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  1. 37 minutes ago, Knight-Sevy said:

    The failure with the population currently more than weak in the game is not to have implemented PvP at all.

    You have pvp, you can, shoot other people.

    Shittily, with bugs, no proper way of organizing and whatever issue, I don’t do pvp, but I am sure there is a giant amount of reasons why people don’t pvp more actively. You can shoot though. It is, in general, in place.

    Same thing for pve. 

    While pve saw more things removed, and pvp more things added, they are both missing major features and instead get pointless things nobody asked for, or people even specifically asked to please not add.

    So this is not an issue of "the game need more pvp", it is an issue of "the game needs a lot of things, pve and pvp". And many of the active gameplay loops and tools people suggested would help both alike anyway.

  2. 14 hours ago, Vargen said:


    Thank you @Gottchar for that insight and a good explanation!

    Then I hope NQ use the right data to group the right stuff together. And hopefully change the name accordingly so that it's easy to see in the name of the item what schematic should be used.


    And then I don't have any questions about it affect the same type of items differently.


    But what about how high or low the cost should be?

    Somehow I came up with the idea that a good number could be 10% of the average production cost for each group.

    But does it really matter??

    At this point, with no affecting talents or differences, it will just add equally to the production cost. In the same way that inflation does.

    And would it be possible to have that cost change (for example every week) depending on the average ore prices?


    And for different tiers I still don't know how the different cost should be to balance correctly.


    What about the time it takes to copy?

    I don't have a clue what's reasonable...

    It's a cap for me how self-sufficient I can be and a cap for how much the player base as a whole can produce.

    The longer it takes the more we need to rely on other players selling their copies at markets.


    Schematics for what items?

    Does no one else have an idea what items should need schematics? Or do you just not care?

    Just aks any of the industry players, we spent a lot of time on our spreadsheets and know our shit.

    Also, in regards to production cost at least, a lot of items are pretty much in fixed groups already, due the way the material cost were set up.

    intermediary part+complex parts+structural+fuctional is pretty much all elements,
    (with very few exceptions, which mostly will not require schematics in the future anymore (like encampment chairs or steel panels)
    The amount are always (with N being the size of the assembler)
    complex parts needed = 5^(n-1)
    Intermediary parts needed= 6^(n-1)
    1 structural part which needs 2*7^(n-1) liters of ore (more precisely, take the 3602L for xl, and divide by 7 and round, to get smaller size)
    and one functional which needs as many intermediary parts as the element, and 2/3 of the metal of the frame.

    and all of the parts have similary formulars

    So, erm, and if ore prices within a tier are the same, you end  up with similar numbers for a reason which you should now understand. Exception, plastic is still cheaper, so anything with more plastic (injectors or casings) will be lower then stuff without, like space engines.

    If, for example t1 is 25 quanta, t2 the same, and t3 40:


    space engine S: 2709
    atmo engine s: 2315
    fuel tank S: 2341
    adjustor m: 2315
    wing s: 2709
    stab s: 2709
    container xs: 2302
    sliding door s: 2709
    airbrake m: 2709

    Especially items of a similar "field" often have very similar schematics, so yes, easy to do. They pretty much only have to think of what percentage they roughly want, and then spit out the fixed schematic price.

    Space fuel is an equalizer for t2 ores, but it adapts slow. Without any other changes though, after some months, they all cost the same. Only "issue" is sulfur, which is not only a byproduct of some ore, especially silver. But also not used as much as other things, unless rocket engines (and their massive sulfur fuel tanks) get far more usage, which I guess NQ had planned originally.

    The bigger issue is, that the schematics add a flat fee in general, even stronger than the old ones did. Meaning there is a massive input by the devs for any price developement. Which really shouldn’t be a thing for the player driven ecomony they still want to reach some day, and even often claim to already have.

    With ore prices "clamped" due to bots, and schematic costs also being clamped, and no long term quanta investment needed, and switching out your production line even easier, prices will be more homogenous, in a dev directed way.

