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  1. It could work, such access cards are an interesting concept. It isn't the best idea if we're talking about e.g. warship Very Important Mainframe, though.
  2. I think devs should implement only simple stuff, like functions that will allow sending data client <--> server. Creating API, like checking for data integrity, blocking unwanted connections etc., might be up to us.
  3. Hello everyone. Will it be possible to store data - for example text files - in game? It would be great if you could connect a large number of DPUs to a single "server" DPU and make them download something from (or upload something to) that server. I've been discussing this issue with user Ignorer. He suggested implementing Data Block (basically a data drive) and I think it might be a really good solution. What do you think about it?
  4. Not exactly. Check it out: https://twitter.com/dualuniverse/status/765652458051895297
  5. First of all, that would require long-distance communication between DPUs (which I hope will appear in game). Secondly, an organisation should store their Very Important Data on such DPU (it would be safer to store them on, for example, external website). Moreover, if long-range communication is possible, it won't be reasonable to apply it to your ultrasecret DPU. The best way to protect data is to keep them offline.
  6. A nice alternative to wars and mining resources. I guess larger factions will be eventually creating something like that - as a form of training, for fun; whatever.
  7. A lot of those things won't be a problem in DU. However, physics will be probably as simple as in NMS, and extreme objects like neutron stars may not be implemented.
  8. I hope such devices will be available. However, as an amateur programmer, I'm really looking forward to building some kind of programmable mining machines
  9. You're right, but the game is about future. Technology in game will allow us to move faster than light, so drilling into planet shouldn't be as problematic as nowadays, in real world.
  10. Yes, a core could contain lots of valuable resourcss but, for the sake of balance, your drilling machines could no longer work there, due to overheating. Thus, drilling to the core would require advanced, expensive technology.
  11. Will drilling into core of a planet be possible? What about building giant faction headquaters in the planet's center? Have developers mentioned about it yet?
  12. It would be appropriate if we were able to choose: realism lovers would hear mainly what's happening inside their ship, and "pew pew" lovers... you know.
  13. marax27


    Blueprints were discussed, for example here: board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/453-ship-blueprints/. It's likely they will appear in game.
  14. Yes, eventually it may become annoying, but for some time... There aren't many games that can offer realistic space.
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