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Stupid ideas #2


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Here are a few from me:

  1. A one shot solid rocket booster voxel that requires no power. Just chemicals. So if the enemy shuts down your power system ,or that alien energy draining space critter from Star trek gets you, then you can light a fuse and get out of the trap. 
  2. Rods, rebar and sticks. 2 cm by 2 cm by n cm elements that take on the texture of a voxel material their crafted with to make everything from chair legs, to hand rails, to guiders, the techno babble thing that holds your ship together when they have blown it in half. Undamaged by blasts and weapons fire so it seems to be holding you ship together. 
  3. Two types of ore native and oxides ore. Earth and Alioth will have both but with native ore rare. An airless moon will have more native ore. Processing the native ore requires less energy and less carbon.  
  4. Starter guns that are little more than muskets and hand cannon but are crafted easily: wood, iron, explosive powder. These are reloaded by the nanoformer; literally rebuilding the charge and ball in the gun. Low damage, low range but faster reload than the real thing. There is no way nova corps robots are going to hand out gun recipes. People would have to cook them up. And this is the simplest gun possible. 
  5. Later Guns that make their own ammo, a few rounds per minute so they are always slowly reloading. You will still need to carry ammo and reload in a prolonged fight. But of left in the holster they are reloaded in a few minutes. 
  6. A range of hacker weapons that cause personal shields and nanoformer etc to mess up: Shield blocks out going shots or deflect other friendly players; nanoformer starts digging the ground (not a construct) up from under you; nanoformer starts dumping rock etc around the hacked player; hacked jet pack fires your up into the air for all to shoot at. This gives the hacker some short range battle value. Needless to say there would be defences. Not quite a space wizard but close. 
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