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  1. oooh i have alot of litle inperfections all the time , funny thing is if you move the shape and paste it somewhere els on the build area there gone, its weird
  2. place to be to check ellements is gottshar his place he got evryting set up verry usefull think his vr is gottmarkt or something he also streams on twitch if you have questions
  3. player market alla Star wars galaxies ooh yeah baby pls give it
  4. i fly a plastik ship around , never bin shot , i go pee when i whant , just be smarter in your travels m8 i go where i whant to go and never seen anyone , but if you go straight from a to b then i understand you , dont do that , oke wil take bit longer but i take the long trip safe over short and getting ganked, , i know some day my luck will be gone , i always think today i can lose my ship, but then i build a other one and make a other route and see how long it takes againe to get shot, i never lost a ship or gargo , you get where ever you whant to be with only a bit of smarter traveling , strong ship wont keep you alive if you fly it like a headless chicken
  5. nq lways told us the moment planetary pvp came in the 2su safe zone will be gone ,normally there whasnt even a safe zone to start with only sancuary would be a place to be safe
  6. they looked in to the glass honeycomb already and it wont be added soon becose all kinds of stuff maybe someday , canopy glass for now m8 would be nice if they added hex shape's ect so whe can build domes and other shapes, maybe give them a rework so they got used by more people i dont know , i like them only need more diffrent shapes ,glass panel colour tint would be nice also would be nice on canopy to , like the snapping to edge of shape to, now its a pain to use glas panels or any other elements you like to have next to a border of voxels lol even if you make half part of some engine pod mirror it wont help you becose the arnt nicely center
  7. hello all i'm building a L core ship but after i go out of the build mode i get these ugly line's in my shape, is there a way to get them away ??
  8. come to mine if you whant, search for habitat 49 and jump down L core libery
  9. got one working till 1072m and 2 gates close at the top underneed it so i can turn it off , only thing i have is the space between moving part and shaft its so big and if i try to get it smaller all problems start ,anyone know how to get that gap smaller?? moving part to shaft.
  10. make a sphere, then select a smaller sphere and hold alt ,then move it with arrow keys insite your sphere and mouse click oh and you dont need to hold alt till the end the momment you move the smaler sphere with arrow keys you can release alt
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