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  1. I don't think it can be translated xD It is basically the act of (cleverly) speaking nonsense to confuse the other person.
  2. If we were all italian we wound have called that a "supercazzola prematurata"
  3. This is actually funny, many ppl reported (often with screenshots) getting different percentage of extra ore, we couldn't find a good explanation on how the +% was applied on the scan result but at least we agreed we were getting more ore then the scan showed. If your test and your math are reliable the only explanation possible is that the scan results are not accurate.
  4. Look at my example above (3192l ore out of a 2624l scan, talent at lvl 3), how can those numbers relate? Imho this talent doesn't give you extra ore, it simply let you mine faster.
  5. Wth are those operations xD +5% on 4000l is 5(4000/100)=200 so 4200l total.
  6. I gave up on replacing elements, better to wait for a fix (but I'm starting to believe NQ listened too much to the guy suggesting to have an upkeep mechaninc on industries). Btw my 3d printers are all gone too 😛
  7. This is from this morning, as you can see i mined 3196l out of a 2624l node, i have mining efficiency lvl 3, so15% increase, instead it came out slightly more than 20% additional ore. I'd say that either the talent is completely bugged or the additional amount comes from a scanner miscalculation/bad approximation and the talent is simply giving you more ore per click. Btw, considering how much a miner mines this talent is still a benefit, ofc there are better talents to be taken before this.
  8. At least I'm not the only one xD Btw I have to clarify that replacing them is not the solution, I have a few machines that are still stuck after being completely replaced, some that did a few runs and got stuck again. It's probably better to wait until NQ realizes there's a problem.
  9. Update: machines keep getting stuck at 100%, even after being replaced. Something definitely happened. I'm looking at my factory atm, nothing special I believe, something like 100 machines, ~20 are stuck, who knows how many more since many are not running. The idea of replacing them every single time is slowly killing my will to hang on.
  10. In the end if was fairly simple, just remove and replace the machine... which was a huge pain since I had to remove the schematic replace the element, reset its parameters and relink everything, and there were ~20 machines stuck.
  11. So I just came back from a mining trip, unloaded the ores to be refined and started the production of a few elements, after a while I noticed half of my machines (including transfer units) were stuck to 100% and won't proceed with their task. Container aren't full so it's not a matter of space, can't be talents either couse I'm mostly dealing with T1 stuff and TU aren't involved with talents. Might be due to some king of server overload?
  12. Well, I don't remember how much +% it gives but even if it was only like 5% that means that theoretically you're saving 1 click every 20, which is a lot considering how much time we spend mining. Imho it's worth the investment. Edit: this reminded me of when we had gems on WoW: "Why should I buy that 50g gem, it only gives me 3more agi" "Because if you replace all of your gems you get +30agi, which is +x% crit +y AP which is a shit load of dps" XD
  13. Thx for the explanation, wasn't aware of those details, I don't have an agg and my knowledge is limited by what I read around/see in-game.
  14. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, afaik the tower is there to let you go up and down as you wish, but technicality you don't need it, you could just build a floating platform. I'm pretty sure there's a couple of them around my base on sanctuary. Btw floating platforms are better than towers imho, they are much easier to see and there's no risk on crashing in the "hair".
  15. I haven't received it either.
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