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  1. Pls no, dont tell me it's still there, im in the middle of moving my industry to a bigger core like 500m away, cant postpone it, yesterday evening was one of the most painful moment in DU.
  2. I have a couple questions for you fellow pvpers as I've 0 experience of pvp in DU: can you explain me how locking and shooting actually works? I mean, when you shoot, what are you actually shooting at? The core? The cockpit? Or can you choose to target a specific element? When I shoot does my projectile land exactly on the first object between my gun and his target or is there some kind of hit chance or inaccuracy involved?
  3. Apparently i solved by mining a surface rock.
  4. Again, the solution is not increasing the amount of ore, but decreasing the rate at which we consume it. If you now need 100l to make an object, make it cost 10l, or 1l, by doing so you are indirectly multiplying by a huge factor the value you can get out of those 100l. Ships engine and containers could be tweaked too to reduce your ability to carry ores around. Those 2 easy fixes would lengthen the ores lifespan while keeping your productivity intact. If you dont want to touch the planets this Is the easiest and faster solution possible, imho.
  5. Now imagine replacing all of your industry units :v Seriously this is one of the worst mechanics I've seen in a game.
  6. They could just work on numbers to balance things out, it's true that there's not enough raw ore, but it's also true that we extract and consume it too quickly. It's probably late now but if you tweak the ore required to make components, reduce engine power and container capacity, all by a huge factor, let's say 1/10, 1/20, you are indirectly multiplying the ore by 10 or 20, without touching the nodes. Suddenly that meganode you just found could last you for weeks.
  7. So I've seen people hiding wings inside their ships using megavoxel (a voxel that extend over the 1x1x1 boundaries) for aesthetic reasons, as I want to preserve the look of my ship too I'd like to try this solution. Now I'm wondering how many xs wings I might need to obtain x thrust, so by looking at the engine library i noticed that an XS wing has 1/4 of an S Wing thrust but ~1/5 of its mass, same for the M wing, the XS has 1/16 of its trust and ~1/27 of mass. Is it really that simple? Do I really need only 16 xs wings to obtain the same thrust as an M wing, and with less weight? Or am I missing sonething? Thank you
  8. Best tip I had (from youtube, cant remember the guy's name) was to start your build by placing a container and filling it with material, let's say you want a ship that carries 100t, you load that container with 100t worth of stuff, then start adding elements (engines, wings etc) until the flight assist tells you that that's enough to fly properly. At this point you have a good estimate of how many elements you'll need for your ship, and you can start the real build. It is actually easier to build knowing that you need, for instance, 6 L atmo instead of building around 4 and realizing you need 2 more but your ship is designer for 4.
  9. So I've build a transfer unit but it's basically stuck in its container, cant move it elsewhere. When I try to move it it behaves like if I want to split a stack and shows me the little window to insert the values of how many item i want to move, but shows 0/0 items, and I can't type any number. I've tried building a second, now I see 2 transfer unit in the container but still 0 when i try to move them. Wtf :v
  10. Maybe it depends on the amount of ore you are going to extract.
  11. Excuse me for the probably dumb questions, if you say "a 45° wing will create cos(45°) lift when the craft has a roll (not pitch) of 0°" it does imply that a 90° wing won't create lift at all (cos90°= 0), but then why do people use stabilizers as wings? :V Also is the stall value you find on airfoils description an angle? I mean, wings have a stall value of 55, is 55 the angle at which wings stop working?
  12. Experienced thades moons a couple of days ago, if you dont remember to relog upon arriving you end up chasing depleted veins which disappears when you try to mine them, pretty annoying.
  13. Mh, I still haven't tried weapons, but i wonder if they actually "shoot" or if they just lock on a target and it magically explodes? I guess there is no bullet travelling from you to tour target, so technically you shoud be able to shoot through voxels unless they added obstruction like they did with other elements like engines/airfoils.
  14. I'm not totally sure I want this fixed, one thing I'm really struggling with (aesthetically speaking) is dealing with airfoils, having wings on a fighter jet is ok, having them on a death star is not xD The ability to hide stuff inside the ship surely helps
  15. First thing I'd like to clarify is that imho many of you are missing the point that the starwars like dogfight is the less realistic reresentation of space fights, ever. You shouldnt take x-wing style ships as a reference because they will never be possible nor viable in a semi-realistic environement due to how movement (and weapons) works in space. That said, I agree that the current situation can be solved by locking weapon size to core size (L weapons only on L core) but I strongly believe that weapons need to be reworked in a way that every weapon has a specific role: missiles are fine but we need lasers to act as a countermeasure for missiles. Lasers should have low range but fast rate of fire. Cannons and railguns shouldnt have autoaim, ok you deal a lot of damage but good luck hitting a small and fast ship. With these tweaks you can finally get rid of xs deadly cube and create a lot of possibilities with ships's roles. There's no point in having a capital ship now if 3 xs cubes have the same firepower at 1/100th the cost. Bear in mind that cubes will always be the most efficient way to protect your core, in space. On planets it should be a completely different thing, like day and night. A cube should be no threat for an f22-raptor. They need to make planet warfare in a way that speed and maneuverability matters a lot, we need proper ballistics (bullet drop for railguns and cannons), atmosphere that negates lasers, and so on.
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