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  1. *cough* Utopia Station *cough* edit: For reference, Utopia Station is about 1SU from the centre of the safezone. We've been there for over a year. It would have been great if this was a player element that could be attached to existing, long-standing, trade outposts.
  2. Exactly this. We call them 'Safety Net Cores'. Essentially Dynamic L cores placed so the origin of the core is in the center of a landing bay. Move the core element out of sight and you're done. Now, to actually dock to another ship within the 'dock area' of the bay, you need to get your child ship REAL close to dock it. It mostly prevents docking accidents.
  3. This is a completely enclosed room.. where is that light coming from?
  4. The new ambient light is a terrible idea. We've lost any ability to create 'dark' areas. The 'dark seedy understation' on Utopia is now just an overexposed nightmare. It looks like Todd Howard showed up, told everyone that the dark is scary and now we've just got this permanent dusk at night. Areas that are completely hidden from the sun are no longer dark. No doubt this has ruined countless builds. If you're having trouble with light on planets or underground, fine.. but why bork up the shadows on constructs? Quite honestly, the lighting on the constructs was the best in the game, and now it's just Fortnite. Space is dark.. that's the thing about the absence of light.... it's dark.
  5. This was great, will we be getting any more of these?
  6. That's Kaimorta's wedge. It's in a slice of the station we call the Kai Pai
  7. I couldn't agree more. But they need to be implemented carefully. Just letting everyone create a market open to all like VR stations would be a mistake. They should be something that requires a real drive to deploy, like warp beacons perhaps.
  8. ----------WELCOME TO UTOPIA STATION---------- -----brought to you by the Utopia Spacing Guild----- The future of humankind is in the stars, and we present to you the first of many steps to broaden the horizons of all Noveans. The first of it's kind, a 2.6 kilometre long space station right in the middle of the safe zone. Less than 80SU from Alioth, Madis and Thades, this new commercial hub offers free access to the station's Warp Beacon and the future USG Warp Network. Phase 1: The Ring, offers 4 KM of space over 192 medium space cores, ideal for shops, display rooms, factories, storage and offices. Core rentals start from just 1,000,000h a month, equivalent to just 1 week of NQ pocket money. (below prices are incorrect) Visit the station via VR: "Utopia Station Visitors" or request a tour via our associates discord: https://discord.gg/BUm8ceYv78 Phase 2: To begin construction - Central commercial 'high street' core of the station with markets & storage. *Utopia Station is not affiliated with any political parties or associations and remains neutral in any military conflict.
  9. Tabula Rasa was awesome! We tried everything to get hold of the source code for that to keep it going! Good to have you here
  10. Naunet told me to come here... +1
  11. Where's the best place to post game suggestions for discussion with the community?
  12. Wait.. hold on a sec.. am I late to the party?
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