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  1. Not applicable in safe zones, everywhere else you will just get shot instead.
  2. You do know that carebears are people who refuse to participate in PvP, right? If you're going to use a strawman, at least do your research so you don't embarrass yourself like that.
  3. That's a weird way of saying that they have failed to deliver on TWO roadmaps set YEARS apart. Even the trailers and system requirements are false, nevermind their "vision" which is just generic sci-fi "everything you would ever want from a space sim" with voxel flavour.
  4. That's if they are stupid enough to make it obvious. Instead if they want to grief someone they make it look like their victim is preventing them from accessing the ship and then said victim will get punished. Thankfully the mods just teleport ships around without a care so that point is moot for now.
  5. So assuming it will be "released" in 2022, they missed the kickstarter timeline by 4 years. How embarrassing for their investors.
  6. Having admins intervene so much just tells griefers that they can put their ships under/inside yours and then have it deleted or pushed into PvP space.
  7. Ironic coming from someone who hasn't made anything but snarky passive-aggressive remarks. Really makes you wonder what part of this game has left the alpha stage if the basis of multiplayer games aka both tradan and shootan are not even in their nascent state.
  8. Concord's point is not saving your carebear ass, it's punishing the attackers which it does. This is why you avoid making enemies who have nothing to lose, they will just keep suicide bombing you until you get bored.
  9. As opposed to? Aren't you assuming too much? I'll play when the game is playable.
  10. Of course you are, you wouldn't be talking back otherwise. Tell that to all the people reporting gamebreaking bugs, garbage performance and lack of balance.
  11. The punishment is playing DU in its current state. It's an exaggerated reply to an exaggerated extrapolation by Elrood.
  12. Because many people claimed that there will never be any wipes again and that we are stupid for thinking otherwise. To be fair even the magical blueprints are too much, usual blueprints and Lua scripts will already put you a head above the rest and anything more would be a crutch that won't help the truly incompetent.
  13. Apparently being able to craft dozens of ships everyday is completely fine but losing one of them is total annihilation and will cause people to quit DU the same day. Why do carebears even bring up risk when they do nothing but freely stockpile resources they won't use, making mining less and less profitable?
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