  3. 11 hours ago, Vargen said:

    The same schematic will be used for all elements of the same tier and size but the production cost for different elements can vary a lot. Here are some examples of Tier 1 Medium elements using the same schematic:

    You are comparing S, M and L elements which just all have M in the name.

    Replace for example the container M with container S, and the adjustor M with adjustor L, to have a proper comparison. 
    (all t1 items made in an M assembler with size M parts)

    In DU, all items which only exist in a single size have the size name of the parts and assembler they need, like warp drive L, but all parts which exist in multple sizes, like gates, containers and adjustors, just have the size letters to differentiate between them, regardless of actual size. 
    Sometimes, like with engines, it coincides.

    Edit: even to that there are exceptions, like territory units.

  4. Hey there, I took my time, so sadly this will now get a bit longer, but I try to structure this.

    Actual gameplay with the new system and a few questions about it:


    Assuming this is meant for orgs with multiple actual people in it (not alts accounts).
    IndyDude is the guy with all the talents for the machines, unless other orgmembers also have those talents (and rights) he is the guy checking any machines at intervalls to see which schematics are low and needed. He then has to communicate what is missing via discord or other outside of the game tools, as neither jobs/missions, nor the D in RDMS, not in game social tools works properly for this. Org members then make the schematics, what is still missing is bought. Hopefully the org wallet can be used for the fees. IndyDude takes thses schematics for his next check walk and refills what is needed. With current mechanics he would have to stop any running machines (even running but idle due to missing schematic) to place these.

    Just as a reminder for people who do little industry, this means walking up to every machine, activate it; click schematics (to check); click production again; stop machine; click schematics again; insert new schematics, click production again; click start, exit UI (escape);
    If you wonder why I used semi colons most times in that sentence, at those points the user has to wait for the server response, this can take some time. Anyway, all of this, you do for every single machine that needs a schematic in the future. Every few days.

    Dear @NQ-Nyota , did I get that right? I am sorry, but this is hard to put into an aphelia question.

    Is this really helpful, more fun and engaging? Also, anybody wondering how it will hit me, I have alts. So while I still have the annoying job of IndyDude above, the organising is a lot easier for me. Almost like the guy creating it was thinking "but at least it should give an advantage to people with alt-accounts.

    Yet another per account time gate mechanic


    You want to limit what a single character can do, yet when you limit things, you limit them as per account time gated. I will use this so often now, I shorten it to PATG. Talents are PATG, which is kinda alright, we got used to it. And while eve does it, mane other games don’t. The "default system" is to get talents by actually doing something. Here it is passive. Just need an account, it gets talents, passively, PATG. In other games you play a different character to experience another aspect of the game, like a different class. In DU, you just have an alt to get more passive gain, since there is little active gameplay needed.

    Mining was made PATG, I used to not mine my own ore, but now that it is PATG, I do it (I still buy, but I get my own, too). It is a once per week annoying tedium while I watch a movie to calibrate, but compared to how much time I needed to actively actually do something in the past, it is easy money. Almost like PATG and less active gameplay leads to more people doing everything a little on the side.

    Now you make industry another PATG.


    What is next, missions? Wait, they are already PATG. Were right from the start. Fun thing is the player missions are PATG, too. I would have to use alt accounts to make better use of the player mission system. It is still defunct for most purposes though.

    Which leaves, piloting, pvp, lua. Will we need limited charges for them soon, too?

    Big factories need server resources! No, shush.


    People, even when given an easier way to have a bigger factory, Hell if I sold tokens of my factory for 1 quanta, do not lead to more server stress for a simple reason, people do not produce more than needed. Even with all talents, why would my machines making, for example, container L run, if the ore is worth more than the container? The amount of things produced is the amount of things wanted/bought by players. 
    Limit factories to a size that only goes through up to 1000kl of ore per day? Any factory currently needing 5 times that will be reduced in size, and new factories will be built by other players to meet demand. Unless you try to tell me that if there are less big factories, people will magically say "well, I could make profit with thing X, because prices increased, but then I would offset the amount of server cost saved by having closed the big factories!".
    Limit of machines per account, per core? All just cause more tedium without "solving" anything. Why do people dislike large factories? Mine is out in the empty desert where it doesn’t hurt you.

