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  1. I fail to see the reason why care-bear scrubs who think they have the prettiest base in the game think a wipe will fix things. No, it will just re-enforce how they, still, will be scrubs after the top players in the game will consistently progress past them - what then, they will call for a wipe again, and again btw, I think there should be a VERY small newbie zone and NO safe zones for endgame players, period - you want to progress past T1, venture in the danger, else there is no game Quit wasting our time. -- Drexxx
  2. I never blamed any group, I just made it a point to make it harder for everyone that comes across my path, until they give me a reason to stop people and pirate them like we should be doing - they will be destroyed until we can properly hold them up to loot them is what I am saying. So have fun traveling for the time being - my post initially post has too much compacted information for your little brain to comprehend, sorry about that, Ill write it in your words now PVP BAD, NO CANT DO, NEED TO DESTROY EVERYTHING TO GET POINT ACROSS, ZUG ZUG
  3. You fail to understand we have to EVERYTHING you do and more to run a ship that is armed - but no, your a bored carebear that lives in these forums - with all the other care bears, how could you understand the cost of PvP
  4. I have nothing to do in this game than to finish the drive of driving away the rest of the people in this game by killing them in a ruthless environment - whine some more care bear, venture into open space, be prepared to lose everything, because you will - why don't you use your little brain and re-read my post
  5. There is nothing to be gained in PvP play anymore, What JC alluded to being strategic, you cant target subsystems, and anything damaged is permanently damaged (even repaired). Core a ship and its gone, for good. It cost a lot of money maintaining a PvP ship in scrap, fuel to run and there is nothing to be made here. Schematics that people are buying you CANNOT pirate, people can keep it on them and die as many times without ever fear of losing them. This has destroyed PvP - the care bears win - tired of games being destroyed by them! As that being said, I will now devote my entire DU exist
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