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  1. diceauth:9005a839c9f18dc8f92ef5e3bceeda15ec59143ff1a32f1c661eac71ff284f52

  2. The intention here is not to set up some one "in charge", but to create public awareness. The "in charge" bit would reside in setting the tests. No single person has the knowledge and skill to set them all. It will have to be a collaborative effort. If practical it should also be an open an public process. Obviously there will have to be some kind of evaluation against the set criteria. Doing this by comity should keep the "in charge"ness of any individual to a minimum. The internal workings of such a guild would have to revolve around demonstrated skills, willingness and ability to evaluate the work of others. Note that there is no "code of conduct" or rules for how you need to do your thing. You simply demonstrate that you can do a certain thing and you get your name on a list. It is not entirely clear what RL skills will translate into skills needed in game yet. We can guess the following: CAD/3D Modelling (to use the tools well) Drafting in general (to turn an idea into a construct) Engineering (mechanical, for the physics engine) Coding (LUA in particular, but others in general) Architecture Design others.... And just because I can code, does not mean I will automatically code well in game. That has to be established in the game itself. You are referring to public constructs. If I were to build a secret base for some one on an asteroid, by its very nature others will not know about it. I suspect there might be a fair bit of this happening in DU. On the other extreme, if I am lucky enough to build something very public in a high traffic area, I am bound to be noticed, despite the quality of my work. If I design and build a super cruiser for the Pirates of Doom or the Righteous Fist of Law there is a reputation attached to that which I might want to avoid in public.
  3. This is of course another model. Just have a registry of projects and who did what on that project. This would work well for large public projects. Roles here would include: Designer Primary construction Detail construction Scripting Managing etc... The tricky bit here is that it is likely that some projects will be secret so it will be hard to judge by others. It will also probably not include "small" projects like building a hovercraft or an orbital launch vehicle. This might be fine, given that you are more likely to hire a stranger for a large project than a small one.
  4. The bit I am proposing does not include the education system. Just the competency testing. The "Education system" will start with the in game tutorials and then probably continue with tutorials published elsewhere (YouTube etc).
  5. So I was wondering if the following would be something people would be interested in: What: A competency certification for the various building disciplines. Why: DU is giving a LOT of space for player creativity. This will mean that the 80/20 rule will be in strong evidence. Every one CAN build, but not every one can build WELL. If you cant build and you are looking for some one to build for you, it would be nice to have some prior knowledge of what they can do. Auditions are not practical, especially if it involves expensive materials. How: You take a competency test with a guild representative. The test will give a set of parameters to build to. The construct is judged according to a determined schedule. The result is a pass or fail. A pass is recorded in the guild for that person. A fail is only recorded with a date to allow some time to pass before a new attempt is made. Difficulty levels have to be completed in order. For instance, you have to complete basic hovercraft building, before you can attempt racer building. If the person you wish to engage for a construction is registered with the guild, you know that they have completed a project to the stated specification satisfactorily at least once.
  6. So I am wondering how to approach this idea. I have a construct that is running a script. The construct has 20 doors. The script wants to open or close each of the doors individually. A relay is not appropriate, because I don't know before hand which of the doors will be open or closed, so I can't do fixed wiring. I have not been able to confirm if a Control Unit will be able to handle 20+ Out Plugs from one unit or script. There seems to be a limit of 1 to other Emitting Elements. Any one have any other insights on this? I am using the published dev blogs etc as reference here. Can't wait for pre-alpha to start so I can toy around with this
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