    You would save more server costs by stopping to park your ships at market 6 and the exchange to "showcase" them.


    Increase of player interaction

    Is checking the market interface to buy and sell items anonymously really player interaction? 

    People will specialize!


    Even if, what about it? Current system: John, Jim, Bob all do industry, all make adjustors, wings and engines, bring them to the market and people sell them anonymously.
    New system, John makes Adjustors, Jim makes wings, Bob makes engines. They bring their goods to the market, sell them anonymously. Buyers don’t even notice. If something becomes more profitable, like engines. John lets schematics run out and invests in engines. Swapping "specialisation" gets easier with the new schematics, and specialisation is pointless anyway, I mean all buying and selling is done via a dry UI anyway.

    Some good points though


    To be fair, the new system is nicer for new players. It will also enable again the core group of people who left with .23, small pre-existing groups who set up a base someplace. Because even in an MMO, a group of 10 people should be able to have a mostly automous base, without needing to "interact" with the anonymous market all the time.

    So what do I suggest?


    If you already have to implement this feature, can you at least reduce the tedium and implement it with some QoL and maybe even fun right from the start?

    -central schematic element per building, a "schematic registry" which was already asked for when .23 was announced. A single place to check which schematics are missing, what numbers are available etc. And from which machines can draw a schematic if needed. That means orgs can just ask members to check it from time to time when their queue is empty, produce what is needed and refill the schematics that are low.
    No talents required. Just RDMS for that element to "view contents" and "put item into container".
    No daily "check each machine manually, stop and start them to refill"

    -Now that schematics are not a "lasts forever" item, you could make them occasionally be found. For:

    *finished missions (aphelia or public player made)

    *asteroid mining

    *even a tiny chance when calibrating

    *in nq spawned space wrecks



    -redo broken/inconsistent crafting material needs, tiers etc, I made a post about it.


    -Instead of heavily timegating schematic creation, combine them with activites. Speed up the queue, give "copy credits" for certain types of schematic etc, for things you track anyway, via the achievement system. space engines for high altitude flight (thin air), higher/bigger atmo engines for atmo flights (Daisy cutter), AGG for having a big ship (shipyard master), cosmetics for using a lot of cosmetics (green house).

    Or of course, any other form of active gameplay you can think of.

    And about the player interaction:
    Despite Entropy, the man who plays so much he doesn’t know what elements are in the game thinking that player markets are only a niche thing (a niche thing with all the top spots in the VR most visited list), player markets would actually mean that players go to other players.
    Crazy concept, I know, in a game where every player makes his own base anyway, there would be a reason for players to visit such other bases, and not just fly to the same old NPC building and interact with a bloody terminal and stare at the same green UI.

  5. @NQ-Rubiconplease also check the new hover and booster recipes, they need materials of a one larger size compared to basics.

    basic boosters and hovers L are essentially M items, with an M price, made in an M assembly, with a schematic that has an M price, and need an M typical time.

    t2+ boosters and hovers L are L in all the regards in above sentence.

  6. Plenty of players have created things like this. It is just hard to advertise them. 
    And even if advertised them, any prize money would have to come from the player himself.

    And even if we handed out free money for people who do their things, you can not prevent people from just taking the stuff.


    Instead of giving us the tools to do it, you now ask for ideas for NQ impemented, NQ advertised events, which you have to tools to reward? 


    Sure, do a riddle ship, like the one I made, with a little story and set up, like mine, and little riddles, like in an escape room. Like mine. Use the in game elements, like operators and pressure plates so that codes and clues can be input and checked, like I did.
    Or just exactly copy any of the other sweet riddles and escape rooms that other player made, but could not advertise, reward or make abuse-proof.

