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  1. I mean really all I wanted was an updated minimap that was more visible, customizable and user friendly than the cluttered tiny mess we've got stuck in the corner. I'm not trying to build bloody SkyNet, just add something that's in basically every first-person game by default.
  2. In that case they should really change the element titles to something more appropriate and adjust the API library where this subject is concerned. At the moment it's quite misleading since it implies capability that doesn't actually exist.
  3. Thank you sir! Old table habits, I'm still learning Lua. I hope they rethink that decision in the future because the logic doesn't compute.
  4. UPDATE: Apparently you can't use the radar to resolve the position of a contact unless it has a transponder, which is disappointing. Hopefully this changes later because otherwise this is rather useless.
  5. Hello all. I've noticed there doesn't seem to be any kind of script out there for a Radar Plot yet so I decided to take a crack at it. Unsurprisingly I immediately ran into issues. I have a bunch of questions, but I'll start off with what I hope is a simple one: In this section of code I'm using getEntries() to get all the available IDs then looping through the IDs to get data for each contact. (I don't actually plan on using all this data, I just want to test and see what I can get to work and pare it down from there.) I'm getting the contact ID's to pull in in the debug but
  6. It's the same as in the OP, just with constructVelocity:len() replacing constructVelocity. It goes into the flush() of my ship inside of the if-then for determining whether it is in atmosphere or not when it is complied as a 'flying' type construct. Basically like this: local autoRollVelThreshold = 50.0 --export: velocity below which the creaft will auto-roll the wings level to aid in landing =====NEW===== -- In atmosphere? if worldVertical:len() > 0.01 and unit.getAtmosphereDensity() > 0.0 then local autoRollRollThreshold = 1.0 -- autoRoll on AND currentRollDeg
  7. That did the trick, thanks! Why does it work that way, though? I thought 'len' was for getting the length of a string.
  8. Like the title says, this is probably a simple question but I'm having an issue getting any kind of custom tweaking done in my ship. Hopefully one of you knowledgeable folks can let me know where I've gone wrong. Currently my ship is setup as a flying construct with the mouse-point control method. I figured I'd start with some 'simple' adjustments so that the ship behaved differently when below a certain speed to simplify the landing process. Apparently I was too ambitious, because when I try to fly the ship it locks up the controls and I get a lovely red "LUA Error" message.
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