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  1. Well it also has TPS mode, and you mainly fight AIs, in all reality it's quite an interesting difference compared to modern shooters.
  2. Hello, I know I haven't been active as often in this community as I should be, the newsletters keep coming showing ever more promise, but today I wanted to bring another topic instead. I have been playing Arma 3 quite frequently for the past few months within my own Starsim (Star Wars modded Arma 3) community, the 101st Doom Company. I was wondering if anyone else plays Arma 3 or if they have it and are interested in doing some operations.
  3. As any of you Destiny players know, the Age of Triumph event was released recently, and I was wondering if any of you wonderful people owned a copy, and wanted to participate in a DU group raid, starting with the Vault of Glass. The only requirement is that you have over 390 Light Level. We will likely just use the PS group chat to play together. I would like to do a run tonight, and hopefully continue through all of the raids once again. Ah, it's apparently Crota this week, a weekly rotation. Well drat, the offer still remains.
  4. ARK is a very fun game, I enjoyed it very much in my time. Also, I am glad to see your organization becoming bountiful once more. I would like to talk to you about opportunities with the Terran Union, and the possibility of citizenship. Please contact me over the discord, my name is Michael; and I am active on the DU discord. A PM over the forums will also suffice.
  5. In my opinion, this is a bad ide. Due to how much wars already affect the capabilities of a nation or organization. It can be extremely hard to recover as is, with this, impossible.
  6. What pets do you want to see! List them here! And guys, a few funny posts is fine - let's not overdo it. Personal favorites: Husky Eagle/Hawk Shiba Inu Phoenix Hedgehog Wolverine A variety of things, one mythical I know, but I couldn't resist!
  7. This agreement will be nullified when Avalon merges with the Terran Union. The agreement will be returned in the case that Avalon or it's leader creates a new faction, as long as the Outfit agrees to transport goods.
  8. I would like to merge the few members of the Kingdom of Avalon with the Terran Union for the time being, as we do not have enough members to sustain or protect our own land, nor do I think people will have interest in it.
  9. This organization will likely be disbanded due to public lack of interest, it will likely merge with TU. Thanks for your time and support!
  10. Well, here's hoping more people join! And until we have more ideas on technology, an exo suit will have to suffice.
  11. Most of them will be unless there are many people who wish to participate, in that case, I will arrange for specific players to roleplay certain things.
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