  7. 12 hours ago, Maliciouss1 said:

    vtols mate not engines in general, i had to swap out for the new adv model to lift off from a space platform

    Space only, VTOL. A ship that can take of and land vertically, but space only. The moment it is space only the VTOL part has little relevance, and in space you can move any mass with little engine power anyway. Not that much gravity to fight.

    Anyway, given how so far nobody really understood what the issue is, can you explain it again, but with more full sentences. 

    What exactly is the issue?

  8. So, wie montiert man das jetzt?


    Wir machen die gleiche Reihenfolge wie oben, aber der Einfachheit halber kommt erstmal Schritt null:

    0: Voxel. Nachdem du einen Kern (dynamisch XS oder S) gesetzt hast, setz einfach mal eine flache Schicht Voxel. Schau dass es symmetrisch ist, aber ansonsten einfach nur ein "Brett" in der Mitte, wo man alles andere ansetzen kann.

    1: Space engines. Die kommen ans Heck. Im Inventar doppelklicken zum Auswählen, grob dahin zielen wo du sie setzen magst, und dann
    mit "R" tippen grob die Orientierung hinbekommen
    "R" halten und mausrad zum drehen
    Pfeiltasten und Bildauf und Bildab zum präzise bewegen.
    Mit Maustaste setzen oder
    Mit Entertaste setzen, dann hast du direkt die Vorlage für die nächste Engine. Das hilft massiv wenn man mehrere Elemente exact in Reihe setzen will.

    2. Atmo engines, auch hinten, genau wie space engines.

    3. Hover, unters Brett, oder sonstwie seitlich, hauptsache nach unten ist Platz.

    4. Flügel. Am einfachsten ist hinten, einfach neben die Engines. die Flügel brauchen keinen Platz nach oben oder unten, nur nach hinten. Es ist völlig normal das man am Heck so aussieht, als hätte man seitlich einen Kamm montiert

    5. Bremsen, irgendwo hinklatschen. Die Atmobremsen müssen wirklich einfachnur irgendwie dabei sein, die Spacebremsen brauchen nach "oben", da wo die Pfeile sind, noch platz. Falls du mit Voxeln Wände oder eine Decke gebaut hast, dann einfach da außen dran.

    6. Adjustors, siehe im Originaltext.
    Simpel ist es mit 8 Stück.
    Einen unter der Nase, einen oben drauf.
    Einen rechts einen links an die Nase.
    Einen unter die rechte und linke Flügelspitze, einen auf die rechte und linke Flügelspitze. 
    Ich kann, problemlos, ein paar DinA4 Seiten über Adjustor schreiben. Oder einen einstündigen Stegreifvortrag halten. Spiel einfach damit rum, und frag wenn was nicht passt :D


    7. Tanks sollten irgendwo in die Mitte weil sie schwer sind. Falls das nicht mehr geht, dann wenigstens entlang der mittellinie, nicht rechts und links. space ist auch schwerer als atmo.


    8. Sitz, wo er halt passt. Mit der Einfügentaste kommst die in die Außenansicht. Es ist ziemlich unüblich in der Egoperspektive zu fliegen.



    Zusätzliche Elemente und warum ich sie verbaut habe:

