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  1. Isn't it funny how PvPers want automated mining. I thought "Hardcore PvPers" liked permadeath. Now they can't even handle a few hours of digging or construction to get back into the fight.
  2. PvP is scheduled for Alpha 3, towards the end of this year. Features are added and tested. If there isn't an official tutorial, the community is quick to create one and help new players.
  3. There are a couple of different ways of saving data within Lua. You can write the variable to a file, or you could upload it to a database. This is basic Lua that you can be found in any tutorial. If Novaquark has implemented a method to save data persistently, they haven't mentioned it publicly. Whether that feature exists, or not, I'm very happy with the alpha and believe its worth the price of admission. Questions along these lines can easily be answered withing the NDA forums or the NDA discord channel.
  4. I don't know of any game engine or server infrastructure written in Lua. Unengine certainly isn't written in Lua. I don't think persistence of data has been addressed by Novaquark publicly, so any further information is NDA.
  5. A Lua variable is like any other variable. It resides in RAM. In order for you to keep the information in that variable, you must save it somewhere.
  6. I just reviewed the kickstarter packages. It says Bronze Founder packs get the game at release. Silver Founders get Beta access.
  7. Ripper


    Hi, Welcome to DU!
  8. I wouldn't discount a feature because its possible to be exploited by players. I agree that some functions aren't going to be something that anyone wants to do. We already have industries that are managed by the game. Consider "Escrow". Escrow companies exist in real life, and could be left up to the players if NQ wanted to. In DU, escrow is used by every trade between two players. The "trading window" is the escrow company. It's a 3rd party entity that holds everything until both parties agree on the release. Can players be scammed through a basic barter transaction? Yes. Does this mean we should prohibit p2p barter? No. The real question is does "insurance" facilitate commerce and shipping? Will players be more willing to create a "shipping mission" if they can insure the package? The key is to implement a mechanism that will improve gameplay while limiting the possibility of exploitation.
  9. Why have TWO payment methods? Why not accept DAC for the subscription, and you purchase DAC with cash? In my opinion, it gets players used to purchasing DAC, and they will be tempted to purchase additional DAC to sell on the in game market.
  10. It's been a LONG time since I've played Eve. Why are the players allowed to set the value of the item being insured? Have an "insurance adjuster" (the game) define the value, and charge a fee to insure the container. The only reason I say, have the game play the insurance adjuster is because no player is going to want to inspect every shipping container and estimate a value. Let the game do that. However, possibly create a competing market for "insurance companies" would be and interesting twist... The player can then decide to purchase insurance from one of the companies, or accept the risk of going without. The courier wouldn't even need to know if the container was insured. The courier would never know the contents of the container. However, depending upon the destination or distance, make the courier pay a fee as well. Consider it a "surety bond". Have that surety bond change in price depending upon the percentage of successfully completed missions, acquired talents, and value of the container. This way, the courier has skin in the game as well. Insurance companies could be players or orgs as well as a higher priced NQ just to create the market. They could develop their own actuarial tables to determine the risk/reward of insuring a package to and from a specific destination. As well as provide "surety bonds" to be purchased by couriers.
  11. I think we will eventually see stuff like this over the lifecycle of the game. As in, years from now.
  12. Just visit: https://twitter.com/dualuniverse There's plenty of examples and informative videos. Yes, "battleship sized" ships is possible.
  13. 😁 No further information given due to NDA.
  14. I don't think there are any "PVP safe voxels". There are PVP safe territories, such as around the Arkship. But if you're flying through space, I don't believe there is anything to prohibit you from being ganked.
  15. I vote Anopheles should pay for server upkeep and developer salaries... ?
  16. And that's the jist of the conversation. Being able to hide away in some remote place, where the odds are very small (not impossible) that anyone would find you. I have to say, I get where you're coming from. The size of the Alioth system will be big enough for that. It's hard to comprehend the vast distances we're talking about. A star system is HUGE! I wouldn't be surprised if you could be a hermit on Alioth.
