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  1. I like the changes, but yes that will mess up a lot of people
  2. @NQ please give us an update about the recruit a friend program. It should have been released 3 weeks ago and nothing has been communicated from NQ. - What are the problems? - When do you think it will be published? Please talk to us. Communication is key!
  3. It's all fine. I am not yelling at you. I am yelling at them.
  4. They continued doing it for days AFTER Nq already told them to stop it.
  5. I actually didn't loose anything. But I read a lot in the official discord of the reaction of people and I know that this incident made the game loosing a lot of players. It is one thing, if you go into the pvp zone and you loose everthing, because you choosed it and another thing if you think you are save in the save zone but you are not because players used clearly not intended game mechanics.
  6. PVP by choice. Stealing a ship is pvp. Pvp in the save zones is clearly an exploit.
  7. A clan that actively advertises to use bugs and exploits. And I don't mean permanently ban. Temporary would be good enough. Which numbers? And no it doen't stay in the beta. There won't be any wipe anymore. In terms of persistancy we are already after the release.
  8. But where is the punishment. Every rule from NQ is worthless if they don't enforce it. Today I heard about another incident I will post tomorrow. And again the player did not got punished even if he changed the game files. NQ doesn't punish anybody. From now on I can only suggest everbody to use each exploit and bug that is not explicitly prohibited very excessively to enforce NQ to act. And you know what, you can actually use bugs and exploits that are explicitly prohibited, because NQ will not punish you. More updates about that tomorrow.
  9. Does that mean, that NQ has to forbid each upcoming exploit and bug seperately? Bug is bug and exploit is exploit. The usage should be punished by temporary or permanent ban.
  10. Well that means let us all use bugs and exploits in the future, because who cares...
  11. It was not allowed to use bugs or exploits and it was declared that it can be punished with starting of the beta. This update of the rules was good but not nessecary for the punishment.
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