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  1. I'll be honest, had horrible lag at markets, switched over to a Ryzen 5 , seemingly, the whole thing really sped up. Moved the cache onto a USB3 flash-drive as well. Note sure which had a good boost. Though the CPU changed really did smooth things out. I was on a FX 8350, the voxel tech really does get a boost moving up in CPU's.
  2. Welcome, were all a bunch of creative, awry, nut-jobs, but I'm sure you will love us none the less! Looking forward to seeing you work and hopefully help grow our crazy community! :3
  3. Or add a open globe on hud for, your going straight at it to a closed circle stating it's over that horizon there. Yeah, would be nice, ended up on the wrong side of alioth coming in from that lol.
  4. Was thinking about it, but when you have a setup, with mass fabrications on it. Wouldn't it be nice to just have a controller that acted like a hub, but just "Told" those industries what to make all at once? You have an automatic setup to keep x supplied, you use ALOT of x. Attach 10 MW/3D/ETC to it, and now you can save a little time and control a mass of machines for single high throughput industry. The machines all devote their OUTPUT slot to that controller though, and it will act as a direct link to a container for all 10 industries as well. Now this favors mostly larger orgs or ppl who setup a MASS production of something for sale. Takes time and investment on the player/ORGs part as well.
  5. I see ALOT of LUA going into this setup lol
  6. +10000, at least for dynamic constructs as an option, please. Be great to get into a fighter ship and really feel like your piloting. Emulated mouse is just not the same lol.
  7. Could just slow zoom into the planet while loading instead.
  8. Y'know, sounds like a good idea, though how do we control it, there has to be some way to say that X core/tavern cannot be any nearer than like X core to keep people from chaining them together. It would have to be only within the buildable region as well. Though I do 2nd an option like that, it would move some traffic away from things. Maybe have a designation you can set for only 1 construct to be home and have it boost your xp gain. Though this would incentivise more cautious pvp play as well, not like it's broken or anything. At least that way the construct you spend the most time in would be useful. Or even make it ORG based, for a "Main" construct.
  9. I want some triangles for make a cockpit correctly without voxeles obscuring the outside :3
  10. Hazard0814

    Moveable Parts

    So an engine that acts like those from a harrier? I like the idea, fewer engines though, this would have to be a T3+ justt due to mechanics, I like it.
  11. Genthro, like the idea there. Basically... -Here's what's in the game, then boot them into nowhere and say have fun lol.
  12. Honestly I think it's the number of concurrent processes going on, which will eventually create an issue later on, the server itself may end up having to be rewritten to deal with it eventually, which may eventually create a wipe. I think they should come up with an idea to stress a test server with duplicates of the same processes going on x10 to create slack on the server side.
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