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  1. Start again. Make the Engine do the things modern engines can do. Add and fix the simplest little things we ask you to. Have a nice day.
  2. yeah.. and to make any decent money you need t2 at least, you need t3+ to do any thing further in the game, but due to the cost of ore being so low, where NQ took away all the bots, leading you to needing the TS a major headache in own right as searching would be monumentally slow and tedious, then you need a TU + core + container each time and you need to find a tile.. then being hammered by 500k + fees + TU Costs then a further million every time to keep the tile activate, all the while they tile might not even contain any advanced ores .. just kills the game, compounded with all the constant to and fro flying (costs fuel) because they wont treat Schematics as data, not that we dont enjoy to fly but not with out our own in game agendas "dreams" being respected, we cant spend what time we get to play the game running around collecting rocks, searching for Advance ore tiles, and being extorted and punished to high hell all of the sector units!...
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