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  1. Patch 1.0.1 states "Fixed a potential exploit", was that exploit actual misused? Do you have a way to check that? And if it was misused, did you roll back the misuse? Because during the last two years during beta, NQ has fixed exploits, but never the misuse that was done with them. That resulted in the economical mess in DU that required a complete wipe. If NQ doesn't roll back exploit misuses, we'll be at the same state in another two years (another wipe)... So that's why I find such info important. Edit: Patch 1.0.3 states "Fixed an exploit.", that sounds like it was actually misused. So where the misuses rolled back as well here? What happened to the accounts that were exploiting?
  2. You need to research the Axe... 😉
  3. On day one stability was fine, but further along the week stability became an issue. Progression balance is fine (for now), which was one of my biggest worries.
  4. In my experience during beta, NQ BOT sell orders are generally 2x what (perfect) player sell orders should be.
  5. Only if I was invisible and had a big fish to smack some sense into some people... 😉 My issue with it (potentially) is that stuff is very cheap and you can build/fly all kinds of stuff, then people buy a subscription and play on the production servers and the game is "Dual Universe: Enter The Grind"...
  6. That could then be a total misrepresentation of the release game... We shall see Tuesday.
  7. That is saying that the sandbox has no content... It's up to you to build those sandcastles! No, the issue isn't that there isn't content, the issue is that doing the fun stuff (like building and flying) requires you to do a TON of mindnumbing and unfun grinding, that's pretty boring OR requires you to do boring and tedious mini games and then wait a long while...
  8. Fortnite was kicked out for implementing it's own in app payment system. On Steam you can do that in your games without issue. But if you want your users to pay through Steam, you would want to integrate it. 30% is what you pay for selling through Steam, unless you have a LOT of sales. As a developer/publisher, you can still generate an unlimited number of Steam keys you can sell through other avenues and Steam doesn't take a cut from, but the other sales avenues will take their cut. 33% price increase? 😉 $20/€20/month when?
  9. It would make the game very unfun! Realism != fun. Travel would take way too long, the planet would be mostly empty, resources wouldn't mean anything as everyone could easily get what they would want with similar distribution. If not, it would be hell scanning all those tiles.
  10. I agree, you fix a mistake and roll back the damage it did. This is NOT what NQ did for two years and that is my issue. They let the damage accumulate, let us pay and play in the mess and then destroyed it all. And this just gives them 'permission' to do it again. No matter how many nice words you use, that is not going to change how I feel about that. NQ is not an AAA company, so I give them a little more slack, just like I do with every Indie developer. But the difference here is that normally and Indie developer releases a game and you pay money to play it, you own it. If that Indie developer releases a bloody mess and then stops developing it, saying it they will fix it in their Game Name #2 and expect you to buy their new game. That is where my slack giving ends for Indie developers. This is pretty much what NQ did with DU. THEY messed up, they didn't fix it, they let us pay and now expect us to pay more and are giving themselves permission to do it all over again... Besides this issue, I also have an issue with DU itself, compared to Beta launch two years ago, the only improvements I see are on server stability, maybe performance (graphics) and some quality of life improvements. But the core gameplay mechanics have become way worse, they've become a boring grindfest. So much so that some people, that are huge fans of DU, have refused to do autominers at all (not me, I did insane amounts of automining). Others refuse to do missions for the similar reasons (it's also extremely wasteful of RL energy).
  11. @DarkHorizon You're forgetting the big bottle of anti-depressants! 😉 Seriously, no one choking on this:
  12. Your stuff might be gone, depending on how many hexes you had, no sub your stuff might still be gone. But that doesn't matter, because at launch all your stuff will be gone. You might want to check how many months of subscription you have, if you have 13+ you get a max bonus at launch. You might want to stock up on gametime before launch as that counts for those 13+ months and give you the opportunity to check out some of the changes.
  13. Oh god! Where is my barf bag? 😉 I'm going between just YOLOing it, see how it all now works and going full out with four accounts and see when I throw up my hands and walk away angry...
  14. When a nobody (niemand = nobody in Dutch) says something is easy, chances are that it is not...
  15. Then common sense must be more rare then 'talent'... 😉
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