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  1. Let it sprout organically Civilizations won't exist or sprout just because you practically force players to specialize, the reason it happens in the real world is because people NEED to, they don't want to do that in games, that they pay a subscription for nonetheless, to even presume people would is condescending to your playerbase Let the pace of the game be viable for individual players to achieve things they would normally expect to achieve by playing solo, then the civilizations would sprout up by people who decide to come together and make even greater things
  2. I really think the lack of territory warfare plays a major part, people eventually gets bored of building stuff and space PvP feels kinda pointless
  3. Realized this one wasn't constructive so deleting it and keeping it to myself for now. Just really passionate about the game but frustrated with some stuff
  4. I understand why NQ doesn't want to; Allow industry on dynamic cores - so bases / static cores have a unique use Allow pilots of a ship to control their own guns - so it doesn't turn into a game where big ships are manned by single players Simplify the crafting process - so people specialize in what they're good at And before anyone say how I'm just bad at the game, I can make ships / big ships / w/e really fast with industry or market, and I do combat, so no this is not a "game hard pls fix for me" kind of thread I really just want to see DU take off like h
  5. It's a suggestion not an edict Well I did give an example either in this thread or in another post that games which use the word combat instead of PvP has less of this division because the community perceive things differently (ex: ED VS SE), so it is my belief that it does matter
  6. Well if DU is meant to be an immersive, borderline-metaverse space game / MMO like JC / NQ envision, having the community divided between PvP and non-PvP minded people and mechanics would be an issue
  7. Literally by not calling it PvP would make the arguments and division of "PvP / not PvP" occur much less often
  8. I just think semantics matter, when people say "Do PvP" or "PvP organization" they imply non-aggressive players or non-PvP organizations don't do PvP, which is not the case, but the implications do divide the community or create a perceived division more so than how much there actually is, and NQ do tailor their developments from perceived player sentiment to some degree I just don't want DU to end up like ED where there's a completely separate path of gameplay without any PvP because of some hardcoded distinction or barrier (their solo / private group mode), essentially underminin
  9. I wrote about these a bit ago shortly after beta release, and exactly what I said gonna happen is happening right now so making a 2nd thread here and attaching a video I made about why we all should just stop calling combat PvP, seriously guys It's a misnomer, it's divisive, it's dumbing down the game
  10. We do have our own take of the death cube (see behind the fighters) and the carrier is mostly for this And how would you know whether or not it would work? o: have JC or NQ released more info about how TW mechanics is going to be like? I'd assume once atmospheric PvP is released agile, disposable fighters would be much more useful We do have industry : P If atmospheric warfare would be a thing (which I would assume so because territory warfare implies taking a territory which is based on the ground) even with the current combat system, cube wouldn
  11. Thought about doing that and did some experiments, turned out the extra complication is not worth it, not to mention the extra weight and air resistance if you want to add more structure to accomodate that c= the deck can hold more than a dozen full sized XS core ships or about a dozen plus some S core ones so that's good enough for most situation
  12. Also explained why me & my org are going the carrier / mobile sustained assault strategy here c= https://youtu.be/JDta4de2Tdo and how I think it's the best way for small-medium organizations to wage war and go against bigger organizations if you guys are interested The fighters are primarily for atmospheric base bombardment and fighting in general, while for the usual space railgun thingy (current meta) we have our own version of the usual borg cube, which is more rectangular so it fits on the deck without blocking the guns and has lower air resistance (all of the ships are atm
  13. I got stuck inside someone's L hover engine today for like 3-4 hours, and the support staff are on break, so I had to wait until someone helped me which thankfully someone did. I couldn't respawn because I got stuff with me. Just be careful of them because apparently you can run inside them and got stuck if they load late
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