    Gyro: Sorgt dafür dass man im Flug eine Anzeige hat, für Pitch und Roll, also welchen Winkel man fliegt. Ist mehr so fürs Gefühl.
    VR Station: Erlaubt dir auch wenn du grad unterwegs bist mal kurz wo was zu kucken. zB Du bist am Markt und willst Stühle oder Fenster oder so kaufen und weißt nicht wie die Aussehn oder wie groß sie sind? VR zu "Gate library" und schau sie kurz an.
    Nav Chair, einfach Beifahrerstühle. Dann kann ich wen mitnehmen, Du wirst aber erst Rechte einstellen müssen damit die auch jemand benutzen darf.
    Radar. damit ich andere Konstrukte von weiter weg sehn kann. Diese Symbole die man mit "V" ein und aus stellen kann. Falls du das periskop und die Kontaktliste nicht haben magst, einfach den Radar erst einbauen (und selber verbinden) nachdem der Sitz schon konfiguriert ist.
    Ress node. Damit ich am Schiff rauskommen kann wenn ich sterbe. Denk dran du kannst so viele aktiv haben wie du magst. und wenn dein Inventar leer ist, dann ist die "force respawn" option im Menü eine tolle Abkürzung.
    Hub verbindet alle container zu einem großen container. Die Masse der Cargo wird berechnet, also befindet sich alle in der Hub, nicht im Container.

  9. Das hier ist der Guide zum Schiff bauen, leider auf Denglish, weil ich kenn die deutschen Namen nicht.
    Der Guide ist für neue Spieler, die ihr ersten Schiff selber bauen wollen um Sanctuary/Haven zu verlassen, was ich auch stark empfehlen kann, weil es viel Spaß macht, auch wenn es frustrierend sein kann. Sich ein Schiff einfach kaufen kann jeder.
    Des weiteren kann ich wirklich hart, hart mehr ins Detail gehen, aber um es kurz und einfach zu halten, sag ich einfach ein paar Sachen eher grob, oder sogar technisch gesehn falsch. Ich schreib dann gern nochmal die Detailversion, die wird aber Kopfweh bereiten:


    1. Entscheid dich für eine Größe (und Anzahl) für die Space Engines.
    Ich werde in diesem Guide alles andere darauf beziehen. Größer bedeutet primär es dauert länger alles zu beschaffen. Du wirst dieses Schiff sowieso sehr zeitnah ersetzen, also fang einfach an.

    Ohne Gepäck reicht eine S. Falls du Gepäck hast, fang mit einer M an und rechne mit grob 1M =25 Tonnen Cargo.

    Alle in der gleichen Größe

    Ab 4 gleichgroße Elementen nimm bitte eine der größeren Größe. Allgemein merken:

    6 kleine = 1 mittlere,

    6 mittlere = 1 große und so weiter.

    Das gilt für den Rest vom Guide, wir nennen es mal die "sechsmal Regel"


    2. Atmo engines, einfach doppelt so viel wie Space. (zb Hast du 3 space S, dann willst du 6 atmo S. Aber weil du 6 hast, nimmst du die größere Größe, also 1 M)


    3: Hover, einfach doppelt so viel wie atmo engines. (falls du zB 4 atmo engine M hast, dann wären das 8 hover M, also entweder 1L+2M, oder scheiß drauf, einfach 2L)

    Immenoch dran denken, wenn die Zahl zu groß wird, größere Elemente nehmen, ich sags net nochmal.


    4. Flügel: So viele wie Atmo engines.

    Magst du das Gefühl wie du wie ein Flugzeug fliegen und landen kannst? dann gleichviele, wenn nicht, dann reicht ein halb so viel, aber dann mag ich dich nicht.
    Flügel = wing. Nicht Stabilizer oder Aileron, die stinken. (du hast 3 M Atmo engines? Dann sind das 3 M flügel, sieht doof aus, also machen wir die "mal sechs" Regel, und nehmen 9 S Flügel. Sieht auch doof aus, also nehmen wir 10, fünf pro Seite).
    Und nochmal so grob ein Drittel davon hochkant, das hilft beim Lenken. Alle Flügel immer und ausnahmslos entweder hochkant oder zur Seite, nie schräg.


    5. Bremsen:

    dreimal so viel Atmo-Bremsen wie Atmo engines

    zweimal so viel Space-Bremsen wie space engines


    6. Adjustors: Doppelt so viele wie Atmo engines. Aber bitte mit der "mal sechs"-Regel in kleinere aufsplitten und verteilen.

    Du willst:

    Nase runter, rauf, rechts, links bewegen können,
    rechte Flügel rauf und runter, links auch. Also "Rollen"
    Hier kann man am meisten rumspielen.


