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    vylqun got a reaction from Lethys in .Penalty Of Death.Scaling Ideas.   
    - limited cores per player != unlimited grow.
    - Any healthy economy needs wastage.
    - DU never defined itself as mainly a social game, the devs always introduce it as a game with emergent gameplay based on crafting, exploring, politica and warfare
    -  competition is an integral part of human interaction in a game and that does extend to pvp
    - without pvp DU would lose a way bigger number of players than it would gain.
    any "argument" you gave was "you just want to kill" and "not every game needs pvp", which are no arguments at all.
    But i will stop posting here now, because no matter what you write here, pvp will be an important part of du. Nothing will change that.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Lethys in .Penalty Of Death.Scaling Ideas.   
    nonsense, you keep blabbering on without any valid argument just for the sake of not agreeing. DU was planned as full pvp game (besides the ark zone) from the beginning, the sanctuary moons will be all that pure pve players recieve. Get over it.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Lethys in .Penalty Of Death.Scaling Ideas.   
    Its not a matter of loving wars or pvp, its a nessecity for the economy and gameplay. Without loss in battles we would have an endlessly increasing amount of resources/constructs leading to a cluttered universe and worthless elements/minerals.
    In my opinion crafters and builders will be way more dependent on PvP than the people who love PvP themselves, because without any loss upon death those crafters and builders will sell nearly nothing and thus won't acquire any wealth/resources to continue doing what they love: craft things.
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    vylqun reacted to Lethys in .Penalty Of Death.Scaling Ideas.   
    right now they plan on doing the following:
    - you have a resurection node (one permanent at the arkship, one "mobile" which you can place anywhere you want, possibly more when you learn skills)
    - if you die, you respawn at the nearest node
    - the node you place down needs energy to work - or fuel. So you have to make sure it's powered at all times
    - when you get killed, a RNG determines which items are destroyed and which are dropped
    - you respawn at the node, naked and with no inventory (money is safe and is not destroyed/dropped)
    - you can travel to your body to pick up the items that were dropped (in case they're still there and haven't been looted already by someone else)
    The only means to progress in DU is via skills (because it's like in EVE online: you train them via time - there's no "actively using a skill to improve it") and money (quanta). So imho a hit to skills only disencourages players to do PVP (as seen in EVE when flying T3).
    And since it's a subscription based game, you have to invest RL money to play. Over time (months and years) you can train the skills of your character via the same system EVE uses - passive training with time. People would be really upset if they invest say 400€ over 33 months (12€/month to play for example) just to get killed by some random enemy and losing their char.
    Heck, I wouldn't even bother leaving the safezone with my oldest char just to prevent death. And I would constantly make new alts to just kill random players outside the safezone to make them lose their char - just to make a point how BAD that system is.
    Penalties to death are required and good - but those should be balanced. Otherwise you just kill pvp completely because noone wants to lose skills or their (old) character. People would just use alts and noob-chars to do pvp - which would be boring to see because they could only use basic stuff. 
    I think losing your whole inventory, spawning at some RN (thus you need to get to the battlefield again), needing supplies to gear up, need a new ship to fly there again and possibly losing your other ship to the enemy is already enough as punishment.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Queejon in FPS Combat?   
    was said by the devs several times. I'm to lazy to search the forum for evidence tho.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Lethys in FPS Combat?   
    Really now?

    In the part called "scalable combat"
    nearly the whole article
    paragraph "Odds and Ends"
    I don't really want to further comment on your ability to find information, i even told you where to look!. If you don't read whole articles, at least use the text search function and look for "lock"...
    There is a big difference in having thousands of people fighting in close range and having thousands of people fighting in close range with a fps system, especially because battles in DU isn't limited to a few dozen predefined vehicles as in planetside. In planetside, if a new player joins a battle, the server just tells the clients that there is vehicle x at location y, the client then loads the locally saved files. If in DU a new player joins the battle, then the server doesn't just need to convey the location, it needs to give a complete set of informaton about a unique construct with all its elements and weapons to all clients. Thats A LOT more information than any mmo fps has to handle, and i don't even want to begin talking about handling the individual damage. So comparing other games where hundreds of players can fight in an Arena of limited size and DU is like comparing the power consumption of a high end pc and a calculator.
