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  1. It seems to me that something is wrong with the deposit generation on the moons. I have scanned dozens of tiles on the moons of Thades and Madis that are supposed to contain Petalite and have not found a people of it. I thought that the deposit regeneration was supposed to be designed so that it would be impossible to completely deplete a body of a certain ore?
  2. If they want the markets to be used more they need to make them more accessible. It really is as simple as that. I don't believe it has much at all to do with the complexity of crafting. Most people I talk to think its a PITA already. Why not add features for delivery of market items. Maybe some sub market where you can offer a certain delivery fee for items you would like delivered and allow someone to counter the offer. I know I would use it. There are few things in the game more frustrating then getting to work on a project and finding out you need to buy something then having to take the rest of you day flying around trying to aquire the said items.
  3. My biggest issue with this type of game play is that it is so easily rewarded and lacks no real means of retribution. In RL if you did something like this there would be all kinds of retribution which is the deterrent in doing it in the first place and therefore fosters the trust that allows our society to work for the most part. In this game you can virtually be someone else and then loose that identity so you never suffer any consequences of your actions. This is a flaw in game design IMHO. You should be able to trace who did this and so you can mark them in game somehow. Maybe some kind of game registry where you can link players and alts and name changes. With Steam there are services like battlemetrics that allow you to trace players. It would be valuable to have something similar in this game.
  4. I wouldn't have a big problem with the bots if they actually were limited to selling the stuff they bought instead of selling stuff out of thin air and deleting what they are buying. I think that is going to have a major overall negative impact to the game.
  5. There needs to be something that can be done to defend bases when you are offline or there is no reason to even build bases in a pvp zone because they will be easily destroyed and won't be worth the resources or effort to build. A ship can be moved to a safe zone when you log off, a base cannot. So what will the defense mechanism be if not some type of automated turret? Well this is where it needs to be well thought out. In Empyrion there are automated turrets and offline protection. The offline protection has a delay in engaging after logging off so that it can't be exploited by logging off while under attack. It also only lasts for a certain period of being offline. This offline mechanic had its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that if any player in the faction was online you would lose all the offline protection on all your bases and if that player didn't alert anyone, that was offline, that the bases were being attacked or try to defend them themselves the bases likely wouldn't last long, however that is a penalty for not having a dedicated and organized group. Also the turrets would fire even when offline protection was on so that would allow players to deplete expensive ammo and fuel of offline bases which can the base to consume all it fuel and it would drop the offline shields. This is a good penalty for poor design. Another tactic that was used was wait until a player logs off and then deploy a bunch of decoy bullet sponges and hit it with everything you got to get it down before the offline protection had the ability to engage. Fighting bases in Empyrion can be a lot of fun as there are all kinds of tactics you can use and make up to counter the automated defenses. It would be just as fun on this game. There is a lot NQ could learn on balancing and what works and doesn't work on Empyrion. I sincerely hope that some if their team have actively played that game to learn from it.
  6. Yes you can by making a completely automated factory. You need to have a single machine dedicated to a single part for every part that is made then funnel those parts into final containers that the assemblers will use to make components. I suppose you could extend that to having an assembler for every component in the game but thats not practical.
  7. Ultimately it's the determination of the game designer on whether its an exploit or not, not the players. I will reserve my judgement to see what they do to players that are reported after the announcement. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_exploit In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers.
  8. So you are turning a whataboutism to an allornothingism?
  9. IMO the docking mechanic works so much better in Empyrion. They should just copy that and be done with it.
  10. looks like it was removed from the game... what did you craft it in?
