
  20. Or you know, just use quanta. Because you can only rp that org money but can't use it in any form to buy stuff from other ppl or on the markets
  21. @Darth_Sarcasm this isn't the nda forum so you can't Talk about ingame stuff. Go to Support.dualthegame.com and report that issue, That's all I can tell you here
  22. well yes, and that means you lose your mining levels and don't get a bonus there anymore but you gain scanning levels. You don't lose the SP but you lose the skill perk. Or you mean that in a completely different way? few things about that to consider: - yes some will have very high skills but it's always challenging because they only got a bonus from the talent tree to that skill (fuel efficiency for example) but that doesn't make them the best pilot there is or the best miner. You still have to know mechanics, learn and use them. That's what ppl will shine at - not their ingame bonus they get from doing something - point 1 goes for teamwork too. I may have all mining skills at 5 because I played DU from the beginning but some newbro might be way more efficient than me because he just knows the mechanics of mining better. Talents only provide a bonus to what you do, they don't make you automatically better - pvp: yes ofc, such things may happen. But then again CvC/AvA is a branch on it's own and you may need all those skills anyway to even learn higher ones. And besides: NQ always said that you can get fairly quickly to a reasonable talent level (3-4), mastery needs a lot of time. So this isn't "unbalanced" because most pvp skilled avatars might only miss the lvl 5 skill which only translates to maybe 5% weapon efficiency, 10% fuel efficiency or whatever - That being said: you just have to look at eve online where there is a similar tree. I can hop into the game right now, make a new char, train for 4h and go hunt other ppl. And I can even kill them, although they have millions of SP and play the game since 15years. Just because I know what to do, how to handle my ship, how to use the game mechanics in my favor and how to trick ppl into believing smth which isn't there. Same thing can and will happen in DU imho
  23. oh don't worry, I'm quite vocal and I voice my opinion you contradict yourself there: if a skill is respeced (even slowly) to another skill at the expense of the first one then the bonus/sp in that skill are lost. If you don't "lose" the first skill you would achieve mastery, which you don't want. That's not possible without losing the first skill. Why would it kill the job market? skill mastery in all skills will take YEARS (>10years imho). Not everyone will have that. Newbros who start later can master mining in let's say 1 year to fully specialize while a veteran only has lvl4 skills there. Specialization should take time but only few characters will truly master every skill in existance - there's plenty of room for newbros to specialize and be a higher level on certain skills than vets
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