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  1. Lets summarize facts. - in the past the markets were very laggy because of the lots of parked ships. We were complaining about it. - There were rules what can be on the market and nobody was following those rules. - there are players who left their constructs on place where they are hurting active players and stopped playing. - you are saying that this action could alienate those players who are hurting us and hurting the game. Why should we care ?
  2. You are not using proper PvP mining technique. The proper one is: - find asteroid with miner. - take what is yours from his dead ship. - profit If you insist on mining by yourself use something like this : - find and activate T2 or T3 asteroid. - Optionally : Mine the highest tier ore on it as fast as possible. - Run away - do it with another 2+ asteroids. - return after several hours/days and finish mining. Or go mining in group guarded by PvP ships.
  3. - Make public VR pods on markets. - Make public rentable container space on market. / Allow player to put things into market container and mark them as bought stuff. - Hide all constructs after 1 day parking on market tile. Hide all constructs on tile, don't forget the ones parked on AGG.
  4. I understand Mega's logic. It is understandable. The game is in beta for 15+ months. And NQ is still learning how to do and communicate changes. Example 1 - old tile scans. They said in videoblog - we don't know. And put update text - old scans will be kept. After few days - new info, they are going to be deleted. Example 2 - HQ tiles. 1st info - Player need to flag tile as HQ. And later in release notes - we automatically assigned them for un-active players Example 3 - taxes schedule. 1st info - it will be like this. 2nd info - NQ confirms 1st info and prepare nice picture with dates. 3rd info - release notes - we changed schedule. This is chaos. Annoying. No predictability. I don't agree with Physics's argument about listening to the players. It is good that they want to listen, but they need to do it properly. State what are you thinking about, ask players, make decision, stick to the decision. If you want to change it, do it with next release and properly communicate what is going to be changed and why.
  5. Yes, randomly stopped/jammed industry is a big issue. If you have bigger factory, it is crazy. And it is happening after every bigger update. Also, please, Unify the color indicators for state of industry. And make them work properly.
  6. You can calibrate via VR. And if megacorp have 10k scans, it also have 10+ members to check them.
  7. How long it will take until somebody buy all Terr.Scanners on the markets ?
  8. Warlander is angry because two of the basic dogmas of game are being changed. Dogma 1 - once you install TU, territory is yours forever. This was never promised. The battle over territories was promised. But nobody was expecting economic battle … Dogma 2 – planetary/meganode mining is the most effective income method for solo players/builders. They are not much into mission running with 50 alts. This method is being lost and nobody explained them how they will work in the future. Most of them is mining because they need quanta to do their projects, not because they love mining. He doesn’t know how to operate after change, schedule of the change, NQ communication is NQ communication. I understand his angry reactions. I see that he is trying to find some solution. I don’t agree with his solutions but I like that he is trying to.
  9. I like the idea of salvaging abandoned constructs. We, small tribes of children living in post-apo world full of abandoned factories and useless space elevators, will have holiday. Lets call it "The Salvage Content Day". And on holidays we usually receive gifts. Salvaging those factories will be our gift unwrapping.
  10. I'm unable to find Andromeda on DU-Creators. Could you send me link ?
  11. If there is player created art worth saving it could be saved easy. Players could create org that will be caring and paying for those. Or CM could take care of it. There is lots of nice things build in the game. But there is much more unfinished, annoying, ugly shit.
  12. I like the idea of territory tax, except for sanctuary tile. It will release tiles of unactive players, allow us to delete unused space elevators, ... And the price doesn't matter. - 1M per week is your social warfare if you are connecting daily. - we live in Zimbabwe style hyperinflation economy. The 1M number looks to be high now, but in few weeks ...
  13. I agree with XKentX. Landing on D6 market is like " I don't like you" contest. Developers and testers didn't even try to test the most common use case ...
  14. You want to play soccer on golf driving range. And you sound surprised that sometimes the golf ball hit you.
  15. Stacking should be prohibited. But Draqolas is right, we need to have tools to identify stacked elements. There are a lot of ships bought by players using some stacked elements and the owners don't know that their ships are using this technique. Solution could be : - disable all stacked elements. - mark ship that it has stacked elements so owner know that something is wrong. - mark stacked elements so owner know what is wrong.
  16. DU Open Source discord channel. I think, it is du-screen-flair. https://discord.gg/5w9h9hTR
  17. Wipe is not solution. If the biggest issues and flows are not resolved, the wipe will only make old players angry and force them to stop playing. But new players will suffer the same issues in few weeks and game is at the same spot but with smaller playerbase.
  18. Not helping ( Ryzen 7 2700X 8Core, 32GB RAM, Radeon RX 5700 ). Game is freezing randomly, not able to survive more than 10 minutes. It freezes usually when close to industry / flying / browsing Market GUI. ) This started with Apollo update. Only help for me GeforceNOW ...
  19. To be honest, the current piracy meta was hunting in fish aquarium. If alt tagging was done properly, the victim hauler had no chance to know he was tagged and was practically dead. Yes, there were exceptions e.g. Eye of Apathy. But generally speaking, the mechanics was totally unbalanced. On the another hand, we have warp drives, we have AGGs. Our space radars have WWII range and I don't want to comment atmo radars. This doesn't any sense. The resolution could be extending range by antenna, could be extending range for higher tier radars, maybe allowing space radars to do some sort of directional active scanning with extended range. Or if the ship has active shield, the player docking will not be performed.
  20. I bought several ships. All of them looked good. Several of them are flying good. The idea is to buy ships that have youtube review so there is somebody who is flying the ship and you can see how it is reacting. Another idea is to buy ship from streamer. He will be happy to speak with you about it, maybe do a small demo flight. And selling bad ship is not good long time strategy for him.
  21. Maybe you are the one who is doing this in not so invading way. But still you are using common property for yourself. So making it easier for you is not in the best interest of players. I'm against helping players, who are abusing common properties. I like the idea of player made ships in UEF store. 90% of player made ships on DU Creators are much better than standard UEF ships.
  22. True, the collision model is wrong. If your small ship, weighting 800t and having speed like 200km/h accidentally hit one voxel strong pillar from aluminium, the ship should have some scratches and the pillar should move.
  23. Solution is already there. Use small non blocking advertisement and attract buyers to visit your shop. You are blocking market pod. Making life harder for lots of people. And you are asking for tools to make your life easier...
  24. Is there a simple way to check current core count / max core count for me / my org ?
  25. There is also another "solution". For Alioth districts : - move all non-NQ ships and structures from District tiles to corresponding Market tiles - move markets back to districts. The Markets tiles will stay as junkyard parking only - Once a week/month/?, during maintenance - move all non-NQ ships and structures from District tiles to corresponding Junkyard tiles Result : - new junkyards, Ships from junkyard could be Fetched by owners from safe distance if necessary. - clean District Markets, connected by teleport - better FTUE
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