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  1. If voxels were absorbing damage you'd have to rebuild your ship everytime you crash, are you sure you're ok with that? :V
  2. Remember that NQ still has to release energy management. If they are not stupid they'll use it to balance this mess. For instance L weapons might drain a lot of energy, so much that you can no longer make your L ship as agile as a fighter, sure you'll hit hard but good luck chasing an hauler who only need to feed engines. Also the idea of giving smaller cores exclusive elements is good, it helps creating roles.
  3. Mh I'm on a 5600x (nvme, 1070 and 32gb ram) and it runs almost fine. I say "almost" because on average I'm around 70/80 fps, down to ~15 when flying in atmo with my M hauler. That's why I'm begging for bigger airfoils/engines, it's the amount of atmospheric elements needed to fly that kills my framerate.
  4. If you could spawn dynamic cores (dunno if you can) you could fill the building with xs stuff and witness your target going insane removing them one by one. Maximum trolling xD
  5. And then... what? You're stuck in someone else's base :v
  6. Unless you're looking for the tiny leftover from someone who doesn't have enough OCD to clear the entire node :v
  7. What do you mean by conveyors? There are no conveyors in this game, elements are linked together via the link tool and items are magically teleported from an element to another through links.
  8. Lighting is definitely weird. Long lights act as spotlights, they project a cone of light and have no diffuse, so they illuminate what's in front of them but anything else stays dark (if you place them on a roof the roof itself remains dark, walls as well). Vertical light on the other hand project a spherical light, which is handy, but it goes through anything so you'll end up with light going everywhere (different floors, out of the base, etc).
  9. Keep in mind that those videos are often on heavily modded servers, not the base game.
  10. Like this? :V Bonus: rust is on a completely different level, it has in-game instruments, annoying your friends with them it's priceless.
  11. Well they are not meant to be used for long periods, I believe their spot it's in the small window where both space and atmos are weak due to the transition between atmospheric and space flight. You're likely gonna use them for, I dunno, 20 seconds, it make sense, probably xD Also 18mn is like 10L atmos (without talents ofc), it's a lot.
  12. Let's call it 0.23.2 and we can move on.
  13. "And Loki (Devian), he's a full-tilt diva, right? He wants flowers, he wants parades. He wants a monument built to the skies with his name plastered... Son of a...." :V
  14. *Self destruction sequence initiated*
  15. And this, my friend, is the reason why I play solo xD
  16. And that reason are (were actually) mods, sure it was cool when it came out but I wouldn't have poured thousand of hours into it if it wasn't for the brilliant work of modders.
  17. Solo here. Decided to stay solo for 2 reason: first one the group I was playing with in Minecraft/rust/SE didn't wanted to pay a sub for a beta. Second one is that can't keep up anymore with group activities due to limited time, had a bad experience with wow classic where I couldn't really join my friends in raids etc. Tried doing everything by myself and honestly it's working (although it's extremely slow).
  18. For atmo PvP I'd like to see some diversity, I don't want the meta to be only giant flying fortress, sure those deserve a spot, but fighter too, bombers too, ground vehicles (tanks, aa, artillery) too. For that to happen they should turn on obstruction for every element so that you can't hide everything inside a gold cube, this is atmo, not space, losing wings or brakes or a pulsar does matter, should matter, a lot.
  19. I was specifically looking for something that would last, I'm pretty used to sandboxes, usually you start a new game, enjoy it for a couple weeks until you have everything, quit and then come back after a few months. In the process of looking for something different/new I found this, it was still in alpha tho, once beta started I decided to give it a shot and as I'm not a teenager/student anymore I found that despite its immaturity it has the perfect pace for me.
  20. In the early days of Space Engineers there were NPC ships spanning from simple probes to big haulers and military freighters (dunno if they're still a thing tho) they would just spawn, travel in a straight line for a few minutes and then despawn. Clearly was not as good as pirates & co, but it was something and it helped break the monotony of mine-build-mine-build. Later with planets they added pirates with drones etc. We could start from there, it's not this hard.
  21. That implies that pirates are guarding the warp exits 24/7, while you only need a window of a few minutes to pass. It's basically the same argument you used against the possibility of a safe station :v Also if you're on an hauler you just need to reach atmosphere and you're basically safe as long as PvP meta pushes for space-only ships.
  22. And L wings plz Btw if that XL container is as big as 8 L containers it should holds as much as 8L while being less heavy, can't check for specs atm but it make sense imho, that's how it works for all other elements.
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