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  1. Can we pretty please get the ability to store books marks into folders etc for organizational purposes O_O, and maybe even have preset filters for them as well.
  2. All im going to say is you can literally fit minigames into resource gathering, research for new schematics, etc and make the game more engaging.
  3. Docking computer, that brings up a list of saved locations to navigate to. Manual/automatic, auto brings you in hands free and manual shows a docking column of rings for you to get into and drop on your own.
  4. Thought we had enough carebear space like in eve, they have that "Sphere/region" of no pvp like we have already. Is it not big enough? I remember torping miners with friends, stuff was fun, that and pvp roaming. Tons of space to cover/avoid things in here. Just wish we could set nav points in space via the map interface.
  5. I agree with you, we've played with the toys, we've learned how to voxelmance. Skill points though, that's time and money and patience, I expect to AT LEAST keep that. We can rebuild and gather, even if it takes a little, that's not a problem, it's the waiting for skills to be learned that would turn me off from coming back fully. Keeping core BPs sounds like a good idea to, gives players that have been here a goal to achieve again.
  6. Likely would increase character data bloat to, if anything, would be better to make industrial components needed aside from making end production items. Maybe even replace/repurpose scrap to work on voxel damage only and require components to repair final production items. Add wear and tear to a reasonable degree to all item, industrial AND ship. Imagine needing to buy some hydraulic components because that's what's needed to repair a damaged thruster etc.
  7. Add EVE Cyno with large range. I can see PVP camps all over again between planets.
  8. Could just add a whole other system that modifies base stats of items that doesn't require placement skills. Such as an item slot setup *cough* like eve, but rather than offering up raw stats, it creates multipliers that work on the construct itself. Said object would be placed into the Core *New UI*? Alot of things could be done along these lines for multiple instances of the game. Even making modifier parts that wear and tear that are attachable to engines. You can go on and on with the system, the fun part is balancing it out.
  9. Just thought I would put this out there! Would be great to be able to test new/redesigned ships on PTS and HAVE the BP for when XY changes go into live. Something small, but may increase the participation rate.
  10. I have a question for everyone on PTS, if setting your skills to 0 for mining, how much can you mine in an hour?
  11. I'm honestly shooting NPCs for Dogfighting combat that I want back on http://jumpgate-tri.org/, maybe NQ can play some themselves. Game was great until the studio folded >_< This stuff they have, ugh, annoying as heck. I'd love to see NQ introduct some ECM for miners to go "Na-na!" to pirates etc. Annoy enough groups like that and they'll want your booty... ahem... cargo.
  12. From the looks of it, alot of change is coming even after this. With the "normal" mining going away, players are going to be incentivized to spend they're time elsewhere. Likely this is hinting at other things going on behind the scenes they haven't spoken about yet. Swapping mining into a bit of automation is both a monetary issue with DBs and also a way to try and coax players to move away from mining for 3-9hrs. Personally, I like the idea. It means I can spend less time mining and focus more on building, which eventually may be rebuilding -.o The idea of wiping to reset quanta is actually kind of funny. Large Scale ORGs would still be quanta machines, simply because they have that good ol'fashioned "Manpower" to flex when necessary. If anything, a wipe would hurt solo players more than any ORG. Also ORG groups would look at projects and simply become more active to support the designers and sellers inside their ORGs. I like to play on the rock im on from time to time, and to be honest, having to start over would royally peeve me off. What's really going to be funny, is when ATMO combat kicks in, and people cry when they get shot by a commando while they're scanning or some other activity. Yes, there's a Safe-Zone, hide there. Yes, I am a jerk, I know this already. NQ has stated before, the tech they're using is literally a prototype through and through. I can't imagine how many cigarettes and rockstars these poor saps run on from day to day trying to make their "Wonder" server system work. Taxes, why worry about it? Yes, they want people to be active, if your not active, you don't get to keep your goodies. I can't imagine them making it something you can't walk away from for a few days, that makes it a chore not a game at that point ( I pray someone in the design group remembers this ) Also, I'm assuming with removal of conventional mining, asteroids may be changed as well O_o, I would highly suggest refunding or giving a Skillpoint allowance to all players to get people up and running and not rock the market to hard. Can we get AVA combat already? I want to board ships and shoot the captain in the bum and call him Forrest. I am now done talking from my buttocks like Ace Ventura, please proceed to flame/ridicule my post so I can smile at your responses. You'll make my workday that much more enjoyable. NQ, pardon me for my extreme sarcasm and satire. For all others, fly safe, mine well, o7
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