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  1. Steal Player creations and resell again without asking is for me also and all other cretors has also a mental impact. Don`t react on concerns is slap into face
  2. KHey Nyota , any update here? Or a result?
  3. Question: Its not possible to subcribe more than 12 month. How can i become purchase more gametime?
  4. In my eyes, the dynamic core (XS- L) needs an upgrade in order to be able to use the voxel construction space more flexibly. _____________________________________________________________ PROBLEMS: The problem I see in the rigid masses of the core grid. You give away most of the height that you could use more sensibly elsewhere. In the past construction phases, I always lacked space for design reasons, for the reason you had to resort to larger cores to be able to build it longer or wider. Also, I see the classic cube with constant side ratio much too inflexible at this time _____________________________________________________________ SOLUTION: A more flexible build space where you could adjust height, width, length. Without having to increase the volume. example A _____________________________________________________________ RULES: Of course one should be limited here also by volume Ratio should play a role so that you are not endlessly long structures possible
  5. I like the idea, which makes perfect sense. However, I would like to add something to that. Make the building space variable the height is usually not used due to the cube grid. Leave the build space of dynamic xs - l cores only the option to extend the core would be nice. E.g. Shiff needs only 1/3 of the classic core in height -> you stretch the build space in length / or width.
  6. I moved in First Line Vertex From Corner to Corner, to created ships, Base .. Calibrate MUs, Pickup ores and moved to Base Try to learn lua for graphicial needs Enjoy to speak with people or need help
  7. I am sure later will be sell maybe. I think they needed this plasma first for own use. So relax and wait
  8. I think SC is great looking Asset Game and hast His own Rules. IT IS Not a Sandbox Box Game WHO gamers Design the world. Created by Designer and use by Gamers. I think this is the hole difference. For me is clear SC is a big playable Tech Demo and will BE need 10-15 yeahrs for Release. I Play this Demo since more as 10 yeahrs From time to time but since i Play DU i See more Potential for DU
  9. Thank you dear NQ team for leaving a small comment. It will definitely not be an easy decision but you have received really good suggestions from the community. In principle, you would now only need to select and weigh what makes the least harm to the future of DU, old and new hares, technically necessary, etc pp. Personally, I have after all the posts and suggestions a golden middle ground together. But since none of us knows what you really need / want to do, it's hard to see through. So to be honest I'm a little frustrated to be put on the back burner here. It's hard for me to find motivation to continue with the existing projects because I don't know what's going to happen. And I think that's how a lot of people here feel about "keeping the lights on".
  10. Value NQ Team, I know that you have put a lot of thought into this and still do. On the subject of wipe should be told to you, however, that I, like many others here, so far every month here damn much time and money left to have progress. A progress that every creator here whether experienced or not for all players available to have a content. If this content is gone, new people also lose the fun of discovering or the drive to be able to work out / afford something, saying we have an empty world. No ships / buildings, no help from experienced players. It would also be a slap in the face those who have so far "left the light on for DU" and continued to believe , albeit in the old, JC vision. Content visionaries of LUA programmers are largely excluded from this. I would really seriously resent it if my created content and associated time and money is stolen from me. That would hurt me personally also really. What did I pay money for month after month and dig up ores to have construction material ? Sorry but start again from 0 I will definitely not more. I am aware that a community around a software title is evolving and will never be finished but dear NQ team and community don't throw away what you have created. At least try to grow from the failures and keep the good in the form of already created content of the COMMUNITY. Since I personally have already partially taken a stand here, I would like to use the forum here to do this further. Many pros and cons are understandable, but I must disagree in some points: If WIPE must put in my opinion a 0 tolerance policy on the legs against Exploiting / griffing . Many past advantages of the players who have become so rich are based on this and have taken advantage of it clearly.
  11. I think it would help everyone if NQ knew what the game was missing by playing it themselves with the community. The players would be helped if they now knew what they are waiting for, what perspectives are intended for the finished game, how do they want to achieve that? What of the advertising promises is still valid at the moment? Which red thread of the development is followed? To check whether the goals can be implemented. Or to declare the XY problems that are currently simple and clear. There are so many very good suggestions from the community why is there no feedback from the game design / vision team for us?
  12. Dear NQ Team , I have so far almost always understood all past changes, for logical, balance technical, etc reasons. But with the current plan to restrict the player core places so massively, I must intervene strongly. As already noted several times by fellow players, this change massively restricts. Alone by the new introduced MU system, Personal Tiles etc pp. I for my case can no longer run my found place here in the game, alone base, guest parking, showroom and constructs that are distributed would blow up the limit at times. I play since the beginning of the beta this game and am so far despite some beta unusual changes to the base game basic mechanics so far satisfied that you can let off steam so creatively. That means I haven't played any other title in that time because I had everything here. Buiitte not misunderstand but with this massive restriction keeps me honestly nothing more here. Also the creative aspect is completely lost there. All the big projects that I'm currently implementing and still planning would be for the cat. I even go so far as to say that I'm willing to pay extra for it if NQ here refrains from such massive restrictions.
  13. 100 % True, I think Game is on wrong turn. I hope NQ will not polished this game and sell . Please come back and listen to our costumer
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