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  1. no, never got any help from NQ. I did end up figuring out a way to get around the bug, but it cost me a lot of quanta and time.
  2. Again this is not really about problems that the game itself may have. The problem is with customer support. This is a subscription based game and now a quarter of my game time i have paid for is gone without resolution of the problem. That is like buying a candy bar only to find out that someone has already eaten 1/4 of it, would you be happy? Or buying a car magazine subscription but when the magazine comes all the articles on cars are missing and all you have is a magazine filled with baby diaper adds, would you be happy? NQ either needs to hire enough staff to resolve these types of issues in a REASONABLE amount of time, or compensate the individuals with either extended game play time, or free skins, so the players to not feel cheated.
  3. 7 Days and still no response from a ticket. This has to be the worst customer service of any game i have ever played before. I have held off making a post on steam as i really want the game to be successful, but at this point i think it is important for people to realize what they are paying for. If they have a problem in the game it could be weeks before NQ will help you. So if you pay for the game you must understand that you may not be able to play or enjoy the game for extended periods.
  4. update, going on 5 days and still not response from my ticket. i have found out by other player is that static core blueprints cant be rotated on the x axis, which explains why the R button is not working to fix my problem. I dont really understand how the core got rotated in the blueprint but this problem can only be solved by NQ and they are so poorly understaffed that a ticket is taking close to a week to fix which i find totally excessive. I have been paying to play the game for the last 5 days and not been able to really do much of anything since my whole gameplay revolves around my industry which is the building i am trying to place. I am just very frustrated with the poor customer service. 1-2 days on a ticket is acceptable, any longer and it becomes unacceptable and they should be somehow compensating players for their wasted game time which they are paying for.
  5. i am an alpha player and have placed many cores. the problem is not with me not knowing how to place a core, the problem is with the poor in game help. The NQ staff no longer pays attention to the in game help channel (they used to but have now stopped). The only way to get help from a NQ employee now is to make a ticket and that takes days to respond. This is NOT good service.
  6. How do you launch a game yet provide NO in game help. I have been sitting here for 2 days unable to progress in game waiting for someone to help. I created a ticket over 2 days ago and still waiting. No NQ staff is currently watching the help channel in game anymore. They seem to ignore any pleas for help in the discord channel. I just dont get it, you know after launch there will be tons of problems that appear yet you provide no way to get help in any reliable and timely way? NQ has made many questionable decisions but to not provide basic in game help is just crazy and leads to player FRUSTRATION.
  7. for me DU is blurry, it used to be sharp and clear, but when they updated the lighting in the patch not too long ago, everything lost its sharpness and has become blurry.
  8. default only, which is fine but you should be able to select if you want to use joystick, keyboard , or mouse controls, but they have it blocked so you cant select what you prefer. All the ships are preset for keyboard control. I think it would be better if they either let us be able to select the control system we prefer, or have some of the ships they already have spawned set to the different control systems so you can select the ship that has the system you prefer using. and no one was talking about autopilot, just basic control selection
  9. so i just tried to do the challenges that are in the game. what a nightmare. So to do a challenge you just have to fly from point A to B and they provide you with a selection of 6 (or so) ships you can choose from, but all the ships use the same control system and will not let you change it. I have been flying for 2 years using one system and now they are forcing me to learn to fly with a different system. I just dont get it. If you are going to go to the trouble to have multiple ships to choose from, why on earth would you not set some of them up with different control systems so we can choose the method we are used to using?
  10. I agree, i think they are trying to do 2 things at once with these packages and would be better to separate them into 2 different things: accelerators and rewards. They can leave the current packages the same and just call them accelerators 1 2 3 that you can buy with the amount of forward subscription time. The rewards should be separate as follows: Gold you get a,b,c, x, y, z, and your account will show you have had 15 months active subscription time. So you will automatically qualify for accelerator package 3. bronze/silver you get a,b,c, and your account will show you have had 8 months of active subscription time. So you will automatically qualify for accelerator package 2. (if you want to move to accelerator package 3- you would need to buy the 7 months of subscription time) where a,b,c,x,y,z are unique items that can not be bought.
  11. I am sure they will answer all the important questions like: how many plants have been placed? how many chairs have been placed? and how many tables? you know all the things people really want to know.
  12. Couple questions i have. do we still get 5 HQ tiles or is HQ going to be removed? do we start with any TU? they are tier 5 to make so will be difficult to get after wipe?
  13. Wow, that video really demonstrates how over sized those chairs are. They look like children sitting in those Giant chairs.
  14. There is one thing that i think would be fun to add after release. So if you do the silly mini mining game it would then give you a chance (small %) that a higher tier ore will come to surface. It could just be a small amount of the higher tier. Or in the future you could also get a chance to bring up a gems which could be used to craft some sort of luxury item or needed to purchase certain items. This would at least give a good reason to do the silly game instead of just clicking past it.
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