    No, fps normally involves projectile physics where, for example, its possible to "catch" the bullets meant for other people if you're in the way. Lock and fire means the server registers one single/construct as your target with no calculations considering a physical projectile are done, you basically shoot through other players if they move between you (except if there is a mechanic to verify line of sight)
    You can simulate pseudo fps with targeting cones etc. but we will see if they manage to do this, as thats always somehting done clientside and thus not that hard to hack.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Murmandamus in Cloaking Tech   
    we do, some are cloaked as tv sattelites while in reality they are and send just garbage^^
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    vylqun got a reaction from dw_ace_918 in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    except if you give that power to me.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Lethys in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    except if you give that power to me.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Veld in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    except if you give that power to me.
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    vylqun reacted to CoreVamore in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    No No No and NO!
    You are once again suggesting one DU based org that has more power and influence, not just in numbers, but in game mechanics, above all other orgs.... just NO!
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    vylqun got a reaction from Lethys in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    Everything needed to create your own democracy right there.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Lethys in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    sorry, but thats nonsense. Organisations will be a big part of the gameplay, and considering the devblog concerning orgs (which you probably didn't read) they are far from static and defined. They can be pretty much everything if set up correctly.
    And if you join an org. with a single leader aka Boss, then its your choice, no reason to cry about not having anythign to say. You could as well join a democratic org and take part in decisions etc.
    DU whatever you want - but don't force other people into a democratic superorganization just for your sake.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Ben Fargo in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    Sorry, but thats just idealistic nonsense. Without impact or limitations on players activities such a council has no power at all and is therefore a useless instrument solely usable for rp.
    If it has consequences ingame then it is a artificial system that imposes its rules upon players and limits actions and there is not supposed to be a mechanic like that in DU.
    So either it doesn't conform with the idea of DU or its useless, in both cases there is no need for it. 
    As i already said, if you want such a government, create the organization and try to make everyone join, but setting it up as game mechanic? Far to limiting and stiff.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Bambino in Politics, Government and Player Voting Power   
    well, of all the possible systems of government you chose the democracy and deny the existence of other forms, isn't that in itself pretty limiting? Besides, its a bit arrogant to think that democracy is the only way to go for an advanced civilization, democracy is a pretty limited system, it only really works in idealistic environments where every person is well informed about political, economical etc. issues. Otherwise it devolves into inefficient structures lead by persons without excellence which only serve to limit the development of a state.
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    vylqun got a reaction from Alsan Teamaro in Sociological survey: what's your main focus of fun in DU?   
    mostly research and pvp coupled with the necessary building for pvp, i'm to lazy to find a group of ppl to play with, so i'll most liekly try to get the most automatized ship possible^^
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    vylqun got a reaction from Ben Fargo in DU Combat System   
    In regards to the topics discussing about cloaking and radar tech (links below)  we might want to discuss how DU PvP itself will most likely look like first.
    We know that DU won't be ego-shooter style but also not lock and forget, so how will it work?
    DU aims to be a realistic scifi mmorpg, that means the combar system should also be somewhat realistic and i want to discuss about one of the (in my subjective opinion) most probable systems.
    1. Getting the targets coordinates
    Getting the targets coordinates would involve the much discussed sensors (mass, heat, radar etc.) as well as visual detection by the player himself. Those coordinates would have to be locked with the targeting system. At the same time that means that every weapons targeting system needs to be connected in a way to sensor arrays, we know NQ doesnt want us to have a central control for all weapons, so we probably would have to specialize some weapons due to their scanning systems (balistic low caliber weapons versus dogfighters would probably need a short range heat/Energy sensor, long range artillery for fighting big targets would be better with mass type sensors etc.).
    2. Firing
    If the target is locked by the sensors the targeting system recieves the targets velocity vector. If we assume that weapons have the properties Velocity, DispersionAthmosphere, DispersionSpace, Duration and Area of effect additional to the normal attack properties like Damage, Piercing or whatever, then the targeting system would calculate a path depending on the velocity vector of the target and the velocity of the weaponattack to the estimated point of intersection, then it would check if the path is clear from obstacles and initate fire. Players should have the ability to modify the path if they wish to (direction, distance). The range of the attack is defined by the dispersion stat (for example after the Power/mm reduced to a tenth the attack counts as ineffective) If the calculated point is within the range a damage zone defined by the area of effect property is created after the necessary time defined by the distance ot the target and the attack-velocity passed and the duration of the attack.
