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  1. Isn't that a form of pvp? People spend a ton of time building those large ship capture arays! If players can't retrieve the ships by themselves from the beanstalk, they'll eventually should be salvageable by the tile owner... 😉 Or is only pew-pew pvp allowed? Note: I do not own any beanstalks...
  2. I'm wondering how many expensive elements I could fit on an L core... 😉 I'm of the thinking that if you think you say something reasonable, someone in game will misuse it heavily!
  3. I suspect that this would kill the game, not only with an exodus of paying subscribers with multiple accounts that have been paying since the start of beta. Also the amount of negative press that would generate would be a killing blow to NQ. Or is that your objective?
  4. With full cargo/fuel containers? I can fit a crapton of containers (~1100 EXL containers) into an L core... And a LOT of stuff is going to fit into that. Imagine If I can start the game with 800 million liters of stuff... Even if it's just T1 ore, that's 20B quanta I can sell instantly to a NPC market buy order... Now... If I do that for 4 characters...
  5. Are you just saying things... There has not been a price increase since 2003... There has been 1 price adjustment in other currencies, and that was one adjustment (and it wasn't that big).... So where do you get 'the one before that' from? Or just just tossing out numbers again that don't mean much, if anything?
  6. Erm... I'm seeing 23.723 online right now, I've looked earlier this week and saw 26k player online (and I'm not looking at peak hours). Last Sunday the peak was at 28k+. Source: https://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility Peak was 65k+ in 2013, it's already been way lower for years. Also keep in minds that these are not unique players, these are unique accounts... If players are leaving massively, the stats don't show it that way at all. This player with a 17.5 player history is still around, because I'm not an idiot and paying $20 per month. I pay per year, buy via Markee Dragon and often via a sale. With the next Omega sale I'll be resubbing my accounts with a 2-year code. I did the same with DU, buy a year for my accounts. With current inflation in the western world, not expecting a price increase at launch is not realistic...
  7. As things stand now... A single month of subscription is €9,99. That more months of subscription is less per month, then buy a subscription. I suspect that if you buy 12 DAC at once for RL money, you'll also get a discount. But the ingame token will be more expensive then a subscription, motivating people to subscribe and paying a premium for 'p2w'. How things will stand after release.... I suspect that the subscription price might increase to €14,99 or if they really want to emulate EVE... €19,99/month... 😉 Compare that to the EVE prices of €19,99 for a single month or €270,99 for 2 years (€11,29/month) vs 500 PLEX (1 month) is €24,99 or 20.000 Plex (40 months) is €649,99 (€16,25/month). So price increase incoming! 😉
  8. I feel like I'm watching the movie Idiocracy (2006) again...
  9. We got the announcement of the 'announcement' on April the 14th, 2022. It's now May 15th, 2022. A month has gone by, and NQ has effectively not been able to come to a decision on how to wipe their game. Is this a lack in leadership (capabilities) or is this just a hail Mary were NQ wants to keep their (paying) customers as confused as possible, for as long as possible? If NQ can't come to a decision in a month, and we got confirmation two days ago that they were still 'discussing' it at the office from a YT podcast by official sources. Do you think they can come to a decision in two months? Six months? Twelve? Then how much more time until actual implementation? Meanwhile our subscriptions are being eaten by a DU that's just not persistent as was advertised. How long can such a situation last before it's completely irreversible? This is not a thread about wipe or no wipe, this is about the lack of decision making. So we're taking bets on when the actual wipe or no-wipe happens and when that decision will be made. Place your bets here! #SchrödingersDU
  10. Why not OR Space engines Or Atmo Engines and 1 appropriate fuel tank (XS). That gives atmo people a vehicle and space people a space vehicle... And not rich people a pocket rocket that can do both...
  11. Companies do... At least the 'succeed' part. Look at all the startups and companies that have virtually no income and still get more and more investors...
  12. I was brainstorming a bit about expensive factories, their costs, their exposure to eventual pvp, their location, resource supply, etc. Before the the whole potential wipe announcement I was planning on building a Warp Beacon factory, and the safest place for that was on my tile on Sanctuary (no pvp ever). I never got that far due to that potential wipe announcement (I went pretty much dormant due to that). But the recent unannounced change to Warp Beacon building (plasma from the 10 alien cores), made me think that NQ might be pushing a ton of pvp related stuff. And having factories on the starter moons producing 'end content' stuff seems extremely counter productive. I suspect that NQ will eventually realize that as well and make that change at a later time, after folks have spent billions and 100s of hours on it building on a starter moon... As you can only mine T1 and pick up T2 ores, why not limit starter moon (Sanctuary/Haven) factory production to T2 elements max. That would allow people to make basic stuff, but nothing more. If starter moon space stations will also be in a pvp free zone for perpetuity, also give those space stations the same limitations. I know that I'm shooting myself in the foot by asking for this, but I prefer shooting myself in the foot now over NQ shooting me in the knee at a later date...
  13. @blazemonger Are you sure about that 10 cores by default for players? That has changed a couple of times, it certainly wasn't the case when I last checked it... (which was before the recent patches)
  14. Yes. Will they work? Magic eightball says 'unclear', as @Msoul said, the detection system is broken as heck. I had to move everything outside of other elements on most of my ships. But some players report, move something one voxel up and back down again, fixes it in the engineering report...
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