    7. Tanks: so viele wie nötig, aber nicht mehr. Wie groß ist deine größte Atmo engine? Dann eine Größe kleiner für den Tank. Das gleiche für space. Und dann beim Fliegen mal kucken ob du nicht mehr oder weniger nehmen willst. Die Dinger sind schwer, und Anfänger nehmen meist zu viele oder zu große.
    Du musst nichts selber verbinden, manche verkacken dabei sogar. Finger weg. Einfach nicht machen, das macht das Spiel selber sobald du in den Sitz einsteigst. Alle Hover und Atmo engines wollen an einen Atmo tank, und der kann 10 Dinger nehmen Alle Vertical booster (nimmst du nicht) und space engines wollen an den space tank, und der kann bis zu 10 dinger nehmen


    8. Sitz; Hoversitz. Frag nicht. Immer Hoversitz nehmen. Und vorm ersten Flug rechtsklicken und als Fliegersitz konfigurieren.

    Und wir montierst du das? Entweder selber fummeln, oder Kommentar unten lesen. Oder fummel erstmal selber, und lies dann den Kommentar danach.


  10. A disagree with the idea of having the only way to get high level stuff being pvp. 

    I fully get the logic that higher reward should require higher effort or higher risk, and currently higher reward and higher risk means pvp. But I would rather love to see something, anything, in pve that also has some risk or effort required.

    They already tried the "put anything of value into the pvp zone", and while t5 can still be gotten safe, it is pointless without the alien stuffs you need in addition. 

    A lot of people do not want to do pvp in DU, end of story. Shifting the game more and more and more towards pvp gave it nothing in return. It is time to give pve some love. And by love and do not mean yet another "optimisation" which limits gameplay.

    Over the past 2 years pvp was improved and pve was nerfed with almost every patch.

  11. Given the restrictions, I am not overly afraid of major lag. And as it is human curated i do not really see an exploit waiting to happen either.

    Apply via webseite, a GM takes your construct, by hand, pastes it into position, looks, nods, moves on. Any exploit there is an exploit that could also be done via placing a dynamic core at the market.


    As said elsewhere, this is the effort by mostly Nicodemus who wanted to ad a "better than nothing" low cost thing which does not take away game design and coder time, which seems to be even more rare for NQ than many other studios (where it is also always a precious commodity).


    About the DU-C thing. Think about these two:

    Marketbot sells "expo tokens". Price starts stupid high but goes down 5% every hour. (After one hour, if unsold, unlisted, relisted for 5% less than last time). 20 total are sold each 2 weeks. Owner of a expo-token can display and sell his ship at the UEF store. 10 expo-token for BPs only, 10 for full ships like current UEF ships, prices determined by seller, who also has to feed the dispenser himself.
    So now there are player sold ships, at prime locations, but those prime locations are not spammed by everybody who wants to sell something. one org could always buy all token, but that would be a expensive joke. And no org wants to be hated for making live harder for new players.




    Virtual store, upload ship schematic to VR, ship can be tested in VR by anybody and even the bp purchased (yes, in VR). Is removed after 2 weeks without sale.

  12. 4 hours ago, Kanamechan said:

    Currently there are not enought destruction of elements in the game and you want even less that now.

    Rework repair unit to use scrap and to repair items is enough

    I doubt the lack of desctruction of XS and S elements like lights, screens, cables and plants is a heavy burden on the economy. It is however the reason why many leave their ships empty, on purpose.

    I think this is a nice room on the pic. Hydroponics bay on the right, a door in the floor you can not see with supplies. Behind that is small kitchen corner. Conference table on the left, behind that the engineers stations. Cockpit in the distance with many screens for various things, cables connecting the screens with the programming bords to the radars etc outside. And so much light. All that deco costs less than a single L engine, was fun to place, and I will never take that ship to do some hauling, just because of the tiny risk of needing to repair it all for 30 minutes. And higher scrap makes no difference for many small items.