    3. Hitting
    If the target is within the damage Zone its damaged depending on the weapons attack properties and its own defense properties. Additionally ships would have a Sensor which detects incoming attacks and warns the pilot, thus giving him the opportunity to try to avoid the damage zone by de-/accelerating or turning. 
    4. Consequences
    This system has several advantages, due to the possiblity to adjust the attack path and evasive actions it enables intense close range dogfights and at the same time it works very well for the employment of strategic long range weaponry without illogical consequences. The turning speed and acceleration as well as the size of ships becomes quite important which would positively influence the quality of shipdesign. It shouldn't be to hard on the server as it doesnt require checking if an attack hit a certain target, it defines damage zones on the server which last for a certain time and the hitcheck only involves checking if a ship entered the damage zone or not.
    The disadvantages are that slow weapons might travel through obstacles which moved into the patch after they were fired, but maybe the system could define several damage zones along the way for slow weapons.
    5. Role of radars and cloaking
    The role of radars is obviously very important in this system, as they directly influence how well the targeting system works. A low quality of radars/damaged elements could introduce an increasing error in the calculation of the attack path, equally the employent of disruptive elements (due to spys or weaponry) could also strongly increase the error, thus leading to more strategic options in warfare. Cloaking on the other hand wouldn't only include elements that directly reduce a certain signal, be it mass or heat or similar, they could also include elements that strongly increases signals. If a small ship has the mass signature of a ver big vessel it might lead to the opposing ship using its expensive heavy artillery, wasting it, or a fake heat signal could lead to fast mid range weaponry miss the target because it calculated the wrong path. Radars and cloaking wouldn't be a paper, rock and scissors system but rather a strategically relevant, non random, decision.
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    vylqun reacted to Zamarus in The right to be evil   
    I think it's interesting to note that after all these observations you've had you narrow everyone who is for the open pvp to hardcore PvPers. I don't think that's fair at all. I'm also pretty sure Lethys has a way more casual approach to PvP than others in ways. And i'm sure there's going to be people who enjoy the high risk environment because of the excitement of danger and the fact that there's plenty of reward for playing smart. Hell all it would take for a risk-averse player that still wants in on the resources outside the safezone would be to dig a hole in the ground and cover it up, chances would be small that a pack of bandits would run into you that way, even though those chancers were probably low from the start.
    Also here we go again with the "we don't know anything so lets just wait and see". 
    Stop attempting to shut down discussion because they don't go the way you like them, people are completely free to speculate, pitch ideas against each other and plan all they want. 
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    vylqun got a reaction from blazemonger in The right to be evil   
    then you didnt really understand the context of the last few posts, it was related to blazemongers suggestion about killrights.
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    vylqun got a reaction from AzureSkye in How can we discuss risky topics - carefully or not at all?   
    You can discuss everything in the internet as long as you stay with facts and don't get offended if someone has a different opinion. Having to moderate discussions about any topic, as controversial as it might be, shows only that either the community members are unable to control their emotions and have a proper argument or that the moderators suffer from the "I'm offended because others might regard the topic as offensive"-syndrome. No topic by itself is offensive!
    If you want to test if a community is able to have proper arguments just ask them to list some positive points about something they most likely hate, be it a different religion, the third reich, genocide, communism or whatever. If they can give several positive arguments despite being absolutely against it then you can proper discussions about most topics. If you get answers like "nothing is good about that" or "you can't talk about that" then you're in presence of people who are unable to be reasonable and you should probably try not to be to engaged in that community.
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    vylqun reacted to AzureSkye in Visible IDs on Community Site   
    We really should have an account system that mimics the game. You have a Master Account that you log into, and then you can post as each Character or as the Player. 
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    vylqun got a reaction from Lethys in The right to be evil   
    maybe, but there still is a chance, and dedicated headhunters can camp their bases to wait till they leave or try to construct stuff. Otherwise its absolutely impossible to do anything to them as long as they are in those zones. turtling in a base or just being restricted to the arkship and sanctuary moons is a big difference.
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    vylqun reacted to Zamarus in The right to be evil   
    It appears to me that DU is exactly a fantasy land where you can build air castles
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    vylqun got a reaction from Zamarus in The right to be evil   
    that sounds so desperate...
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    vylqun reacted to Zamarus in The right to be evil   
    I thought the point of having a forum pre launch is for people to speculate, discuss ideas and getting to know each other.
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