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  1. A space exploration game without physics is pretty much useless in my view but i don't think gravity could be implemented mostly because of the obvious computation limitations but also because of the physical limitations. You couldn't make a planet just 100km wide with the same gravity as earth and expect it to behave like earth. The closer you'd get the stranger things would get (also mining would be just stupidly dificult because of the high density). I would say the probably easiest way to implement gravity is to make it a fixed value around to about tenth of the planets diameter distan
  2. Now i dont know about you guys but i think to have a personal wolverine is one of my alltime favourite wishes. Only if he has his australian accent obviously otherwise whats the point
  3. half german but i can proudly say my german is aswell if not better than my mother language
  4. Wanna talk about Lua? Pm me

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