  13. First off, before even starting with this, in the past sometimes schematics were changed with major unfair consequences for people already owning or producing the item, so the following mostly make sense in case of a wipe, or when creating new items:

    Tier changes:
    These are very simple, require litte thought as they can pretty much seen as bug. Some items have an inconsisten tier, if you look at the machines needed for them and the materials used. Examples
    -Territory units

    -Rocket engine L


    Similary a no brainer like above, if one type of HC can be nanocrafted, they all should.


    I strongly think more of the simple electronics parts should be t1 and nanocraftable, this includes:

    XS lights, operators (NOT, AND, etc), counters. 
    Rename headlights to "small headlights", make them XS and t1, too. They are the only part on the starter speeder that can not be nanocrafted.

    I would also argue detection zones and VR pods should be reduced to t2.

    These are small QoL items that people should have easy access to, this doesn’t unbalance anything.

    These item cost an oddly high or surprisingly low amount compared to similar items. These are very open to discussion and I post my opions here:

    Primer: Usually if you go bigger or smaller, but stay "in the tier", the price is the same for the performance. Examples (using production prices at full talents and actual ore prices as of now, schematic prices not included in any way.)


    Normal items:

    A wing M has 4x the power of a wing S, and costs 6x as much, the wing S however is easier to place.
    A basic atmo engine L costs 6x as much as M with 6x the power, and is somewhat easier to place.

    A Gate XL is 9x as big as a gate XS and 8x the price. 

    4 glas panels S are as big as one M, 4xM are as big is one L. The prices are ~100q, 400q and 600q.

    All screens just cost the same, plants are in groups of either 100q or 600q depending on size.

    All makes kinda sense.


    And now, to the stuff that needs to have a look:


    Canopy windshield. Easiest to compare to glas panels of the exact same size, these cost far far more.

    40 000q for L, 6000q for M, 1000q for S, compared to 600q, 400q and 100q for the glas panels.


    What you are paying for is the fact that canopy, unlike panels, do not have the Z fighting (that glitchy flickering) on the edges when placed on flat surfaces, and they do not look like they are coated in grease.

    Metal canopy cost about the same as windshields. A steel panel however costs only 140q.

    How to cover a 16x16 voxel sized hole (2x2 meters):

    900 quanta with actual steel voxels (4 cubic meters, no tricks)

    1120 for 8 steel panels
    16 000 for 16 metal canopy S

    24 000 for 4 canopy M
    40 000 for 1 canopy L


    Winner is voxel, as usual, followed by the elements, and you pay more if you want to spend less time repairing.



    they all cost the same, no matter the size. A, B, C and D are not different models, the A and B are different models, C and D are the same model, but twice as long.

    They also weigh 4t each and cost 36k to make. For a decorative item with no purpose. And unlike a bonsai, or hologram L, pipes are not pretty or give instant braggin rights. Who came up with the price for pipes?


    Control units:

    Command seats can link more stuff but are much heavier, fair enough.
    EMC, programming board and remote control should have their price increased to match that of hover seat and command seat though. Something being quite cheap is usually not seen as a problem and nobody complains, but I think it would make sense.


    Type of material needed.

    These are a bit different. Just be aware this is not about realism in any way, this is about roughly balancing the types of ore needed. It is also not an issue with individual items.

    This may also be a hard read for people who do not do industry.

    All engines need reinforced frames of their tier, which means heavy metal (yeaah!), and screw of a 1 lower tier, more heavy metal (doubleyeaah!)
    Atmo also needs:

    Injectors, which means plastic of all tiers including the tier of the engines, and screw, up to one lower than the tier of the engine,

    Combustion chamber, which is mostly heavy metal and some light metal.
    This is pretty damn metal overall. 

