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  1. What would be cool is if the next gen consoles as well as next gen console games integrated mouse and keyboard compatibility via usb. even if it meant buying a ps5/xbox keyboard and mouse, i'd be more than happy, and it would also cure that console vs pc issue for FPS games.
  2. discordauth:FFYvQWtX9Ay_H00UwHaYYX6v_aUUrN467191P7uhKrY=

  3. IT:C - 0118 999 881 999 119 725 ... 3 its better than 999
  4. Hi there Growller, I myself was an avid LM player, and there are quite a few of us in the forums. It's good to see another.
  5. looks like good progress to me, can't wait to see more.
  6. I'm afraid a Promotional campaign for landmark would do no one any good at this point, BUT so far from what I have been reading up on and seeing about this game, this may just be the replacement for that missing void. I'm going to assume that it is ok to continue posting Pics from this extinct game for inspirational purposes. Thanks for the welcome post, nice to meet you.
  7. I agree, even if it was just to initiate a change for the ship to handle the planets atmospheric conditions vs. being in space.
  8. Tools I would like to see in game: 1. Copy and paste - This is absolutely a must for big builds, building a fraction of a section and then duplicating that part several times will make builds faster, and more symmetric(if wanted), but I would also like to see more detailed copy/paste tool options. 1a. Paste with surrounding blank space - this will allow for a box select copy to add in the negative surrounding space during paste allowing for the negative space itself to delete out any voxels that might occupy that surrounding area. 1b. Paste without surrounding blank space - If you are using a box select copy sometimes you don't want to copy the surrounding area but only the actual voxels, and therefore when pasting them you can paste just the voxels into a snug occupied area of voxels. 2. Fill tool - just like in paint on a 2d surface area you can fill in an entire area with a color that stops when it hits a boundary. In a 3d environment this might be a little tricky to do with voxels but If it can be done it would help add voxels to areas that cubes are hard pressed to fit like a hollow oval or circle shape. 3. Heal tool - This will be used to return the selected area to its original configuration before it was manipulated. 4. Select - Seems simple but having extra options for the selection tool itself are also helpful, such as the ability to select specific material types or to select only the prefab assets set in the voxel construct so you can delete just the prefabs out of your build without disturbing it. 5. Shapes - this tool might have different shapes on it that are voxel versions that can be sized to grid or freely. - Other than these basic tool ideas I can imagine other fun stuff too - With the ability to make voxels move comes the ability to not just attach a cockpit to a group of them and make it all move, but the ability to make individual pieces of the voxels move as well, sure its cool to see a giant moving ship but what about having the wings on that x-wing fighter actually move correctly while in flight, or that f-14 tomcat replica have sweeping wings, and with the logic gate system that is getting implemented the options should be almost limitless, for example... you could have a activation button assigned to the cockpit that would start a sequence of logic to make the wings move while you were in the cockpit in flight or that same button could be attached to a system that remotely unlocks and opens your "garage door" to your base, and once you are in the base a button to close it. This idea is just the tip of the iceberg when you think about it for more than 5 minutes. I've seen that we have the ability to activate logic systems by just entering a designated area as seen the march devdiary with the lasers and disappearing walkways. This alone can be taken into a very deep place. - for starters how about that "garage door" idea from above, would if it just auto opened when you got to an activation area and closed once you were inside. - You could use that same system to activate defense turrets, or even a specific door to open up that allows a code activation console to be accessed. - This same activation system could be used to make a complex internal layout and movement system for a space station using separate rooms that can only be entered with special clearance levels, i.e. if you have the correct code you can type it into the door panel and it will open. I could go on and on here but I think this is a good start to get some ideas flowing at least, the combination of moving voxels mixed with a robust logic system can make for some VERY intriguing game play options. Let me know if you have any other ideas that this wall of text has triggered in your mind and maybe we can take these tools even further.
  9. While I was playing landmark I made quite a few friends and while I was building one of my scifi themed ships I met someone who was also building scifi ships and he let me know about DU so I checked it out and bookmarked it immediately. Thanks for the warm welcome guys I will keep up with the threads as much as I can and eventually find an organization to join. PS here's the ship I was working on...
  10. Just wanted to say hi, I have been following this game for quite a while and just recently bought gold. I started voxels with Minecraft, moved to Landmark and now I am waiting for the next step in the evolution. Good to see this game has come as far as it has, I can't wait to get in and make some new friends/enemies.
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