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  1. I still don't have it Sanctuary Territory unit when will it be done
  2. Start with a ticket or ask for an NQ mod in the game. What a ticket. What's in NQ mode
  3. I found myself in space. Around no planet. And respam I did. after that everything was gone from the inventory. I want to recover the Sanctuary Territory unit. How can I do that.
  4. Maybe you can restart my account
  5. Where is download game for silver members
  6. I return beta still is no released. Yes i know this is bad for all silver customers. We waiting. Who lose patience and became angry can deklarate ultimatum to developers team and trowing torte to them face or tyf clocks :D
  7. no 2018 no it long time to waiting i by to old then :D
  8. I got iron package bot don't find way from where install the game?
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