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  1. It's almost as if the two groups should stop trying to run each other off
  2. You're an angry little fella aren't you?
  3. Literally every PvPer in here. Note that the biggest gripe is they can't gank people right out of the starter moon.
  4. The histrionics in here are hilarious. Insane tyrants indeed, how dare the game company act like a game company! NQ is not your friend, they are not here to be leaders, or anything else but a company out to make some money.
  5. You could call him many things, but dumb isn't one of them
  6. It's a game bruh, rein in your delusions of grandeur. This kind of behavior is why we can't have nice things anymore.
  7. What I have enjoyed most about this is the tears and whining coming from the kind of people who get off on ruining the game for others but can't deal with it themselves. That said, NQ should definitely be more consistent in banning these asshats.
  8. I will probably leave and come back a few times, regardless of a wipe. I foolishly bought in for 12 months but I think I've gotten at least 40 hours of play out of it -- comparable to what I would get from a "AAA" game at that price point. My impression of the game is that it seems really neat early on, and getting into space the first time is really cool. Once the novelty wears off though, the digging and industry becomes a chore. I'm sure that being able to devote time to participating in an org would help but I usually can only pop on and switch some industry around. I'm also disappointed that the PvP primarily seems to be "crime simulator" instead of fighting.
  9. The language is pretty straightforward, and even if you try to attach it to previous bullet point about the anti cheat software, it still amounts to it being bluntly forbidden. That won't stop anybody, but it does seem pretty clear.
  10. When this eventually goes tits up, the people defending this sort of thing will be blaming carebears for the end times.
  11. When literal glitch exploits are the SOP... It really seems like DU has such a very long way to go. H1Z1 was like this. "Core" elements in, but so lacking that bugs and exploits were almost a necessary evil. Just enough "updates" to string players along for a couple years - then came the cash grab and rapid decline. I sincerely hope this game takes a different turn.
  12. Well, yeah. I don't think anyone could reasonably claim otherwise.
  13. To the original point: Because it's fun to build spaceships and there isn't much else to do. To the rest: I haven't been around very long but I do wonder where this game is headed because it seems like two different games slapped together, to me.
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