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  1. yepp why using a fixed system if the players will create gate hubs anyway? they will basicly work like the dialing system you just swap the gate. the gates will be expensive but in the end someone will setup something like this because its way more efficient.
  2. i think a two front conflict with an space and stargate attack could be a nice scenario too. they can prevent that with making the gates really really expensive. well you could shutdown the gate like in the series "Stargate SG-1" - they use wormholes too. looks like they have already a concept which is the fixed system i guess but a concept is just a concept. they have to see how effective both systems are. one of the things i dont understand is that this fixed gate system doesnt really fit in novaquarks "fairness" policy(like with the restricted mass production or the need for players to control large weapons). if an org has a stargate connection they have a BIG advantage in terms of trading, farming and expanding. other orgs may have no chance. you re able to destroy or capture carriers with goods but i see no way to stop gate-trading of other orgs. a public dial system would ensure this fairness. the player still has to build the gate but its connected to the gate-network and everyone can dial. with this advantage comes a risk obviously. if you travel to a planet without law and order (or any other scenario) its your problem. to make it risky to run a gate i would say that everyone can see the coordinates of that gate (for the dial system, its connected to a network) so there is no free use of the gate without attacks or something else. with dialing you would be able to "block" another gate but i think there is a way to avoid that. like shutting down the wormhole from the destination gate. EDIT: Keep calm guys...
  3. indeed a wormhole does only connect two locations but if you can turn on/off your stargate then you should also be able to change the destination.
  4. first of all i made this post to make a representation of what the community thinks and not what will be the case in the later game. i know that they already have a concept but i just want you guys to discuss. For me i would be ok if we have some kind of mixture. maybe they can change the restriction of only 2 gate-connections so you can add others to some kind of "network" but its not public so others cant "dial" or use it. youre still able to setup your personal gate-to-gate connection without public access.
  5. indeed but if the gates are public (everyone can dial them) who has the right to block the incoming gate? the owner? who is the owner? or its just a risk to run the through the gate.
  6. What do you think? Dialing: Pros: -trading and politics are easier -makes it easier to travel as a newcomer (no advantages for others, same chances) -saves real-life time Cons: -defense is much harder (without shield) -could block other gates Fixed: Pros: -defense is much easier -private Cons: -waste of resources Choose yourself! More ideas?
  7. We have created a pre alpha channel on our discord to communicate at any time. The channel is restricted to gold founders. I guess the NDA will say to give no information to others who have no access to the pre alpha so i think it will be legit. How do you guys handle it?
  8. similar to the garrys mod screen addon. you can watch videos and streams. i guess its loaded locally but its synchronized with other players.
  9. nice to hear that stargates will be an important technology!
  10. Hey guys, I have a little problem. I want to change the organization logo because of the new organization guidelines. The problem is whenever I try so save the new logo it says "server error (500)". Can someone help me out? Is there a trick? I dont really want our org deleted because of a bug. It kind of changes the logo for phone (iOS) users but it keeps the same logo for other devices. Thx Flow
  11. yea thats actually how atlantis works. you only need the thrusters for the atmosphere. the jumpdrive does the rest. gyroscopes (if they exist) and maneuvering thrusters will help to bring atlantis into the right position to initiate the atmosphere entry. there is much space under city to place the big thruster (obviously it takes a massive amount due to its size). this project is actually more realistic than the death star.
  12. Well we will try it out. Atlantis is "only" 1,25 km diameter. It will be easier than the death star. It shouldnt be bigger than the trailer space station.
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