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  1. Wish they would send an email out rather than just news forum posts...
  2. It seems the regular TUs can be used for city sized areas. Not as restricted like the smaller bubbles are with what you can do. The small bubbles seem like something to be placed when you log out for the night, place it on your ship, let it float, log back in tomorrow to find someone put your shield into the timer. No harm, hopfully they arnt waiting just outside the bubble. Start her up, put down the bubble and be on your way.
  3. What if a laesanga is only made up of the edges? what would it taste like?
  4. Mega Fluffy Bunnies should be the forum title for anyone under 100 posts, embarrass them into posting more.
  5. I know that my org will have a way to control traffic flow within our TCU areas. So as long as people follow the paths set out, then it wont be too bad traffic flow wise. Now in common areas I am sure there will be chaos untill someone makes a roadway and we see if those hover cars follow the road instead of going every which way. people will figure it out. i dont think it will be too bad. We could even build a wall area the inner city so hover cars cant drive through it and you have to walk into the area. Flying ships will most likely have landing pads on top of buildings to keep the ground f
  6. By having reentry graphics alone, it makes me very pleased to see i backed the right game.
  7. Twerk, are you retired? Cuz you sure spend a lot of time posting well thought out topics. I cant imagine having time for work with amount of effort you put into your posts haha.
  8. But what if people build Gargantea type ships? Hell lot of civilians on board and the children...THE CHILDREN!
  9. Well if the Captain or engineer dont need to be at their post, then they can lend a hand at firing more of the guns. Situational awareness is important though. Have to see what they implement. I still feel like large multi crew ships are going to be pretty rare. 3-5 crew ships will be the norm, and fighters will be the most prevalent. Will carriers be a thing? oh yeah, but will that carrier have a whole bung of weapons on it too? maybe not with everyone wanting a bit of the action. Battleships i think will be the most rare since they actually need a larger crew to keep systems and weapons work
  10. What a lovely idea. Knock people out. Do you love the thief who kills all your guards, or hate the thief that knocks them all out?
  11. Starmade makes you die from damage getting too close. I kind of like that. Makes fighting close to the damaging edge of a star really tricky for fighters and other ships.
  12. Begins plans for how to blow up the building....
  13. I really doubt it. Because once a troll org like that gets found out, everyone will stop working and talking to them. They may open up a new troll org so people have to learn again, but player names, and alts will be found out and villainised
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