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  1. Here's how a player should find out the status of the servers: Launch the game and hit the play button. If the servers are down then it should just inform the player in that window. No discord or forums or any other method of communication should be required to get this information. The message on the game launcher should be clear and concise. No confusing or cryptic error messages or codes should be used (those can still be displayed for troubleshooting other issues). It should just say something like "The server is currently down. ETA is [time in the player's timezone]." UTC shouldn't
  2. I'm pretty certain this is a bug. Many recipes for honeycomb will request 6 times the default amount when you select one unit and then spit out six times the amount of product. You aren't losing anything on the transaction compared to creating six individual units of the product but you don't have the option to select just one. This is especially frustrating when you're trying to figure out what color some honeycomb is and running a "single" batch is going to use up a majority or all of your product. I've noticed the same thing when making certain other parts, that it would only craft
  3. I agree on 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. I'm not sure about number 3. It could be useful but might be better as a feature that could be toggled.
  4. I love all of these (except the white pattern aluminum)! Great job guys! I wish I had a screenshot to share but I haven't made anything but a factory yet.
  5. I would guess that will not ever run smoothly on lower end processors. I don't think that the game will even run smoothly on higher end processors. I think that the bottleneck is internet bandwidth and server responsiveness. As you walk thru the game it has to basically stream any changes to your computer. If you approach a player hub then it'll have to load every ship parked there. The server has to respond to every connected computer with an avatar moving around so even if you have a high end processor and a great internet connection the server just won't be able to respond to you fas
  6. A virtual scaffolding projector supposedly allows you to load a .obj file (3d modeling file) to create a hologram of the model that you can then fill in with voxels. This video contains all of the information about this that I know and it is quite vague. I can't find any tutorials on it. It isn't in the in-game codex.
  7. I have a Virtual Scaffolding Projector and I don't know where to place the obj file so that it can be loaded. Does anyone know?
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