    Space engines use conductor metals instead of plastic


    And the same is true for other ship parts that you need multiple of, hovers/boosters, containers, and maybe eventually t1-4 wings, brakes.
    I very much welcome the higher tier version of some ship parts and hope many more come, like wings, adjustors and brakes. However, while the t1 versions are still somewhat balanced, the higher tier versions are less so. 


    A move towards more "metal" parts of higher tier should therefore aim to increase the use of plastic, glas and conductor metals. 


    -Increase the need for high tech which already uses more of those 3. Like by introducing different sizes or even tiers of warp drives, adding other high tech like the AGG, this could be an "AGG light", which just generally reduced the gravity force on your ship, without need to adjust a singularity. Make your M core ship behave on Alioth like it would on Sicari, with the new Göde-drive, which needs a shit ton of Pyrite and Kolbeckite to produce.
    -Change part materials needed. eg the advanced burner from 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 (screw, screw, light metal, light metal light metal) to 1, 1, 1, 3, 3, and injector similary to need less screws, but more plastic. Magnets to use more connectors.
    -When introducing a new tiered version of an item, let’s say t2+ adjustors, change their frames into casings. 

    -More items where you can chose. Currently space fuel and scrap are the big equalizers. If one t2 ore costs drastically less for a while, people switch their space fuel and it equalizes. However only for t2. Scrap equalizes all items, but is not used in the same volume and heavily favours higher tiers anyway. Easiest thing would be to introduce more fuel schematics (and making the final product the same thing, so it mixes). It is a hard sell lore wise though. Alternative items are the most surefire way to keep stuff balanced though, keep it in mind if you ever introduce a new consumable like for an energy system.

    -Make non-vital parts of ships take no PvE damage, drastically increasing the use of screens, lights, holograms, canopy, and opening a want for more, bigger and higher tier vanity items. I want to stuff my ship with t3 M sized plants, a t4 crystal bar and a holodeck-like room with a unicorn fountain and a rainbow projector. And that doesn’t work with voxels and vert lights.



    Closing: This was a long wall of text for an addendum to another forum post. I am aware that some are a bit on the nitpicky side. I also want to mention that the currently high prices on some items mean more profit for me. So this is not coming from somebody who wishes he could afford more things, I just think canopy are stupid expensive and same-tier ore should be more same-price.

    Many of these things said could lead to nice discussions about other things, please start a new topic for those.

  14. Just like voxels, remove the enviromental damage (aka pve damage) from them. It is just silly that I have to try to keep the amount of non-flight elements down, to keep stuff repairable.


    Any chairs, cables, pipes, windows, canopy, flowers, lights, telemeter.. you get the idea, should be treated like voxel.

    And while they are at it, rethink the cost of pipes and canopy. If they were to wipe, some recipes really need to be looked at again and a wipe would be the perfect opportunity. (this is not meant as a pro wipe argument or discussion starter, just saying if they were to wipe anyway)

  15. 6 hours ago, Rokkur said:

    Don't know if anyone listed this or not, but you can no longer use the vr pods to run the daily challenge mission for 300kh.

    Actually was starting the challenge yesterday to check another bug, didnt have an issue. But V stations generally sometimes only show a fraction of destinations.

  16. Oh, forgot to point out, after last time we learnt that Entropy doesnt know there are no L wings, this time we learnt NQ was unaware players dont like memory leaks. I wonder what other things they dont do due to lack of player feedback.

    Dear NQ,
    All the bugs, we would actually rather have them fixed.
    The server issues, desynch, ships teleporting back to where they were, we would actually like to have that fixed.
    New bugs on the test server that people report, they actually report them because they do not want them to hit the real server.

    The game hugging over 30GB of ram if you have them, we would rather have that fixed.

    And there is a faint rumor, that some players may even would like to know what is going on with that wipe thing.


    Hope that clears it up, now you know.

  17. On 5/28/2022 at 1:12 AM, BlackChasmofVoid said:

    AI teacher doesn't tell you how to paste after selected with the tool

    sorry for late reply, ctrl+V for paste. Unable to test new player experience. Does the issue persist?

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