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  1. Seems to be that when I load up Script 1 that my display screen starts flickering and all of the text momentarily goes away upon movement. If I log out and back into the game, the monitor shows just fine. However, if I turn the programming board off and on again, I get the same flickering. Haven't tracked own what's causing the issue, yet. Edit: I've now tried it on both clear and normal screens.
  2. #BorgNotBoring ! If your cubes look like borg cubes: Not boring. If your cubes look like boring blah cubes: Boring. Edit: I guess I should provide my thoughts on the PvP thing. For the XS ship vs S and M ships, have the S and M ships slammed on the breaks when they get a normie blah cube coming after them? It shortens the time between the XS cube pounding on them and the time that they get to fight back, I believe. It also, since a lot of these ships are rocking Railguns, reduces the effectiveness of their meta systems so that you might have a fighting chance.
  3. I just want drones that lawn-dart into other drones/ships/objects. Also, those pretty screens and displays can also have button areas that can fire off commands / other scripts that do things elsewhere on the core. I'm not talking about the button element, but actual areas you can click on in the screen. Pretty nifty. Can even set it to automatically plot warp jumps, plot direction of travel in space (probably on planet), etc. Lots of little things that require just a tiny bit of input for a lot of ... not advantage, but comfort? ease of use? something like that.
  4. I'll buy a 3990x if you buy a 3990x. Well, in 4 months when I move funds around for it.
  5. A month, heh. I sat around while I watched a single player empty out 3 claims in two weeks. Then again, he was a hard charging, maybe 4 hours of sleep type. But yeah, us normies... probably a month, I guess that's right.
  6. Player driven economy is also PvP in itself. You are competing against other players. You just aren't also shooting them with internet space bullets/lasers/missiles.
  7. Same for my crew. Ours will sometimes engage automatically when we're falling too fast, too. We can then manually turn them off by holding C for a second. Works without dropping our altitude much if at all.
  8. They post about it constantly on Dicord and on here. On Discord, there are three channels that they use for updates: dualuniverse-news announcements release-notes If you are having a hard time finding them, they're the first three channels on the server. on the lelft-hand side. Attached is a pic of where to find that info.
  9. The total lack of professionalism: The 24/7 round the clock help that people like NQ-Stargazer et al have been providing to players who have issues such as losing items during placement, crashing into the earth with a ship full of Large elements due to server crash / own player folly and fully repairing their ships, and teleporting people to places they need to go when they wind up at Sanc instead of their activated Resurrection location. Totally unprofessional. Devs constantly trying to keep players informed of what they are doing and what they're trying to fix. Trying to fix issues right now instead of next patch cycle. Trying to give a cushion of how long servers will be down for maintenance/upgrade/bughunting so they don't grossly overshoot the deadline. Totally unprofessional.
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