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  1. Very interesting publication of my agency dealing with artificial intelligence, http://www.cea.fr/multimedia/Documents/publications/clefs-cea/CLEFS-69-PAP.pdf desolate but in French only. DeepL can help. an English translation may be done later at this address : http://www.cea.fr/english/Pages/resources/clefs-cea.aspx
  2. discordauth:ru2LYD-IaG4SvxOkXueLlOa3OzSqD1qanpSDPr0WH3w=

  3. Salut Malky,


    Simplement pour t informer de l'existence du discord de la communauté FR.

    Si tu n'es pas au courant et tu souhaites y jeter un coup d oeil, dis le moi, je t'enverrai son adresse.




    1. malky


      merci a toi

      j'y suis deja :)


  4. hi there i am a capsuler since (nearly) the begining of eve, and before i played this game : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mankind_(video_game) i just wonder how DU will balance between individual and corporate irl i am a designer and i love my job , particulary creating mechanism and 3d models , you can imagine how i look forward to test this in DU
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