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  1. Ok. I understand the sentiment \ understand why a need has been perceived but..... I am a generalist - I dabble in mining, refining, constructing, ship building, scripting, selling.... These recent proposals seem to "Want to force people into a speciality". It appears that dabbling will not be cost effective or supported. I personally don't want to make make billions. I would like to make enough so I can decide whether to build something or to buy it. I may be happy to wait a couple of hours to build an engine, but if I am developing \ testing new scripts and need a specific element to test against I may decide to buy it instead. To be honest, I think this level of "balancing" is too early - Yes, they are likely needed but there are more important elements to focus on - RDMS, Stability of the server, Working on the feedback from the beta testers who have used the system thus far....
  2. Echo'ing some of the concerns here - Unintentional disconnects and one of the updates suggested will cause problkems. I have a decent PC, a decent connection to the internet, and have only suffered 3 forced disconnects. ONE was my fault forgetting about upcoming maintenance, but the other two were random - I suffer far fewer of these than other players. However, In those instances, I was landing from high altitude. Allowing a ship to continue on its path without a pilot in place will likely end up in 1 of 2 scenarios 1) the ship hits the ground - Probably destroyed. 2) If piloting in space, the ship hurtles into space - possibly lost Is it possible to detect the alt-f4 (or similar) abuse and differentiate it from an unintentional disconnect? if not, there will likely be more players unhappy with the game due to loss of ship (which = time, effort, imagination, graft....) through no fault of their own. If its a priority call, I would welcome stability and performance over... say... Scavenger hunts.
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