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  1. Great to see so much discussion on this page, don't worry about derailing the thread! If it's interesting then i want to read, as do others i assume. Some excellent points have been made regarding the self-replicating scenario, and what happens to scripts when players log out. The devs certainly have their work cut out for them to make this work, (although, i think i read somewhere that the lua scripting mechanics have already been implemented? i'll try and find where i saw this and post it) We already know that we will be writing event driven code, whereby functions will be execut
  2. Shame on me, but i had no idea there was a wiki for dual universe? Either way, you have my blessing Not that you need my permission anyway, feel free to do as you please... Let me know if you do decide to wikify this, if you don't have the time to do so - i'll certainly look into it in the near future
  3. Difficulty is entirely subjective, what's easy for some may be difficult for others and vice versa. I'd encourage everyone to have a play around with it, you can do a quick google search for LUA scripting tutorials, which will give you an idea of whether its something you may enjoy. It's easy to feel overwhelmed at first and the learning curve is usually steep, but you get to a point where everything just makes sense and you feel proud of your achievements. So i'd say hang in there, and don't ever be afraid to ask for help As we grow in numbers we'll also look to teach others who want
  4. Much appreciated I've responded to your pm. apologies for the delay.
  5. Valid point I figured i would go for something instantly recognizable, something that would appeal to the inner geek within us That being said, if the members want a change of name, then a change of name they shall receive
  6. Thought i'd share my own (first attempt, work in progress). I'm going for the star citizen banu merchantman style, with a modern twist and sleek stealthy lines. I'd like a frigate sized ship that handles more like a fighter. I have a dream ship in my head - this kind of resembles it
  7. I think your designs are fantastic! You have excellent technical skills and creativity! No doubt such advanced and complicated ships would require an array of advanced Component DPU's to handle all the automation and C+C tasks. To this end Red Hat Systems could be of assistance. I'd love to work with you in the game, that is of course if you think having a team of programmers on side would be beneficial to your ship building enterprises. If you are interested we could hash out the details over PM Either way, i look forward to seeing your designs come to fruition. Good luck
  8. RED HAT SYSTEMS This topic, sponsored by Red Hat Systems, aims to inform players about the LUA scripting side of the game and clarify the facts. KNOWN ELEMENTS Propulsion Engines, Fuel Tanks, Cockpit, Navigation Instruments, Doors, Weapons, Batteries, Containers, Accelerometers, Radars, Targeters, Drone Bay, Elevator, Inclinometer (Gyroscope), and last but not least… CONTROLS UNITS / DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING UNITS Control Units – A control unit is the computer hardware, whereas the DPU (Distributed Processing Unit) is the computer's software. In fact, every element in the game will ha
  9. I think i read somewhere that the dev's plan to use the planet's core heat as a natural barrier to digging below 2km, drill any further and you'll start to melt Limitless drilling would be epic, but 2km is fine too. I would love to build hidden bases 2km under ground, so long as we don't have placholders over heads that give away our location. I wonder if we can dig beneath the Arkship?
  10. Gladly received, and responded
  11. Glad to hear your enthusiasm As with anything at this very early stage, only time will tell. There seems to be huge potential in this game, i can't wait to see how things pan out. On the point of newbies, its still early days. A lot will depend on how many members we have, their willingness to teach etc (i will teach, but i can't teach everyone), and ofcourse whether there is even demand from people wanting to learn. I'm of the opinion that the more people there are engaged with the scripting elements of the game, and the bigger and better things we do with it - the more priority the
  12. Absolutely, the tech is there... The devs have mentioned that elements like Radars would emit events such as "Enemy Detected At X,Y,Z", now if we also had a GPS-type system and a radio system, we could build a distributed radar network that feeds data back to a NORAD-like military HQ. All friendly ships would then broadcast the location of all enemy ships to a central location. Knowledge is Power...
  13. I only just noticed your reply (sorry). If we get the tools to do this... Wow! The possibilities.... Fleet Management System? Black Market? Automated Trade Routes? Call For Reinforcements? I hope we not only have some form of "networking" ability, but also some form of storage (perhaps a set amount of data stored on a DPU, accessible by code). But i may just be getting carried away... Fingers crossed hey
  14. +1. Although in absence of this, fuzzy logic should work. Simply use a naming convention, so a certain prefix would mean "This function is meant to be wired to the GUI". Still guesswork at this stage - but where there is a will, there is a way
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