  17. So, in addition to allowing "empty space" between star systems, NQ is responsible for populating LIGHT YEARS worth of "interesting things" between each star system? As a developer, I would do the opposite. You want to fly into empty space? OK... Have at it. Here's the coordinate system. BTW. We will gladly take your DAC while you stare at an empty screen. In a year or two, you might think about turning your ship around. Its a LONG trip back to Alioth. You don't want limits on the game. Fine.. But don't whine to us, when your expectations don't match with reality. Reality.. Take a look at the billions of stars in the night sky. Alpha Centari is the closest at 4 light years, but the vast majority are MUCH farther away. But you decide to fly to Alpha Centauri... Now, let's break E=MC^2, so that its possible to exceed the speed of light. It's over 4 light years to Alpha Centauri.Which means a trip traveling at: 1C will take over 4 years 2C 2 years 4C 1 year 40C about a month 1200C about 24 hours... of staring at a black screen... to get to the closest possible star.... using a drive that is 1200 times faster than the laws of physics allow.... with BILLIONS of kilometers between you and the closest player. Even if they were making the same trip to Alpha Centauri, because at these distances, being off by 1 radian will separate you by billions of kilometers... Which you wouldn't know where they are, because of the vastness of space... So, there would be absolutely ZERO possibility of player interaction...
  18. It takes 4 hours for light to get from the Sun to Pluto. So, If the system is approximately the size of our solar system, FTL drives will be needed to get to the outer planets... 4 hours of watching your computer screen is really boring. Unless the FTL drives are orders of magnitude larger, you wouldn't make it very far to the next star system, without doing something else in frustration. My guess is, the only feasible transportation outside of the system is via jump gates. From a technical perspective..... 64bit Ints can model every square cm of our solar system, but you wouldn't be able to have a coordinate system for an entire galaxy. So, there's another reason to have jump gates. Each star system could be modeled on the X, Y, Z plane with 3 Int64_t variables. It also doesn't make sense to model empty space between star systems. It's a waste, even if it is easily doable. I think "seamless" is a bit of exaggeration. The jump gates will be the ONLY real way to reach another star system. From a gaming perspective... This also allows NQ to limit growth and keep the player base close enough to create conflict. The jump gates will create a bottleneck which will create an opportunity for conflict.
  19. discordauth:4JGgc9JGGDqggguyCdyHM11vMUQDVR2Rc8eoQzKqNfw=

  20. From what I've seen in the build videos, the core establishes the build grid. So, the way I see it, if you destroy the core, you destroy everything in it. Then NQ could do a limited random drop of parts of the blueprint. If you want the entire ship, you would need to hack the core and take ownership. Then you would be able to salvage all of the elements and voxels. Maybe a high enough level hacker would also be able to hack the core to also provide the LUA scripts. So, a very high level hacker could steal the ship with all the LUA scripts attached.
  21. A hybrid "reticle lock", where you have to aim at a player to keep the lock has been proposed. This would simulate FPS and Starfighter mechanics without the FPS overhead.
  22. Provide digital and analog inputs in the control unit that can be mapped to the HOTAS. Let the players program it from there.
  23. I believe JC has stated in combat, if pieces were disconnected from the main construct due to an explosion, they would continue to fly with the construct because they were part of the build matrix. I would think this would carry over to building the ship itself. If you built a ship with thrusters on the wings, and then deleted some of the voxels of the wings, the thrusters would continue to hover in place.
  24. If they can get 1000 alpha testers in one world, building and flying ships from one planet to another, they will absolutely KILL Star Citizen. Can't wait
  25. I'm a fan of the bubble generator. Different sized generators for different sized bubbles. And overlapping bubbles. I don't have a problem with that, as long as they create enough of a power drain as to require a huge mass of a power plant. A good ship builder will maximize the tools he's given.
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