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  1. Problem you've got, without an official character transfer method, is that NQ will always defer account ownership to the original owner - so you build up a character for 2 years, original owner comes back, states I must've been "hacked" and gets his account back.
  2. DU tweet from April 12th "It's important to note that we did never officially announce our game's compatibility with ShadowPC. Therefore bugs are subject to occur." Link - I'm confident it will get fixed, after all its a 100% reproducible issue, all we can do is wait patiently - I do feel for those who have no alternative PC.
  3. are schematic just for the final product or all components - do we need a schematic for Pure Carbon for example?
  4. I've had this issue on numerous ships, even ones that look to have a close to perfect inertia matrix - now I just enable autoRoll and set the autoRollFactor to 8 or so to to fix the issue
  5. Shhhh, iNFiDeL still seems to be rather upset about it
  6. And on top of that, all these guys got was some honeycomb and assorted decorative items, not even any decent items - it's ridiculous!
  7. Ah got you, as I started to use the streamdeck I realised its a very personal thing anyway. And yes I do, it's what I was tasked with by my Org, Vif is just an alt in an alt corp - it was a solid 2 weeks of work I put in
  8. I was a member of the Org that was set up as a subdivision to run this factory, you get that it wasnt a random target? Also I sent you a PM about a week ago about the streamdeck in game, are you still using it?
  9. No RDMS exploit used I had full rights to containers and industry machines - they just hadnt set it up! I'm unsure what you mean by linked container exploit? I have 2km link container range, I spent a couple of days gathering up 100 odd L containers and burying them underground within link range of the factory on a tile I had claimed in my own name. After a couple of days of observing login and log out times of the org, alarms were set to get us all up at 7am BST. I was linked to one container hub of 10 L, as I filled up the hub, org mates moved the contents out into the other stacks of 10 containers and deployed more containers as needed. I dont understand what about using your link range is an exploit?
  10. Many thanks to NQ for backing us up on the official Discord server by advising the victim that they won't intervene with RDMS theft. Screengrabs of the loot available here - https://imgur.com/a/2kyi1UN
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