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  1. It is an exploit when they say it is. It is okay when they say it is. How is this so hard to understand? They are the ones to define the rules.
  2. An exploit isn't a specific function. An exploit is the use of functions in a way unintended by the designer to gain advantage. Or in this case, delete non-player game assets. Gamer psychopaths ("oh I only act like this online") are too used to applying the logic, "if I can do it, I will". As with anything thing in life, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Maybe stop and think about it instead of clamouring to justify yourself and your team with faulty logic. "BuT mUh RdMS!!" You cannot seriously believe yourselves when you think rules for players apply to game assets.
  3. Hey. I'm here for the posting approval
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