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  1. Thank you for naming me a "dolt", I appreciate that. Well, I guess I am out of arguments here. One sure is certain, I would not be part of a community of people throwing at people flashy green and pink vulgarity, even if you monthly pay me for this! This has been way too much for me over this thread, I guess I should return to my own business. Cya.
  2. I took Rust as an example to put figures on income potentials, I never said that the game must be like Rust in its gameplay.
  3. Nobody ever spoke about F2P in this thread, this is out of topic.
  4. @Rmhenn I think you made a double paste so it was a bit confusing, but I think I got your point. Your point is valid on the premises that you could actually rent an already existing star system. Which would indeed be a flawed design. I will not get into the details here, I think it's up for the developers to make it in a proper manner. As for your scenario, it's more a story about having a player turtling on his private space, which is no different from having a prey that you lost track of because he jumped in hyperspace somewhere. There can be limitations actually involving ga
  5. You know what will happen at the first moment most people will get kicked out of the game because of any playtime limitation? They will simply never come back. So instead of keeping them as long as possible in game, and trying to make them subscribe to additional services for their own community or clan, you just kick them out of the game. That's so sweet, it sounds very promising indeed, I can't wait this PLEX-like system. There might be a reason for why no indie company has ever done that before, or maybe you can quote me a successful story?
  6. NQ did not say definitely that they are going to stick on that. They said that they had their decision made after a meeting and an evaluation of pros and cons. I did read it all entirely. It appeared to me that the decision was still pending for feedback, and because we are said to give feedback anyway, let's try to be constructive at it. It seems to me that proposing renting of universe space for communities, in a model similar to server renting (with no server, got it?) is not only a commonly accepted and welcomed practice for gamers, it is also a successful business model, that can earn
  7. The guy is awesome :-) However thank you for your detailed review of my arguments. Applying a paywall is not viable, or at least I think so, and I was proposing an alternative solution. You say 'no', but what do you propose exactly? There might be a reason for why no indie company has ever released a game on a subscription model... What could that be? For example I think that the cluster balancing technology in an XYZ space is awesome and could be sold and licenced for other purposes in B2B transactions. DU could also be a place to push the limits of some new technologies, and
  8. Let's just figure this out, from a marketing point of view, let's take real figures, shall we? Rust had actually the kind of success DU can expect and wish to have. I consider that anything below Rust-level of success is not what you can hope for a "10-years-to-go" project. We do not care about the number of players here. Rust has 10145 servers online according to https://rust-servers.net/servers/list/406/ Might have been better/worst before, I don't know. Average renting package go from 10$ to 20$ per month. Source: http://comparegamehosting.com/game/rust/ Let's say it is
  9. You guys all got this wrong. I should never have used the term 'server renting' at first, but it was what pictured best the idea. I admit it was confusing, especially with the digression on how the server renting market proved successful over many years (thus making similar models solutions that should be looked out). The goal is to permit players to rent their own space WITHIN the single shard universe, not on another server. For example to be allowed to rent a star system. Instead this solar system is administered by players who actually pay for this service, with their own rules and
  10. You got me wrong Twrkmotor, it's about permitting players to rent their own private space within the universe. The business model is similar to server rental, but it is not what I proposed here.
  11. Hello there, I have recently been following the developments of DU, as a french entrepreneur in IT myself, and living in Paris, I feel very concerned by the developments of this game :-) So I was looking at the monetization problem and how Novaquark found out their solution from a comparison of detailed pros and cons. I agreed on most pros and cons, but some points might have been overlooked, and I wish the developers can change their mind about the P2P subscription model. First things first, I think that a P2P subscription is perfectly viable for Early Access. In general, my o
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