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  1. Thanks! As a programmer myself the idea was changes that could be implemented with little coding effort that would greatly improve player experience. Ill be posting to UpVote as soon as no one has any feedback to add to the list for several days! Ill probably break it down into several sections and post as a few UpVotes.
  2. I like it, added 106.) 106.) Have notifications only show new ones by default. Additionally added 11.) for Market 11.) A checkbox for blueprints when searching, so they do or do not showup when your searching. Have the checkbox remember its position of checked or not checked in-between client loads/logins. Most of the time your searching, its not for blueprints and they tend to just clutter the search.
  3. As even only a 3 week old player, even I would quit if it wiped, probably for good. No more wipes is the whole reason I got a subscription and them wiping after saying no more would tell me I need to find another MMO to play. That aside, " just carry over Blueprints and talent points" that MIGHT keep me, though not in the buggy and featureless state the game is at now, I would have to have some meat to actually stay.
  4. Added: 103.) 104.) 105.) 103.) Crafting an item in the nano crafter will auto craft anything that's required. 104.) When nano-crafted items do not have all the required material, skip to the next craftable item in the nanocrafting que. 105.) Give the option to clear the notification. This also helps server and client performance when noticed get into the thousands.
  5. From the list, not from the item itself.
  6. I plan to play for several years, the game shows alot of promise. At any rate this isn't the topic for venting. Please keep the posts related to Quality of life improvements.
  7. Added 102 102.) When transferring items to a container that does not have enough space, by default round off to the nearest digit, so players don't end up with 0.47976249.. ect of an item in their inventory.
  8. Personally I'm not sure I would love that system, I don't really want to know about stuff on other planets. However from a programming standpoint, thats not an hour job by any means, you would have to define what's "Your" container with ORGs and Tokens and everything. Plus pulling not only the containers inventories across the entire server but also all the inventories for all equipment, it would take days to code sometime like that sadly.
  9. IP = Intellectual Property As a 2 week old player.. I think what they have made is pretty good! Its certainly rough around the edges and a few years from release but tech like this is unheard of. No one likes to be told the thing they have worked on for years if crap, everyone's dumping on them lol im sure it feels real great. Looking forward to what this game becomes in a year or two!
  10. Resizing, that's not an hour job, that's actually quite large depending on how its coded as you have to make sure everything scales correctly with resizing. #9, the inspect window is movable, so the same code should be-able to be easily used on other windows. Even simply adding the move bar to the window would be a fast job and an improvement, we don't need anything fancy right now. (Note added idea #101)
  11. This is a list of improvements that can be coded in under an hour, the little annoyances that are easy to fix that degrade the experience. Looking for feedback on what's good, what's bad, and things to add. Iv numbered them to make it easier to show what you like/dislike. Once we have a decent list I can post on upvote https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/ Market: 1.) Buy to inventory: Bought items go into your active container if there is room. Skips unnecessarily transferring from market container to inventory. 2.) Sorting: Allow market orders to be sorted by several colum
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