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  1. Good luck dude! All the best to you!
  2. Alrighty Ladies and Gents, It is indeed that time again to state that Red Hat Systems is still indeed recruiting players who are wanting to make some extra spucks (space-bucks) from creating DPU's within the game. Any knowledge level is allowed, so long as you are willing to learn and have ideas to develop upon .
  3. but, to be fair, the term "good" is different from person to person.
  4. So you confirm that you made this stuff up yourself? Great PR stunt
  5. Also, straight up disrespecting peoples usernames and calling them out? Low blow man, Low blow
  6. I'snt that the point of being an outlaw? Or am I mistaken?
  7. Just a reminder that we are still recruiting willing members! We are also looking for willing organisations to do business with
  8. Just to be clear, the affiliations page only lists who I could be trading with. (They will be customers) If a member of Aether wishes to use my services, that is still possible. Please let me know if you wish to be added to this list
  9. OUR GOAL: The main goal of Solaris Industries is to create the best ships modifications that one can buy - Whether it be for a small fighting ship, or for a massive space station. OPERATIONS: Everyone has ideas, if your idea sounds like a good/profitable one, discussions will be held on whether or not this is feasible, and if so, how it can be expanded on further to make a profit. THE PROBLEM THAT IS MONEY: If an idea has been developed and sells well on the market, a designer would want to know how the money would be split. Here at Solaris Industries we only believe it is
  10. As the Band of Outlaws expands, more and more projects are taken in to consideration. One of the more prominent projects is that of Project : Honeybadger. Join today in our efforts to create a free sector for all pilots.
  11. Just going to bump this thread so that people know we are still looking for people who are willing xNero has been away the past couple of days, but please be sure to send in your applications
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