  11. I think some of these ships are dated and doubt they would even fly properly currently.
  12. There are some really good points and perspectives here. Keeping in mind that this is new territory and the overall design of the universe is key to an enjoyable experience for everyone I would like to state a few things I have observed and learned from previous games that follow along some of the same concepts as this game. The game that this reminds me the most of is Empyrion Galactic Survival. Empyrion had, and still has, some very similar challenges to its overall design. Some design challenges I think they solved pretty well, others not so well. Similarly Empyrion was significantly focused on the pvp part of the game. Of course the most important thing to pull off for successful pvp is balance so you can keep it fair and possibly even more importantly, interesting. This is particularly challenging in a game where you don't have pre-designed mechanisms of warfare as people are excellent at finding workarounds to the ways the game was "intended" to be played and with a game that is completely open ended like this is it's virtually impossible to prevent any possible exploit creative people that play these games can think up. One of the first major issues in Empyrion pvp was the same thing we see happening on here in DU. In order to be competitive, people are just building bigger and thicker bricks because at the end of the day pvp skill takes a back seat to it being mostly a numbers game, whoever has the most blocks and guns wins. There were a couple of ways this was addressed in Empyrion, first they implemented a system to discourage this type of building with a system they called "cpu" which basically had a certain amount of points that were available for a build and each item you added has a point value. Once you pass 100% of the available points you start to see a proportional degradation to the performance of your build. The second thing they did that had a big impact was the implementation of shields. Shields used two consumables to function, one was a mineral you would mine and the other was power to recharge. These changes greatly reduced the number of bricks flying around because they simply wouldn't move because they were over the max point value so much. The shield actually allowed a ship that was not specifically designed for pvp to survive long enough to escape the pvp area and get to a pve zone. Something Empyrion could do better is with the zone design. I don't have any great ideas to offer here. This is a hard balance to maintain as well. If you give people a pathway where they can completely avoid the pvp zone it kills the pvp experience. On the other hand if you force everyone to go through pvp you are going to hurt the player base that just enjoys the building or other non-pvp aspects of the game. Empyrion has "systems" that you warp into and in some of those systems you may have all PVE areas and some all PVP and others a mixture of both. One key to the systems layout are the warp paths. They use some that are one way and some that are longer so you have to have a bigger warp drive to use them and this allows some gating to help keep things under control for balance purposes although it definitely has an impact on the game immersion. Another aspect that I really think DU could learn from Empyrion is the Creativity Mode. You could always start the game in single player and select creative mode and it would allow you everything available to build with. Then you can save your blueprint and use it in game. I don't understand why they don't implement something similar DU, it sorely needs it, it would only improve the ship designs in the game and make it more imersive. Another game this reminds me of is Satisfactory. I think DU has this aspect of the game down pretty well without overdoing it. I always thought that Empyrion made this part of the game way too easy. Don't get me wrong though there is still some big improvements that I think that can be made with this part of the game as well. Its definitely a bit sloppy in the tier design. The game physics of DU is done really well too. Punishing but doable. I know it is probably really complex to implement properly but I would love to see some level of structural integrity implemented as well. Empyrion did not do this well but it also didn't have as robust of a physics engine as DU. I could just imagine a big ship tearing itself apart by someone making the structural framework too thin and placing gigantic thrusters on it and someone doing a turn and burn too fast. I know I am probably asking too much with this though. I always wished while playing Empyrion that it had the impact on flying from the physics of the ships like DU does and it's one of the many reasons I switched over to DU. Mining in this type of game is obviously a major part and I think it's particularly important to keep it interesting. The game I believe that has done this best is Elite Dangerous. It has the perfect ratio of complexity to reward. Think core mining… Anyway I am getting off subject of the OP here so I will stop but as with any game in development you hit a point where your decisions have a major impact on the future course of the game and to me it looks like that's where Dual Universe is currently. The more successful indy games I have seen, and I play almost exclusively indy games, have all listened carefully to the feedback of their communities and made smart decisions based off that feedback. I wish Novaquark the best, I know it has to be the most challenging genre of game to be designing. Good luck!
  13. I would love to see some photos and specs!
  14. Are you including the weight of the ship itself because I am talking about only cargo?
  15. I am curious how many tons of cargo your ship can get into space with taking off from Alioth? From doing some calculations it looks to me on average the practical maximum amount of weight you can get off of Alioth with on a ship made with a medium core is going to be under 1000 tons. Now I am sure there are many ways around this like making the entire back end of your ship thrusters and putting airfoils all over your ship. I just think that the power of these devices could use some boost in specs so you can still have a ship that looks decent and have enough power to make it practical as well.
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