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  1. discordauth:e7eXf8d3ogvuuhB4uFmUyXh92JHU7KKdC2o7-XaUY18=
  2. My opinion is to keep the DAC system as proposed on release, trial how it works, and see if changes need to be made. NQ is incredible at following and listening to the community so if DACs cause issues I am confident that they will resolve it promptly with the players best interests in mind.
  3. Thanks Astrophil, It will be great working with you too! Especially now that Alpha is getting closer The I.B.O was set up by me about 8 months ago (September time) so any other org or name would have been after I took a break. Shame on them :/ lol
  4. Haha! well why not, if all you lone vendors and entrepreneurs want a place to crash feel free to discord me
  5. Thanks, it's great to be back. Me too I guess lets hope it benefits the many!!
  6. After taking a long break the I.B.O is back and looking to start making allies for alpha and beta. We are not only looking to offer our services but to make lasting partnerships with other organizations who can offer services essential to our cause. Feel free to add me on discord if you wish to discuss further. GrandMasterApex#5811
  7. Great work MasterRed very informative! You can tell theirs a lot of effort being put into the DUA.
  8. was a great read hope there are more to come! definitely worth checking out.
  9. Great job! it was certainly worth the wait. -Liked-
  10. I hope you eventually find a worthy crew. Good luck from the I.B.O
  11. Good luck in finding, and securing a planet. By no means an easy task on any scale. But I hope you remember to have fun while trying to do so.
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