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  1. Wow I didn't even know engine torque was an option, I'll have to redesign a bit and try it out, thanks for that. I removed most of the adjustors and half the brakes and the problem is still there but not as bad, it actually turns faster with 1/3 of the adjustors in real time
  2. Interestingly enough, none of my cpu cores or gpu are maxed out in resource monitor, and sit comfortably around 60%. I can tell there's physics slowdown because when I get out of the pilot seat it moves at seemingly normal speed The ship itself is a hauler with 80 L containers, so yeah it needed a lot of adjusters. I might try removing some but it's tough since the slowdown is compounding with the slow turn rate.
  3. I recently built a new L core ship and there's significant slowdown. I could handle it if it was just frame drops, but it seems to be slowing down the actual physics simulation. This leads to weirdness, which is also understandable. However there's a major issue from 2 effects of this slow down: It takes much longer to travel Fuel usage still seems to be tied to time rather than actual force applied These 2 issues combined result in the fuel calculations being entirely wrong in the Build Helper, and making my ship take much more fuel than would normally be required
  4. I think they just need to tweak the numbers on higher rarity ship parts so that we can build pretty designs with fewer parts, and finish implementing power systems for balancing them for PVP. But in the end, super-freighters will always look like giant bricks, and that's how they would look in the real world, just look at 16-wheelers and cargo ships.
  5. The Millennium Falcon can haul 100 Megatons, roughly 75KL of coal, just a little more than a single Container M without skills. Pretty easy for even an XS sized ship, the Falcon would fill up at least a S core.
  6. The way I see it, "bots" exist in one way or another in almost every MMO. For instance, you can sell items in World of Warcraft to an NPC vendor. In the early days of its economy, this is how money was injected into the economy. Eventually, there was enough money that players started offering more than vendors for certain goods. There are a few differences in DU: First, it's integrated into the market UI (auction house). This is purely a plus, since it stops people from offering less than the minimum amount than turning around and selling it to the bots/npcs, effectiv
  7. It just needs to not be completely deploy and forget. It should require at least some management, just something that requires thought and manual intervention. Here's some spitball ideas: Triangulate ore on the surface then drop a bot to dig straight down, and if it finds a node it slowly collects that one node. Bots that only collect ore in a small radius Bots that have a limited inventory that has to be manually emptied Better yet, just let us attach large drills to ships. You could limit it to 1 drill per ship if necessary, but it would be more in tune with the theme
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